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Lord Justice Leveson’s address in Australia

I hope that readers can forgive me returning to a pet topic of mine but I found this piece about Lord Justice Leveson’s address rather interesting and I am pleased to note that he is saying things about the “new media” that Both Ray and I have been arguing for quite sometime, namely that its users have to be held responsible for the things that they write or  say.

In the super-injunction example, the writ of the law was, perhaps, believed not to run against bloggers and tweeters. This is perhaps an example of the wider phenomenon I mentioned earlier: the belief that the law does not, and cannot apply to the internet. In many ways this is a pernicious and false belief: false because the law can be enforced against those who blog and tweet; pernicious because the idea that the law does not apply to some while it applies to others undermines the rule of law as it is inconsistent with the idea of equality before the law. Procedural justice requires the law to be equally applicable to all.

While Lord Justice Leveson speaks  to the nature of the problem with the “New Media” he does not offer any idea about how individuals may be held responsible for the things that they may publish in a tweet or blog and while he does not go further than mentioning online anonymity in passing  I am saddened that he has not made the logical connection between easy anonymity and the behaviour that it enables and encourages.  personally I think that easy anonymity goes hand in glove with bad behaviour and that Ray’s suggestion that no social media presence without verifiable bona fides should be possible has merit for improving accountability and  civil behaviour. The suing of Twits and Bloggers who have thought that they could ignore the law with impunity is something that we will see far more often in the coming years and we Bloggers will have to be eternally aware of just where the boundaries of the law are if we are to avoid litigation. Personally I have always strived to remain within the bounds of the law because I do understand that doing so is essential for the civility of  social engagement, hopefully those who have thought other wise will be brought to heal by the evolution of the law in the way that it pertains to our ever  increasing online presence.

Cheers Comrades


The downplaying of Honour crimes in the Islamic media

I usually make it may practice to read the literature and commentary that supports and endorses opinions that I disagree with in the hope that I can come to some understanding of how those on the other side of the equation think. I was lead to this piece courtesy of our old friend Damian Doyle tweeting its praises, I’ve read the piece three times now and I find myself scratching my head in disbelief at the juvenile line of argument in play here. please read this quote and be amazed:

Israel’s non-criminal killing of Arabs 

By adopting honour killings as a pet topic, Zionists and other right-wing forces seek to delegitimise and even criminalise Arab and Muslim society in general.

Consider an August 2012 essay in the neo-conservative FrontPage Magazine asserting an “Arab cultural and Islamic propensity of violence toward women”.

The author characterises the fatal stabbing of a 27-year-old Palestinian woman by her husband as a “death sentence which tragically has been shared by a long and ever-expanding list of Palestinian women and girls”. He does not care to explain why it is not also tragic that an even longer expanding list of Palestinian women, girls and all other varieties of human beings happen to share the fate of obliteration by Israeli munitions. Nor does he delve into what this might indicate about Israeli cultural propensities or those of Israel’s preferred ally and automated teller machine.

Without downplaying the obvious tragedy of honour crimes, we must ask why it is that we are supposed to be horrified by the idea that “in the past two years, 25 [Palestinian] women have been subjected to honour killings” but not by the fact that 1,400 Palestinians were wiped out in three weeks during Operation Cast Lead#. 

FrontPage claims that, although “honour killings have long been a staple byproduct of Palestinian society”, the world’s foremost anti-Israel institution – that is, the UN, which nonetheless somehow manages never to enforce resolutions against the Jewish state – has deceitfully implicated non-Palestinians in said byproduct:

“Not surprisingly, for some, this pervasive [Palestinian] violence has been laid at the feet of the usual suspects, namely the Israelis. This scapegoating was summarily expressed in a 2011 report by the United Nations Economic and Social Council which blamed harsh economic and social conditions created by the Israeli ‘siege’, an occupation which has led to high levels of poverty, unemployment and, thus, ‘violence, within families’.” 

The article’s allegation that “in Muslim countries throughout the Mideast, South Asia and Africa… men more often than not treat women little better than livestock” is meanwhile followed by the suggestion that “[c]hanging that dismal equation will take more than just a cultural revolution”. This seems to prescribe further state violence as a means of ending individual violence, which is itself often inextricably linked to state violence in the first place.


How can any thinking person with any sense of morality accept the underlying argument here that violence against women is not an issue in Palestine because more people have been killed in the ongoing war with Israel? When you boil it down that is what the author is arguing. Add to that a very big dose of the victim card and you have a very shallow and self serving anti-semantic rant that no self-respecting decent human being should be endorsing. Its excuse making for the inexcusable at its very worst and any endorsement of this sort of mindset should be avoided at all costs. The tragedy is that for many followers of the religion of peace and their fan-boys such thinking is the unquestioned norm and there in lays the problem when anyone wants to address something like  “honour” crimes the all pervading claim of Muslin victim-hood in the face of any  criticism of either the faith or its society and culture is used as a sort of universal “shut up” and it means that for as long as there is a timorous response to this “defence” there will be no social reform or improvement in the status of women under the oppression of Islam.

Cheers Comrades


# my bold

“Forgive them father, for they know not what they do”

Another  climate change conference has ended without agreement, like just who could have seen that coming? These Synods of the Green faith are ever thus. Their priests sing the usual elements of the liturgy and give the faithful the fire and brimstone  prophecies that are the staple of this religion but their conversion rate is very low indeed these days. Of course there are always a couple of fools who jump up in their seats and shout Hallelujah very loudly in an attempt to convince themselves as much as anyone else that they are such pious followers of the true faith but when even the majority of the faithful are more reticent as the value  of such meetings becomes even more evident.

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We all want to live in a cleaner world, a world where humanity steps lightly enough upon the earth that our civilisation  will be sustainable and enduring but this pernicious Green religion will never achieve that because it is intrinsically misanthropic and it relies too much upon misleading memes  like the labelling of Carbon dioxide as a pollutant which leads to some rather convoluted and erroneous arguments  that draw false comparisons about the nature of our impacts upon the planet.

Ah well maybe we should be a little more forgiving for such foolishness, as someone is reported to have said “forgive them father, for they know not what they do”

Sigh  very much, Comrades

 Trust Me

Ha Ha Islamophobia

When I saw this latest vid from Pat Condell  my thoughts immediately turned to  Damian Doyle who is always so quick to attack me every time I post something that is even vaguely critical  of Islam. So it is to him and to all of those minions of the left who bend over backwards to defend the “religion of peace” with cries of  “Islamaphobia” whenever it is even mildly criticised that I dedicate this post.

Just one more question Damian, do you have any Gay friends and how do you reconcile Islam’s  murderous attitude towards  homosexuality with those friends?

Cheers Comrades

This is what minions of the left want to defend

This is what minions of the left want to defend with claims of “Islamaphobia”


I still find it hard to endorse the sort of “all Catholicism is evil” thinking of the likes of Richard and Criagy

Iain, what about a blog on the Catholic Church—-to me it looks like it has Terminal Cancer. You have given the Muslims a good run—now it’s the Catholics turn.

Richard Ryan

In the fifties its was a conspiracy of international communists that inspired that spittle flecked outrage of a paranoid group of theorists and it seems to me that today we are facing a very similar sort of rolling witch-hunt for kiddie fiddler priests within the Catholic church.

Frankly as a life long atheist I have never surrendered my self to the notion that any Godbotherer deserves any sort of deference or has any sort of deity derived authority  because it always struck me as lacking any sort of logical sense that an omnipotent deity would need any intermediaries between this world and the next.  However for those in the thrall of organised faith the authority of the religious functionaries and the prophets of the faith is an unquestioned given. Naturally this is the foundation for the abuse stories  that motivates the likes of Richard or our other regular Craigy,  to a fever pitched excitement.

The  foundation stone for the systemic history of priestly abuse surely has to be the rather bizarre idea that to be a a religious functionary you have to deny and repress the intrinsic  biological imperative to breed and give up your sexuality to the deity. The thing is that this imperative is so strong that its denial takes an almost superhuman act of will to overcome. Being only human many fail to live up to this impossible ideal. It is of course no surprise that the contemporary church is struggling to find recruits for its priesthood in this age of far more open sexuality. Add to this the tendency for victims of childhood  abuse to themselves subsequently tend to abuse a new generation children and you have the elements for an almost perfect cycle of self-perpetuating misery. finally we have the not unexpected desire for the church theocracy to try to avoid scandal and loss of social standing by dealing with any accusations against priests in house rather than seeking any sort of secular justice. To my mind the real scandal here is that the response of the church has been to essentially sweep such things under the rug and to have unjustified faith that an abuser could change or that they would  not offend again if they were placed elsewhere in another parish.

With al that in mind I still find it hard to endorse the sort of “all Catholicism is evil” thinking of the likes of Richard and Criagy because most of the practising Catholics that I have known in my life have in fact been very decent people with a very sincere desire to see a  human society  that is caring compassionate and just. So I tend to think that the desire to see the church brought down that is so evident in the Richard and Craigy’s  thinking may prove to be counter-productive. The abusers that are being named are almost always old men and the offences cited are likewise far from being contemporary . Allegations about events in the long distant past are notoriously difficult to prove to any sort of satisfactory legal standard and it generally comes down to a battle of veracity between the accuser and the accused  both of whom may be less than frank and suffer from the frailty of memory, Its a legal can of worms and only the eaters of such wrigglers, the legal profession, are likely to benefit from the creation of Royal commissions or judicial inquires  of any sort, the victims of abuse will still have their legacy of angst to deal with, the perps are unlikely to be adequately punished at this remove from their offending (if they are not already dead from old age) and the good works of the church are likely to suffer as its resources are diverted to the pockets of lawyers and those who see a way to gain monetary compensations for their suffering. That sounds like a classic no win situation to me but I expect that my readers will disagree so its over to you in the comments …

Cheers Comrades

David Hicks should quit while he is ahead, or we should never forget what he was trained to do

Ah David Hicks has been in the news again. This time its all about appealing his conviction on the basis of a recent ruling about the law under which he was tried  having been applied retrospectively. Well I can understand, from a legal perspective, how that might work. However in terms of moral culpability it changes nothing Hicks admitted taking part in the Jihad game and both endorsing and physically supporting the “great man” Osama. in the letters he wrote home to his father. To my mind this makes him complicit in all of the atrocities committed by Al Qeada right up until he was captured in Afghanistan. To hear terry Hicks on the radio talking about “clearing the name” of his son was beyond obscene. The name of David Hicks will never be truly clean for as long as he draws breath even if moves in the US courts do manage to quash his conviction, that won’t make him an “innocent” man all it will do is make him a guilty man who has been able to evade justice through a technicality.

Annoyed about this Comrades

Go directly to jail, or No virgins for a very long time

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At the risk of being accused of indulging in “Muslim Bashing” I am today rather pleased to see that a group of Jihadists are packing their bags for a little trip across the pond to enjoy the comforts of a US jail, in all likely hood their sojourn there will be long and boring and their dreams of a virgin filled afterlife will be on hold for a very long time  frankly their fate is far better than they deserve and it should provide an example to those who dream of sharia that British and American systems of Justice are not playthings  to be abused  in the name of Allah.

Cheers indeed Comrades

Pat is right “A word to rioting Muslims “!

Sadly Pat is on the money here

Cheers Comrades

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