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Peter Dutton wins defamation case

On 25 February 2021 at 11.51 pm, refugee activist Shane Bazzi published a tweet on Twitter containing the words:

“Peter Dutton is a rape apologist.”

refugee activist Shane Bazzi on Twitter

This tweet contained a link to an article published online in The Guardian Newspaper on 20 June 2019. The link in that tweet showed a large photograph of Mr Dutton, the name “The Guardian” and the following words:

“Peter Dutton says women using rape and abortion claims as ploy to ge…
Home Affairs minister says ‘some people are trying it on’ in an attempt to get to Australia from refugee centres on Nauru.”

The Guardian Newspaper on 20 June 2019

The first of these lines comprised part of the headline to The Guardian article. The second constituted the whole of the first sentence in the article.

Dutton sued, and Bazzi denied the tweet was defamatory, and in the alternative also relied on the statutory defence of honest opinion  and the common law defence of fair comment.

Full story: https://sterlinglawqld.com/peter-dutton-wins-defamation-case/

Abbott’s asylum seeker policy casts a shadow over his face

(by Ray Dixon – it’s just my opinion, James. Don’t lose it and make it personal, please)


They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and this one of Tony Abbott, taken at today’s incredibly telling announcement, certainly does. Abbott has seriously damaged his credibility over how he would handle asylum seekers with the announcement of a scheme that is totally unworkable.

Make no mistake, Abbott’s plan to round-up existing Temporary Protection Visa holders would throw our immigration system into chaos and is simply too harsh. The very idea that he can remove any right of appeal while putting them all (all 30,000 of them) into detention would clog up our courts and put asylum seekers into further limbo. Housed exactly where, Tony?

Furthermore, by saying he will put all boat people on TPVs (including future ones), Abbott is effectively leaving the door open for even more boat arrivals, not slamming it shut like Rudd has. Under this scheme, the people smugglers would simply tell their customers, “Yes you will get a Visa, Tony says so”.

This is exactly the sort of thing that may yet bring Abbott undone and see him lose the unloseable election – because it’s becoming pretty clear that Tony Abbott is all about saying what he thinks will be popular without having a real plan or thinking about the impacts his off-the-cuff and policy-on-the-run ideas would have on this country.

He’s probably still the favourite to win (let’s face it, the bogans of Western Sydney won’t understand how this plan cannot work), but he’s moving closer to blowing it with every passing day.

What a great election this is.

More please.

“Refugees are as Australian as Simpson and his donkey”

What is it with Liberal leaders and budgie smugglers?

They are not my words. They are the words of Victoria’s accidental Premier ‘Red’ Ted Baillieu, who heads up (figuratively at least) the coalition government in the beautiful State. This Age article speaks for itself:

In comments that put him at odds with some of his Coalition colleagues, Mr Baillieu has urged the community to be more welcoming to refugees, including boat arrivals.

Treating them decently was ”a hallmark of our humanity”, he said.

He likened boat arrivals to his great grandfather, who ”jumped ship” at the age of 17 to settle in Australia – and the ANZAC soldier John Simpson Kirkpatrick, who used a donkey to carry wounded men at Gallipoli in World War I.

”Refugees are as Australian as Simpson and his donkey,” he said. ”Indeed, Simpson himself was a boat person and an illegal immigrant, an Englishman who jumped ship and washed up on our shores in 1910.

”Both Simpson and my great grandfather were made welcome by the communities that embraced them, and many more have been since. And Australia is a better place for that.”

Mr Baillieu’s remarks were in a recent speech for Foundation House, which supports survivors of torture, now in Australia.

”I believe it’s a core characteristic of Australians and Victorians to have welcoming open arms,” he said.

Hmmm, so what do you one-eyed coalition supporters (and anti-boat people) say about that? What do you make of Red Ted tipping a bucket on your’s and Tony Abbott’s hard line against refugees? It’s just not cricket, is it? How very dare he.

You gotta hand it to Baillieu: He may not be much of a leader. He may have no policies and no vision. And he may actually play second fiddle to Nats leader Peter Ryan (he of the garbled speech), who has effectively been running this State since Ted accidentally became Premier just over a year ago by the (in hindsight) brilliant decision to place Greens last on their how to vote cards. Oh, and by doing a deal with the High Country Cattlemen to run a campaign that outed Gippsland independent Craig Ingram (well, that was Ryan’s doing too, not Ted’s).

You see, the last thing that Ted ever dreamed of achieving was actually winning the election. Let’s face it, he’s just a misplaced rich boy from a very wealthy family who thought, “well I might as well join the Liberals, what else will I do with my life, design buildings for a living when I’m already filthy rich?”

Yes, he might be all those things and a bit of an uninspiring non-entity, politically speaking, but one thing you can certainly say about our Ted is this:

He’s a decent bloke.

Good onya, Ted.

No more Tamil Tigers please Mr Rudd, enough is enough

tigers1If Mr Rudd thinks the release of 22 Tamil Tigers from the ship in Indonesia to be allowed into Australia as refugees will win him any votes, he needs to think again.

These people are no good for this country and only want to take our money and live the easy life.

Do you think they will get real jobs? No they won’t.

Do you think they will contribute to our culture? No they won’t.

These lazy Tamils are only interested in one thing and one thing alone: (more…)

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