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Hell in the shadow of the high rise

Yesterday I visited the bowels of hell and it is actually a rather dull and dreary place that is far from being as glamorous as its public image would suggest.

You see I had to go to Surfer’s Paradise   so that my daughter could spend some time with her friend from Tasmania who was on holiday with her family there. The drive there and back  was nice for the conversation with my daughter , terrible for my back ( I am likely to be bed bound all day today as a consequence of the journey) but as it has been many years since I have spent any time on the Gold-Coast  I spent some of my time there at looking at just what sort of place it has become in that interregnum.

The overwhelming impression  one gets is of squalor with a veneer of tat  and pretence.  The footpaths are an unending patchwork  of different surfaces and pose a great risk to anyone, like yours truly,  who walks with a cane.  Once you raise your eyes to the many people on the streets its hard to see much real joy among them.  It seemed to me that most were trying very hard to  “have fun” with a rather grim determination.

To give my daughter the most time with her friend I spent most of my day reading  ” Dexter is Delicious”  I finished the book as it happens and in many ways it was a most apt read for the day because the Miami setting Of Jeff Lindsey’s novels are so very similar to the place were I was reading his clever prose. I also could not help but wonder about the lives of those people who serve the tourists because I did not see even one person in the shops and Cafes who looked even vaguely happy or even marginally cheerful .

By my calculation it must be more than thirty years since I have been to Surfers Paradise  and if I manage to go another thirty years before I again visit I will consider that  to be too soon for this old codger.

Cheers Comrades

Now this is a proper holiday destination.

Now this is a proper holiday destination.


Memo Clive Palmer: We Don’t Want You In Victoria


Palmer is a clown, not your happy go-lucky circus clown though, more like the sort of evil clown envisioned by Stephen King in his novel “It” he is also as you suggest like a spoilt brat who throws tantrums when he does not get what he wants . Sadly for this country I think that he is like a bigger fatter and far more ugly version of Pauline Hansen and he is going for precisely the same disaffected voting demographic the truly tragic thing is that he has the cash to make more headway than One Nation ever could have done. The only thing that could truly stop palmer is his very obvious obesity and the high possibility that he will not live to a ripe old age. We can be sure that if Palmer himself carks it the “party” he created will likewise quickly evaporate.
None the less there is always the possibility that those elected to the senate on his ticket may not be as compliant once they actually take up their seats. I saw Jackie Lambie on Q& A the other week and she struck me as the sort of woman who will not meekly vote as Clive says she is no Ex footballer who will have more loyalty than good sense and it only takes one of his upper house crew to break-ranks and the Palmer chimera will disintegrate no matter how much money he throws into the game.
That all said there is still a possibility that Shorten may man up and stop blocking the government’s repeal of both the mining and carbon taxes which would be smart politics from Labor. By finally capitulating and letting the bills pass they will show that they respect the mandate of the last election and they can argue that they did not just roll over like a dog. Further they can take the focus off the stupidity of both the Greens and Palmer and remind the people that it is they, and not the silly and extremist minor parties who are the potential alternative government. Frankly Labor needs to have more skin in the game of politics and they should be doing everything they can to make the minors irrelevant.
Ok well that’s what I think and maybe I’m dead wrong or only partially right but one thing that I know is that Tony Abbott will not be led like a sheep by Clive’s antics. He has amply demonstrated that he is a far better player at the game of politics and I think that we will find that once the new senate sits that Palmer will not be the king-maker as he imagines himself to be, instead he will earn nothing but derision and well deserved scorn.
Cheers Comrade Yale


a short rant about Larna Watmough and co-accused Layni Cameron

Engage rant mode:

I know that public transport is very much beloved by our Latte sipping brethren but for me personally I loathe it, I detest the fact that you have to share your journey with others, I hate the discomfort of the accommodations, the uncertainty that you will even be able to get a s seat mostly though I just dislike the fact that you could  be sharing your journey with the violent and uncouth as was the case with Larna Watmough and co-accused Layni Cameron, these two young scrubbers filmed assaulting the nearly blind elderly man on a Gold Coast bus the other day.

That they were so quickly identified and shamed into surrendering to the police thanks to social media is something that I think is a big tick for the social networks. It certainly is one of the virtues that we can applaud, as for the disgusting behaviour itself well what can I say? That these young women should be receive  the most severe punishment that the court can hand down? Hmm well that’s a given what is far more concerning is that there is a a much larger cohort of young men and women with precisely the same lack of respect for the elderly and the disabled who have absolutely no concern abut anyone but themselves and constant indulgent pleasure.

Some may hold out hope that there young women can be redeemed and become better people but I don’t share that optimism. I also think that there will those who offer the excuse of their intoxication, I don’t think being pissed is any excuse for such behaviour, in fact I think that the whole idea that intoxication being a mitigating factor in anti-social behaviour is utterly wrong headed. Just as the thinking about the so called “cowards punch” assaults is changing to see intoxication as an aggravating factor that indicated the need for a more severe sanction  I think that is cases such as this we should do the same.

My hope would be that these two scrubbers will receive custodial sentences but my expectation is that they will both be given some sort of community corrections order.

Just one final thought and that is on the matter of gender when it comes to punishment for such offences. There is no doubt to me that had this assault been committed by male offenders that they could expect a bigger tariff for the same crime than any woman. Its a sort of patronising  sexism that we should be striving to end because if this incident demonstrates anything its that feminist thinking has liberated a whole swag of women into thinking that they can do anything, the trouble is that the anything they are now prepared to do is neither nice nor at all a social virtue which means that when it comes to sentencing for their crimes that female offenders should expect the same punishments as male offenders .

Rant over Comrades


Minecraft Aussie Style


It should surprise no one that the Coalition government is getting right down to business in facilitating new business activity and development because unlike Labor and the loopy Greens they are not beholden to rent seeking fringe groups.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt has taken decisions on 125 projects in the Coalition’s first three months in office, including approving 29 major projects, which the government estimates are worth $400bn. The decisions – the latest of which was Clive Palmer’s giant Waratah Coal/China First coalmine and railway line to the Abbot Point coal port – could spark a new wave of development.

Mr Hunt also has approved the $1.4bn Abbot Point coal terminal expansion, which paves the way for the creation of the world’s biggest coal export port.

But the approvals – particularly coalmine approvals in the Galilee Basin and the expansion of the Abbot Point coal port – have sparked allegations of “development at any cost” from the Greens and environment groups.

Queensland Greens senator Larissa Waters has described the approval as a “terrible Christmas present for the planet” and has raised concerns about its impact on underground water aquifers as well as its impact on combating climate change.

The Abbot Point expansion has been attacked as “criminal” by environmental groups that are calling for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to use its powers to protect the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef.

Mr Hunt said the government was sticking to high environmental standards.

He also has fast-tracked another 46 projects to avoid delays, after inheriting 371 unassessed projects from the previous Labor government, with 22 dating back to 2008. “We have made real steps in unblocking the pipeline while also putting in place some of the strictest environmental conditions in Australian history,” Mr Hunt told The Australian.

“It’s possible to have high environmental standards and genuine decision-making. The previous government was unable to say yes and unable to say no.”

Mr Hunt also has determined that a further 30 projects require no further assessment and 16 require no further assessment as long as certain requirements are met. Another 50 projects have been “assessed and progressed” under the water trigger.

Any short-term boost to mining investment would provide a much-needed buffer to the economy and give more time to the non-mining sectors on the east coast to fill the growth gap.


While I personally have some concerns about the dumping of dredge spoil from Abbott point with in the Great barrier reef zone I likewise find it ludicrous that the Green religion is being invoked as the major objection to opening up new coal mines. Isn’t it ironic that the party that would throw open our borders to all and sundry, especially when they sling us the “I’m oppressed ”  line,  object to any increase in our economic activity to generate the wealth that the endless stream of mendicants seek a part of? When will they realise that you can’t have more people in this country if we lack the economy to  support them? Greg Hunt is right to suggest that the most important quality that and efficient government must have is decisiveness for its far better to have a prompt decion, be it good bad or indifferent, than to have the lily-livered procrastination that was so evident under Rudd/Gillard/Rudd.

Cheers Comrades


The bright side of Kevin

When even the normally very  Labor friendly Fairfax press runs a piece on their front page suggesting that a substantial loss for the ALP might not be such a bad thing for the party you have to accept that things are very crook indeed on planet  ALP:

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There is some value here for the ALP being comprehensively defeated because if the party were in fact a shrubbery it would be one that is need of some serious pruning to remove a great deal of the old and twisted wood and to make it into something that can be admired by those of us in the middle rather than just the creatures of the ideological left, most importantly the ALP needs to learn how to manage the business of government with competence and sound administration. and until they either learn how to do this or recruit those who can already do this they will never again be a credible government that can be trusted.

Cheers Comrades

Newspoll: Rudd On Track For Landslide Defeat

 Kevin Rudd's voter support has fallen to a record low in the latest Newspoll. Source: The Sunday Mail (Qld)

Kevin Rudd’s voter support has fallen to a record low in the latest Newspoll. Source: The Sunday Mail (Qld)

As I have felt for a while I see Labor federally following the same script as the Bligh government exited under up here in Queensland. If I may be as bold as to suggest that the land slid will be of the same sort of magnitude as well and if that is the case it will take the greatest type of discipline for an Abbot government to resit the call of hubris and over reach, however I think that Abbott has a real desire to retain office for a long time and I hope that desire will steady his hand far more than closer numbers in the parliament would.

Labor’s primary vote, at 34 per cent, is now at its lowest level since Mr Rudd removed Julia Gillard as prime minister and the Coalition’s primary vote of 47 per cent is at its highest during the same time.

Primary support for the Greens dropped from 11 per cent to 9 per cent as Mr Abbott spent much of last week campaigning against minority government, ruling out doing a deal with the Greens and challenging Mr Rudd to follow.

On a two-party-preferred basis, based on preference flows at the 2010 election, Labor’s support has dropped two percentage points, to 46 per cent, and the Coalition’s support has risen to 54 per cent.

Labor is now facing a four-point swing away from it since the last election, which would cost the government at least 14 seats if the poll were held now and the swing was uniform across the nation.

The latest Newspoll had a larger sample size and the margin of error, normally three points, dropped to just more than two points, giving greater accuracy.

Acknowledging Labor’s dire position in the polls, Finance Minister and campaign spokeswoman Penny Wong said yesterday that if the election had been held on Saturday, “Mr Abbott would be prime minister”.

While polls in specific seats have shown big swings against Labor, the worst trend for the government has been a sharp decline in the popularity of Mr Rudd and counter-rise for Mr Abbott.

Voter satisfaction with Mr Rudd dropped four points to 35 per cent, and dissatisfaction jumped six points, to 54 per cent – the worst personal support Mr Rudd has ever had as prime minister and just below when he was dumped three years ago.

Since Mr Rudd’s high point in voter support after his return in the first week of last month – 43 per cent satisfaction and 36 per cent dissatisfaction – voter satisfaction has fallen steadily by eight points and dissatisfaction has jumped 18 points.

Mr Rudd’s net satisfaction rating is -19, compared with +7 at the beginning of last month.


Cheers Comrade Yale

Plants vs Zombie Rudd

When I having something of a “senior”  moment I have been known to  say that “I’m on drugs”  in reference to my pain meds. Well watch this and I invite you dear reader to consider just what kind of drugs  the New Again Dear Leader  is on in this video:

Besides the unbelievable LITURGY  suggesting that  victory is possible for the ALP  what I found so irksome was the New  Again Dear Leader telling this bunch of children that the “ALP build things and the Coalition Knock them down “ which is bollocks  because the truth is that the ALP plan to build things and then fail more often than they succeed in making anything worth while. .


Any way the reason I’m posting this is because the   New Again Dear Leader  distinctly says that he is “is not gong to draw breath” for the next three weeks until the  election. Now the last time I checked a human being can survive for a couple of minutes with out breathing and after about five minutes you have irrevocable brain damage so imagine the state of the New Again Dear Leader ‘s brain by the time that the polls open on September 7… this must mean that we already have a Zombie PM in the lodge

Cheers Comrades



The party is over for The New Again Dear Leader

Its entirely understandable that Labor true believers are feeling rather despondent at the moment  because things are not looking good for the New Again Dear Leader as in the marginal seats where it really matters his support is evaporating away faster than metho on a hot day, soon all that will remain is the memory of that cool wetness and a faint wiff of alcohol in the air.


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Until now i have been rather circumspect about calling the result at this early stage but i just feel it in my water that the result for Rudd is going to be a defeat of Queensland proportions with Labor reduced to an ignoble rump.

And that dear Comrades, is something to cheer.


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