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The first of many?

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When a party faces the big fall of electoral grace from holding the treasury benches to the desolation and  wilderness of opposition its hardly surprising that old lags who don’t have the stomach for another bid will resign before the fateful poll that they know will end the careers of so many of their fellows. We saw a whole slew of Queensland  Labor members announce that they would not be re-contesting  before Labor suffered the Blight of Anna. Which leads me to the point of this post which is to wonder how many Labor Lags will follow Martin’s lead and step aside before the poll? To be frank  it is a horrible task to campaign when the voters are so disgusted with Labor.   So  I also wonder if Labor will even be able to get candidates  for every seat this time…

The ship is sinking and the rats are putting on their life jackets…

Cheers Comrades


Well done Mr Newman

As a supporter of Civil Unions for same sex couples I was a little concerned that the declaration that a LNP government would scrap the hastily created Civil Unions act in Queensland because it seemed to me to be a wrong decision. Fortunately as it turns out Newman has found a way to amend the legislation to create a compromise that we can all live with.

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Of course the so called “equal love” zealots like Rodney Croome or our learned friend are going to be horrified and they will see this as a retrograde step but they don’t really like the realities of democracy anyway. No, putting the the zealots to one side this decision is a sound and sensible one that protects the interests of couples without offending those of us who believe that marriage is a profoundly heterosexual institution that does not need reform. Well done indeed  Mr Newman

Cheers Comrades

The Bewdy!!! (Labor) mates way of doing deals in Queensland.

While Labor die-hards like our Ray are desperate to find flaws in Campbell Newman it won’t surprise anyone that when it comes to political corruption the ALP  have it right there embedded in their DNA. Nor will it be a surprise that when Anna Bligh decided to sell off the state’s “family silver” that the fine old tradition of favours to “Labor mates” would be the order of the day.

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Talk about snouts in the trough!

Its just another reason for my fellow Queenslanders to vote against Labor at the state election in a few weeks. They will  put the fear of God into the federal party as well which may not be such a good thing as it may panic them into doing a worse job of governing the country… Hmm Hang on a minute we are talking about the Gillard government shop here which has been playing like a bad  Demtel add since the last election, so maybe the Queensland result won’t make that much of a difference, after all once you hit bottom politically how much lower can they go?

  Cheers Comrades

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Not even luck of the Irish will elect Jack O’Brien in Gregory

The farce that is Queensland Labor just gets  sillier as each day passes as my reliable source’s claims about the paucity of candidates put up by Anna Bligh becomes even more evident:

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Could you really have invented such a cynical grab for the taxpayer’s dollar?
because there can only be one reason for standing such a pointless candidate and that is to garner every possible stipend for the party after the votes have been counted.

Its not a case of can Labor win but one of how badly will they lose.judging by things like this my guess is that Labor faces a rout so severe that a telephone box will not need to have any Tardis qualities whatsoever to contain their party-room once the votes have been counted.
Cheers Comrades

Andrew Bolt inspires me to post this song as an Update:

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