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TPVs and saying goodbye to the UN refugee convention

As I suggested the other day the government has easily found an adequate workaround to overcome the stunt pulled by the Greens and the ALP in moving to disallow TPVs in the senate:

The cap ordered yesterday has been set at the current number already issued this year – 1650 – meaning not a single new permanent residency visa will be granted until at least July when the cap will be reset.

This is also when the new Senate will be sworn in, stripping Labor and the Greens of their power to block legislation.

Mr Morrison has also used provisions under section 46 of the Migration Act – which apply to ministerial discretion to allow applications to be made by asylum seekers offshore – and has placed a self-imposed ban on allowing applications to be made for permanent protection visas.

All other humanitarian visa programs remain in place, such as those which apply for asylum seekers in UN-administered refugee camps overseas.

Mr Morrison said the effect of the Greens-led roadblock in the Senate – supported by Labor – would be asylum seekers in Australia would be denied any access to work rights or welfare payments other than what is allowed under the bridging visa program.

He said the move was necessary to ensure people smugglers did not use the Labor-Greens Senate alliance to “re-open the door to asylum seekers” as propaganda to encourage more people to get on boats.

He said the freeze on permanent protection visas would remain until the Senate changed its mind.


So all that the stunt will do is provide a small hiatus in the issuing of TPVs and in the mean time those who would qualify for them will suffer more. Good one  Mr Shorten.  of course this issue clearly begs the question  “just how out of date is the UN convention?” and for those of us who have been suggesting for some time that the answer is a resounding “completely!”. Of course the minions of the left claim  that the UN convention is wonderful and overflowing with fine principles about “protecting” vulnerable people and I will admit that the original intention was precisely that. However the passage of sixty odd years finds that the world is a vastly different place, in many ways its two worlds, there is the well governed old world countries that have both stability and relative  prosperity and then there is the ill governed rabble that makes up the majority of the planet’s nation states. Sadly many of that rabble will never get their act together enough to provide the opportunities for their citizens that we can take for granted. Minions of the far left take the point of view that materially successful nations are required to feel guilty about those who live in dysfunctional societies and to subsequently supply them with either money or allow them to immigrate so that they can share the spoils of our good governance and  our ordered society, the problem with this seemingly humane  approach is just where to draw the line about just how generous we should be, Its clear to me that for the far left there should be no line at all which will lead to our nation being overwhelmed.

The history of immigration has largely been a success because the numbers have generally been held at the level that can easily be absorbed into our  society the problem with the open borders left is that they are just too myopic to see the bigger picture and the possible consequences of the things that they advocate. That is fine when you are dealing with just one person but when that individual is but one of many thousands then we have a big problem.

Going out on a limb here I would suggest that if the Abbott government were to consider pulling out of the UN convention it would be done by providing a legislative instrument setting out the way that asylum-seekers would be treated. An instrument that enshrines in law that we offer temporary protection and  that permanent residency would forever be out of the question. Likewise I would expect that those applicants who arrive without any form of documentation would generally be considered suspect. Now if this sort legal basis was enshrined in our law I tend to think that we would not be the only nation to get off the UN convention bandwagon.  because we are certainly not the most put upon nation that has to deal with the mass migration from the third world.

In mediaeval Japan anyone who set foot on the shores of the land  was subject to immediate beheading. We certainly do not want to get to that extreme but the more that western nations have a problem with an uncontrollable influx of the world’s poor the more brutal the methods to control the flow will surely become. This country , being an island, is better placed than either Europe or the US to have very effective border controls and it is the duty of our federal government to make-sure that those who come here are people that we choose, people who add to the whole rather than create a social problem but most importantly who can become Australians first and foremost rather than just living here.

Cheers Comrades


Royal Australian Navy Taxi service now off-line

Well if there is an upside to the Indonesian hissy-fit of Labor authorising phone tapping its this instruction to the Australian navy to stay out of Indonesia’s search and rescue zone. Frankly even when we have kissed and made up with SBY I think that the current restriction on our navy’s operations should continue for several very sound reasons.


click for source

Firstly it will be a mighty powerful disincentive to people who have may be seduced by the people smugglers to buy one of their poisoned tickets because as it stands the so called asylum seekers have been relying on our Navy being a virtual taxi service.
Secondly for a nation of islands it seems ridiculous that Indonesia can not provide adequate rescue capabilities in its own waters and its just not our job to provide an eternal back up service to take up their slack.
Thirdly we keep being told that the constant rescue operations are wearing out both our personnel and our hardware at a prodigious rate keeping our assets out of Indonesian waters will allow proper maintenance to be done and personnel to recharge their batteries.
Fourthly it will help the budget bottom line.

Now of course I expect the usual suspects to scream blue murder if a boat full of asylum seekers founders but in that unhappy event it will be the fault of Indonesia if any lives are lost but some how I don’t think it will come to that as long as the water-borne mendicants get the message that our taxi service is no longer an option.

Cheers Comrades


Grown up thinking about asylum seeker drownings

Find below a truly great comment by Neil James  on this post at New Matilda I hope that the author does not mind but I was so impressed by his succinct argument that I thought it would be good to share it with the reader’s of the Sandpit


The Kaniva Incident

There are surely some questionable assumptions and conceptual mistakes underlying this article.

Asylum and refugee matters remain first and foremost strategic policy issues. They comprise just one part of Australia’s broader and longer-term strategic relationships with neighbouring countries and our broader region collectively. We also need to avoid them becoming a defining or persistent problem in the overall complexity of these strategic relationships.

The potential for regional neighbours to coerce Australia strategically by facilitating illegal immigration or extra-regional refugee flows into Australia must also be avoided. Or indeed the situation whereby Australia has to bribe some countries to reciprocate their wider obligations as friendly neighbours or meet their asylum responsibilities under customary international law.

Day-to-day public discussion of refugee and asylum-seeker matters in Australia is greatly hampered by incorrect assumptions that ignore these foreign and strategic policy implications. Debate is instead dominated by Australia-centric perspectives focused on domestic attitudes and party politics, community compassion, Australian law, or human rights matters only as they apply within Australia.

Most public and party-political argument has consequently tended to revolve ineffectively around the recurrent symptoms of the dilemmas involved, rather than seriously examine or fix their actual strategic, legal and moral causes.

It is simplistic to assume that Australia can just ignore Indonesian sovereignty – or our complex wider relationships with that country – by somehow just shouldering Indonesia aside in its own territorial and geographic waters or in Indonesia’s internationally designated zone of search & rescue responsibility.

Tragic though the circumstances undoubtedly are, the last boat to sink was an Indonesian one, crewed by Indonesians, owned and directed by Indonesian criminals and had illegally left an Indonesian port after bribing corrupt Indonesian officials. It sank 50 metres (yes metres) off an Indonesian beach in Java.

As the article correctly notes, the delays and evasions of responsibility were wholly Indonesian not Australian. They could have done more but apparently chose not to. Their supposed total incapacity to help is simply not true and is no excuse anyway. After all, after so many tragedies just off Indonesia’s coast why cannot they improve their capacity in even the most basic ways?

What we are actually seeing in most cases is deliberate policy choices by Indonesia. Or an unwillingness to tackle the mix of corruption, national embarrassment, anti-Australian racism and political inertia involved. It is not just an incapacity matter even if that was an acceptable excuse which it is not.

Australians concerned over this matter need to hold Indonesia to account, rather than just Australia. They should begin by not blithely accepting every Indonesian official or other prevarication and excuse at face value – just as they would if such ridiculous statements were made by an Australian official. The near-total loss of objectivity in Australia about even the most specious Indonesian claims is a major part of the problem.

Australia has international search & rescue responsibilities for some ten per cent of the Earth’s surface. NZ has another eight per cent. Indonesia’s zone is much, much smaller and its navy actually has more ships. While there are undoubtedly some economic disparity factors involved, the overall problem of Indonesian unwillingness or “incapacity” will never be solved – and people will continue to drown – while Indonesia is never held to account for not meeting its internationally agreed search & rescue responsibilities. Just like every other country.

Now if only our over emotional friends from the left could truly absorb the  content of this argument they might just stop talking rot and understand the true nature of the problem instead of trying to guilt trip every grown up in the country when an asylum seeker drowns.

Cheers Comrades


“Asylum seekers” illegal immigrants and personal responsibilty for their fate.

When it comes to the politics of blame you have to hand it to “Asylum seekers”  illegal immigrants for the utter gall of blaming Australia for their plight.

Residents help survivors of the boat that sank off the coastal village of Cianjur in Java. Photograph: AFP

Residents help survivors of the boat that sank off the coastal village of Cianjur in Java. Photograph: AFP

“I called the Australian embassy; for 24 hours we were calling them. They told us just send us the position on GPS, where are you,” one survivor, Abdullah, a man from Jordan, was reported as saying by Fairfax media. “We did, and they told us, ‘OK, we know … where you are’. And they said, ‘We’ll come for you in two hours’.

“And we wait two hours; we wait 24 hours, and we kept calling them, ‘we don’t have food, we don’t have water for three days, we have children, just rescue us’. And nobody come. Sixty person dead now because of Australian government.”

One of the passengers, a Lebanese man, had reportedly lost his pregnant wife and eight children in the disaster.

Just 25 of those aboard had been rescued before efforts to locate survivors were postponed on Friday evening due to failing light.

It’s believed to be the first fatal attempted asylum-seeker crossing under the Abbott government, and comes after another group of 44 asylum seekers were rescued by an Australian navy vessel in the Sunda Strait on Thursday.


Just to be clear these people set out from Indonesia in an overloaded crappy boat and it founders in Indonesian waters a long way from either international waters or Australia’s rescue zone and we are to blame for the subsequent drownings? Man oh man the leftist mindset is just utterly fucked. Whatever happened to to taking personal responsibility for the consequences of ones actions?
No one forced them onto the high seas in an unsuitable and unreliable vessel that was their own choice and a very stupid one indeed given the change of government and the change of policy that means that they will never get permanent residency in this country.

Personally I can not for the life of me understand why it is the case that Indonesia does not station more of its own navy assets in the area given the number of “Asylum seekers” illegal emigrants that foolishly go for “pleasure cruises” in this part of their rescue zone. Frankly their failure to do so shows that they are the ones who don’t care. Meanwhile our navy is doing the heavy lifting by pulling the bodies ,alive and dead, from Indonesian waters as the “Asylum seekers” illegal immigrants treat them like some kind of free taxi service.

The solution is simple we should move our navy assets out of the area and make that repositioning so they are well out of range very widely known. If needs be lets give a patrol boat to Indonesia so that they can rescue the idiots who are killing their own children * and then blaming us and then the question of where to take those rescued fools will be moot.

Sigh Comrades


* how is it that these“Asylum seekers” illegal immigrants can afford to pay people smugglers yet they don’t have the good sense to buy life jackets for their children?

Seeking Rudd’s Aussie nirvana

Credit where credit is due as it seems that the message about the futility of seeking asylum via a dodgy boat trip is getting through and that is something of a relief for those of us who have argued long and hard about the problem.


click for source

Lets look at this issue as a whole though, Rudd opened the flood gates that has seen fifty thousand people arrive uninvited on our shores and over the last six years Labor have gone through the full spectrum of denial, blame shifting, failed brain fart ideas like the Timor and Malaysian solutions. Those of us who have argued for the return of the system that worked have been called cruel and racist and more than a thousand people have been drowned seeking Rudd’s Aussie nirvana. Yep its been six years of ALP moral glory and now they undoubtedly expect that the voters should reward them with the fruit of their franchise for fixing the problem that Rudd, in his vanity created in 2008?
Am I the only one who thinks that this is political trickery of the highest order?
I certainly hope not.
But then again there is always the possibility that such dark fortune can be visited upon the nation when you have a slick salesman leading team Labor…

None the less I hope that political Karma pays out on the man and his party who caused the problem and that we as a nation can deliver a nice long sojourn in the wilderness as the just reward to the man and his party who ignored the fundamental principle in politics, namely if it ain’t broke then don’t fuck with it.
Cheers Comrades


Should you buy his snake oil?


A Story of Hope

This is a wonderful story from the SMH. A welcome change from reports of drive-by shootings and radical Muslim protests in Sydney. Instead, a school, in my neck of the woods, is commended for its academic and social success at not only integrating students from refugee families, but also helping them excel above the national average. Credit it seems is due to the foresight of principal Dorothy Hoddinott.


Quoting from the article:

For the past 17 years she has been the principal at Holroyd High, a school that has become a veritable ark for children who reach Australia on flimsy boats.

‘The kindest principal in the world,’ volunteers a young girl in a hijab as we tour the grounds in the suburb of Greystanes.

‘If you look around,” says Hoddinott, six out of every 10 students here are refugees. A third have been in Australia for less than three years. Most arrive with no English at all; many are illiterate. And yet 40 per cent are going on to university. Compare that with a national average of 30 per cent. Something is happening here that is quite extraordinary.

We have children who have seen their parents murdered; we have children who have been raped; we have children who have been forced to live in poverty and fear in refugee camps. So our first task is to normalise lives – coming to school on time, having books, wearing uniforms. The semiotics of that are very powerful.

It makes a change from this type of Islamic behaviour in Sydney.

behead child

Hilarious genuine Green party production..

This little clip just has to qualify as comedy gold, watch in awe as these three Greens prove how stupid and naive the party is on this issue and how the patronise the public in their attempt to paint all asylum seekers as noble victims of circumstance. Sorry to say that  this is not a parody or something made to mock,  its a  genuine Green party production..

Hilarious Comrades

Cruel to kind in the right measure

I just love the way that our ever friendly minions of the left want to treat asylum seekers as idiot children, and for once I am going to stand with the Gillard government on something that they have done on this issue, namely given the mendicants that they have sent to Nauru documents that lay out the reality of government policy in very plain terms:

The sheets, which have been obtained by PM, make it clear that the process could take years and say that even if asylum seekers are granted refugee status, they may not be resettled in Australia.

“It is not possible to say precisely how long you may need to remain on Nauru. Remember that you can decide to leave Nauru voluntarily at any time,” the document says.

“If you are found to be a refugee, your individual circumstances will need to be considered as part of any resettlement option.”

And that resettlement option might not be in Australia; the document says it is possible the resettlement would be in a third country as part of broader regional arrangements.

Either way, it is likely to be a slow process.

The Immigration Department says the information sheets simply reflect government policy and inform asylum seekers about where they are in the process.

But Pamela Curr, from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, says the sheets have only one purpose – to bully the asylum seekers “to give up and go home”.

“The department is trying to force people to return,” she said.

“They know that many of the people they can’t send back involuntarily. For instance, the Iranians they can’t, the stateless people they can’t.

“So what they’re trying to do is put pressure on them through putting them in these horrible conditions in the tents, through sending them these letters which they want them to sign voluntarily to go home. That’s, in essence, what this is about.”

My bold in quote

What do the minions want the government to do? Pretend that after a short holiday on Nauru that these mendicants will be given a five star welcome to Australia?  Sometimes you just have to be cruel to be kind in the right measure.

Cheers Comrades




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