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Sitting to attention

Just a short vid to share my good luck yesterday at our local trash and treasure, who says that you have to spend a fortune when your hobby is old cars?

Cheers Comrades


Bioshock Infinite, a steampunk visual feast and a whole lot of fun.


On Thursday I had to get some last minute Easter supplies and having finished playing though GTA4 again I felt the need for something new to play so I bundled up a pile of old games and went into the local games shop where I traded in  and put my money down for Bioshock Infinite and I have been playing it on and off since I got home on Thursday.


All that I can say is “wow” its a wonderful game with a bright and glorious visual style a fun game mechanic  and a narrative that is totally engaging even though it is rather surreal and sometimes confusing you get totally sucked into the game universe where you have no trouble suspending belief and accepting  a city that floats in the clouds, a girl who can tear open rifts in reality and that you  explore,  live and fight in a game world that is the epitome of swanky steam-punk  chic.

Its a big ten out of ten from me

Cheers Comrades


Star Trek game Trailer

Does this  look like a fun Game or what?

Of course the look is one thing but it will be the quality of the game play that will matter so lets hope that its up to expectations that said  I love the idea of Co-op play in this game now the question is who to play as, Kirk or Spock?

Cheers Comrades


Tawny Frog-mouth with two chicks

Do you all remember that I posted a picture of the Tawny frog-moth that is nesting in the tree next to my house?   Well my son noticed that there are now two chicks keeping company with the mother bird in the nest this morning and of course we had to share the good News with the Sandpit’s readers the first two pictures were taken by my son and the last two by me.

Ain’t nature Grand Comrades?

Mainly Morris in a minor key

a car for my daughter

Readers may just notice a new addition to my blog roll because I have decided to link to a blog that I have been running for a while on a  low profile because it is entirely non political and I did not wish it to have the unwelcome attentions of the now defunct stalker blog that had been vexing Ray and I for the last few years. Anyway Its all about the Morris Minor build that I have mentioned on this blog before. I will be documenting the project there and even though my progress is very much dependant upon the state of my back I do hope that by doing a little every day I will manage to finish it by the time  she is old enough to drive it.

I am in the process of updating my blog rolls and readers will notice a few changes in the near future so that the sites I link to reflect what I have been currently reading and what I am happy to recommend to others. I am of course open to suggestions (in the comments) for new places to visit and enjoy and promote.

Cheers Comrades

versatile Morris Minor

The Easter aftermath USS Chocstromo edition

When I saw Ridley Scott’s first Alien film I was blown away by the vision and the dramatic tension of the movie. The clip that I include in this post very nicely takes some of those elements and makes a very witty Easter parody that I hope is enjoyed by the Sandpit’s readers.

Cheers Comrades


AH, that explains it

Maybe this is how the most extreme silvertail socialists get their crappiest ideas. For the cat loving Lefty the brew would have to be a wet dream come true (click for source)

Cheers Comrades

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