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Craig Emerson is an embarassment to us all #carbonchoices

Its far from being a good day when it comes to  the fortunes of Labor and the left  this example From Craig Emerson shows me that Labor have totally lost both their dignity and any hope of winning on this issue. If the polling is to believed Emerson is gone at the next election, well I for on think that taking up singing as an alternative to politics won’t be an option even though he will be forced to give up his day job.

  The voice he ain’t!

This is how to do it on key Craig

Cheers Comrades


Communist Golf Protests called for – Occupy your local golf course


Gig Diary had the good fortune to come across this great piece of satirical writing about the “occupy”  movement and I thought that it would amuse  the readers.

Click for source

Personally I don’t get golf. It is a rather silly way to spoil a walk but there are those who are devoted to this game with a passion like, well like the way that Ray digs AFL…

Oh and I will get  to some more serious posts soon but at present I’m having a bit of a bad time with my back and that has laid me rather low .
Cheers Comrades
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