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Bruce Lehrmann’s rape trial jury discharged

The jury of Bruce Lehrmann’s trial for the alleged rape of former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins has been discharged after a juror was found to have conducted their own research and brought a research paper on sexual assaults into the jury room.

The juror had brought in a research paper on sexual assault, which attempted to quantify the number of false complaints and interrogate the reasons for making false complaints. The use of the research paper was contrary to at least 17 directions given by the trial judge for the jurors not to conduct their own research or enquiries.

Jurors when sworn in promise to base their verdicts on the evidence in the trial, not extraneous material that may be controversial and which in any event has not been tested.

Full story:

Bill Short On Details

(by Ray Dixon ~ your thinking man’s blogger)

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten probably had no choice but to make some kind of public statement following Police confirmation that no charges would be laid over the allegation that he raped a 16-year-old more than 25 years ago.

But I reckon he might yet regret his words (or lack of them), and especially these ones:

“The allegation was made by someone that I knew briefly at that time.”

Put yourself in the “someone’s” position. How would you feel being described like that?

Shorten, by omission, has basically confirmed that he did have sex with the girl but then refers to her dismissively as “someone that I knew briefly”?

Making matters worse, his substitution of the pronoun “who I knew …” with “that I knew” effectively describes her as an animal or object.

That hurts.

And hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Think AFL player Stephen Milne, who in 2004 was also initially cleared by Police of rape, only to be eventually charged years down the track following the alleged victim’s persistence.

Don’t be surprised if we haven’t heard the last of this.


Wasting police time

False accusations of rape are something that the Feministas  will insist are so rare as to be of no consequence  but as I have explored at this blog previously it is a serious matter and something that can not be ignored for ideological reasons.  Now it turns out that a supposedly nasty rape reported in Sydney  was in fact entirely fictitious and that only after an exhaustive and expensive investigation by the police  has the claim been exposed as a total fabrication:

click for source

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The only upside here is that no poor sod has been dragged in to be interrogated and accused of a crime that he did not commit, however the amount of time and resources that have been expended by the police would have been quite considerable, not to mention the fear an loathing felt by women in western Sydney at the thought of a gang of men out there targeting  lone  women at night should not be under estimated…

So what sort of consequences should this stupid, stupid girl face for her fabricated claims?

A bill for the cost of the wasted  police time perhaps?

A community corrections order?

A stint in one of Her Majesty’s fine hotels?

Being named and shamed?

Sadly I tend to think that she will get off Scott free and still considered a “victim” rather than as a perp

Tis the way of the world Comrades


An expression of secular piety for Jill Meagher

As horrible as the rape and murder of Jill Meagher was  I can’t help but think that this expression of secular piety is rather misconceived:

Why misconceived? Well sadly  its not as if this was an extraordinary rape or murder, the major difference between this and other vile crimes is that there was the hue and cry via social media in the time between her disappearance and the discovery of her gruesome fate. So all of the twitterai  clearly feel invested far more in this case than the sadly too many other cases where women have been abducted, abused and murdered. This social media involvement struck me at the time as somewhat futile. Where were the friends of this women when it came to ensuring that she got home safely? This appears to have been an opportunistic crime and I can’t see how “marching’ is going to make the slightest bit of difference to the safety of any vulnerable person stumbling home form the pub in the early hours of the morning.

The calls for more CCTV  brought a wry smile to this aging cynic as well because it has not raised the usual outcry about civil liberties that. Is usually raised by your friendly minions of the left but then again this victim of crime was one of their own being an ABC employee and all…

The simple fact of life is that we won’t ever entirely remove the threats of sexual predators and the only real prophylactic is to ensure that the vulnerable make very effort to avoid  putting themselves in situations where they are in harms way.

Its  those found guilty of  horrible crimes like this one that deserve a capital sanction but the bleeding hearts who take part in this march are not likely to endorse that even though real justice requires it.

With respect Comrades

Once were warriors

Like everyone else on the political planet I am appalled when I hear of young people being abused but what I find amusing about the story about the ADF is the contrast between the way that News LTD and Fairfax have written about the just released report. first the report as published in the Courier Mail:

click for source

and this is how Fairfax report the same story:

click for source

Please take just a few minutes to read both articles I’ll still be here when you get back and then we can consider the difference together.

You’re back?


Now lets get down to tin tacks please consider the two pieces and ask yourself which one seems to have the most politicised agenda here. For me the answer is that Fairfax’s authors are pushing an argument that is antagonistic to the military in general and full of misandry with its provocative  headline. Frankly it seems to me that it is trying to suggest that all soldiers are rapists, Hmm where have I heard that sort of nonsense before? Ah yes its the sort of stuff you get from feminists who insist that there is a “rape culture”  and that every man is a rapist.  either by acts or thoughts.Worse still they primary allegation that inspires the headline goes back to 1951 which means that the alleged perpetrators would have long ago retried from the service.
By way of contrast the news piece concentrates upon a student guide to the unofficial slang and jargon of the academy. Frankly its not really a surprise to me that such a derisive lexicon exists and has currency in the ADF, every military since ancient times has had its own language and way of seeing both itself and the world. the question that this raises to me is just how seriously we should take such a thing and does it matter anyway?

On one hand I am as concerned as the next man about the way that women are treated  within the ADF but on the other hand I can’t help thinking that we expect our military to do some pretty brutal tasks (like kill the nations enemies in our name) so that requires a certain level of  mental toughness  that getting all PC and protective of new recruits is not going to engender. The aphorism about heat and kitchens comes to mind here. Is there a way of protecting the ladies who take the Queens shilling without making our military a bunch of wooses who are so frightened of causing offence that they are useless in their primary role of fighting for the country? That is the issue as far as I’m concerned. While I am all for and full of respect for any woman who is at heart a warrior and wants to do her bit to defend the wide brown land I am far less keen on the idea of women at the pointy end being protected and pampered to pander to feminist notions that gender is a construct and that traditionally male preserves like the military should be changed to make them more female friendly. If a woman wants in to the military boys club then it has to be on the same harsh and brutal terms as her male counterparts  or she just does not qualify to be a warrior for our nation.

Cheers Comrades

A judge named Sue…

Ah here we come to the vexed subject of rape and on this occasion form a somewhat different angle because the women in question here is the perp rather than the victim. Now I know that her crime has not been described as rape in the News piece below but up here in Queensland precisely the same offences would be classified as rape. Changes to the definition of the crime up here by the Labor governemnt is something that I am happy to endorse.

click for source

Of course I am rather keen to know just what the feminists are going to say about this conviction, for one thing but more importantly the manifestly inadequate sentence handed down here, two years suspended for not one offence but four!

Further why is Laura O’Donnell not being put on the sex offenders register?

That is almost unbelievable.and if the genders had been transposed I could not imagine a man getting less than a ten stretch for the same sort of offences. This was (by definition*) non-consensual sex and therefore rape. I am totally flabbergasted that  the judge has mitigated the punishment into meaninglessness. But then again what do you expect ?

Look at the judge’s Christian name… Sue…

Clearly not named under the Johnny Cash rationale

Sadly not surprised by this Comrades

*Children under sixteen can not legally  consent to sex.


A sledge to far?

click for source

I cite this incident as an example of just how long an allegation of rape will continue to haunt the accused ,even years after the matter has been dismissed by the law. Somehow I expect that Ray will point out that as we are talking about Collingwood supporters then we should not expect anything approaching reasonable behaviour.

Cheers Comrades

Misandry – Intimacy

Watch, consider, discuss

Cheers Comrades

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