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IT’s ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I arrived home about an hour ago to the delightful news that both Oakshott and Windsor are not going to contest the next election which all but Guarantees two seats for the National Party  but as I was preparing to write  short post on that fine prospect. But then I hear that Gillard has called a caucus ballot for 7.pm tonight. For Labor true believer’s like Ray this is the final chance.

I just hope that its over before the competition that really  matters kicks off tonight, namely the Rugby League  State of origin.

Anyway over to you Comrades


Oh happy Queensland day

Over a few glasses of a ten dollar Merlot I watched the Rout of Labor last night and it was a great way to end a great day that started with me voting. What I found extraordinary was the fact that Labor were not even able to rouse more than one person to man the Dayboro booth and boy did I feel bad for that guy he was a man on the edge of tears in anticipation for the result that we all new was coming. Its people like him that I feel for today. those shattered ALP faithful who have been utterly destroyed by a result that could see less than ten Labor held seats in the new Parliament. As Ray will undoubtedly say this could be a  bad thing but I think that for the first term at least we are going to see a government that understands and appreciates the value of humility . In any event due to the fact that we have only one house of state parliament here in the sunshine state any majority, even a one seat majority, gives the governemnt of the day unfettered power to run things as they please.

So as I watch the sunrise I am now more than ever happy to live in the sunshine state secure in the knowledge that the result here will send a shiver down the collective  spine of Labor Party and maybe, just maybe, they will realise the folly of some of their mad policies (like the carbon tax), sadly I suspect that they will carry on regardless in which case I expect to be enjoying another few glasses of Merlot as the Gillard crew are as soundly trounced at the next Federal election.

  Cheers are just not enough Comrades

That is  especially for my brother, a believer in more ways than one


Queensland Labor logo now little

This year promises to be a big year in Queensland politics. In the first half of the year there’s the Brisbane Council elections and a state government election due, and there’s still a small possibility that the current federal government could collapse in the second half of the year.

I know for a fact that at least some Labor operatives believe in promoting the party’s candidates without much mention of Labor when the ALP’s brand is not popular. So I was very interested to see this flyer for the local elections arrive in my mailbox.

Note also that the candidate's email address and the campaign's website are all in the candidate for lord mayor's name rather than anything to do with the ALP.

This would seem to confirm what many here suspect: that Labor is currently on the nose in the Sunshine State and will likely to thrashed in both the State and local elections, not to mention the federal election due next year.

This trend started a few years ago, when the conservatives came closer to winning office in that state election than the three state elections before it. The following year, Queensland swung hard against Labor federally, delivering the vast majority of seats in the state to the LNP. If it was up to Queensland, Juliar Gillard, Kevin Rudd and the rest of federal Labor would have been relegated to Opposition nearly two years ago.

That’s not to say of course that Queenslanders are usually ill-disposed to Labor. The ALP has won every election in this state since 1989, and governed for all but two years in that period. And of course, it was the Pineapple State that delivered for Kevin Rudd in 2007 in what was a massive swing towards Labor that year.

In terms of the state election, there’s no doubt that the government’s longevity is one of its biggest electoral problems in spite of the fact that the government hasn’t been too bad. But many voters would still be angry with the fact that Anna Bligh promise not to privatise before the last election, and subsequently did so, in spite of Bligh’s strong performance during the floods. And of course, the electorate is currently in love with Campbell Newman, who is running from Premier from outside the Parliament.

As I said, it’s going to be a big year for politics in the Sunshine State.

For my fellow Queenslanders , State of Origin victory 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers indeed Comrades

“We were struggling but in the end we came back.”

Well I over came my prejudices and actually watched the Origin match and it was , dare I say it, quite a thrill!!!

Last night, before more than 60,000 fans at ANZ Stadium, Queensland capped its five-year dominance of Origin with a gripping victory and the first 3-0 win of the Mal Meninga era.

They did it the hard way too. After dominating the opening two games of the series, Queensland came from behind with six minutes remaining when Billy Slater, later named man of the series, found some tiring defence near the NSW line.

That handed the Maroons a one-point lead and centre Willie Tonga put the exclamation point on another memorable night for Queensland when he took a Johnathan Thurston pass and strolled over.

I suppose I can stand a little sport in my viewing diet a few times a year, especially when it is such an exciting game…
Cheers Comrades

For all of those Blues suporters out there in this fine mourning…

Cheers Comrades

Queensland have beaten them four seasons in a row and the chances are that tonight will see that become five in a row.

'They can whinge all they want', says Maroons centre Greg Inglis, defiant over his choice to play for Queensland in State of Origin.

For most of my fellow Queenslanders, and their counterparts in New South Wales the only thing that matters today is that the next “State of origin” Game is on tonight Heck the big news story yesterday was that “shock!! Horror!!!!” the NSW coach made some rather thuggish and hurtful racist remarks, to be entirely honest why should we expect meat headed sports people to be politically correct “nice” people? They are good at only one thing and that is chasing a bit of pig skin up and down a grassy field and trying to bring each other to the ground. It is surely too much to expect that they be paragons of political virtue as well. Now I know that My southern friends will get all high and mighty about the clear superiority of the four post game but spare a thought for the mountain that those bedraggled wearers of the blue jersey have to get over. Queensland have beaten them four seasons in a row and the chances are that tonight will see that become five in a row. Now that puts enormous pressure on a coach to get some face saving results and he may have tried to push some of the buttons that his players have been trying to hide just to get that little bit of effort out of them and he may have just forgotten that everything is public these days.

Personally I cringe when ever I hear someone make a racist remark but I am a realist who understands that people often  speak before they think about what they are saying  and that sometimes  the reaction to those badly chosen words  far exceeds the speakers  actual feelings about race and the differences between people. To the politically correct it is a mortal sin to even think there are different “races” but then those same PC enthusiasts will laugh at “blond jokes”  which as a fair haired person I find offensive. The point is human beings will always find some difference to deride in their  competitive opponents and if such things are offensive to some people is that really such a big deal???

Anyway Go the Maroons Comrades

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