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Is she talking about him?

Marieke Hardy says on the Drum un-leashed :


Marieke Hardy

Certainly there’s an element of showoffy dick-swinging amongst the internet community, with each published tweet at times being the equivalent of that one goofy kid with the overbite and beanie who appears behind every single weatherman ever on live news bulletins** (Look! There’s me! On the telly!). Tweeps celebrate when their work appears on screen, bemoan others who get there first with a less-interesting joke and scheme to make themselves more visible/amusing/first the following week.

Which I read just after looking at our learned friend’s post about getting one of his tweets on to the Q&A screen :

Well, if I can't get any questions or comments about things that actually matter up there, I suppose I'll have to be satisfied with the image of Howard's mouthing off to the nation overlaid with my insult. Better than nothing, I suppose. (a learned friend)

I’ll leave the association between the two to the imagination of our readers
Cheers Comrades

Hicks not a hero

I suppose it should have been expected that the darling of the Latte Sippers™ would front up on the Q&A program last night , after all he is trying to promote his memoir, No I’m not talking about John Howard I’m talking about the hero of our friends with the milky residue on their top lips…

The wide-ranging interview focused heavily on the more controversial aspects of Mr Howard's tenure. (ABC)

He … received a video question from former Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks, who asked him if he stood by his support of the system that saw Mr Hicks imprisoned for over five years.

A video question from David Hicks in Five Dock, NSW: Hi, I’m David Hicks. When you were Prime Minister you left me in Guantanamo Bay for five and a half years. During that time I was detained without charge for a long time. I was denied a fair trial. I was tortured. Do you believe that I was treated humanely and that the military commission was a fair system? Thank you.

But as with many of his answers the former prime minister held firm on his actions regarding Mr Hicks.

In relation to the military commissions, we put a lot of pressure on the Americans to accelerate the charges being brought against David Hicks, and I remind the people watching this program that David Hicks did plead guilty to a series of offences,” he said.

“David Hicks trained with Taliban, David Hicks was associated with groups that were behaving in a manner that was completely opposed to the interests of this country, and the idea that we should see him as a hero is very misplaced.”

What our Latte sodden friends seem to forget is that Hicks willingly supported one of the vilest regimes in the history of the world, they deeply misogynistic, and Anti Semitic Talliban regime in Afghanistan.On top of that as a captured irregular combatant he was no civil criminal to whom the concept of habeas corpus ever applied. His status was at best problematical, and he should thank is lucky stars that he did not face summary execution.

I was willing to suggest that Hicks have an opportunity to live out the rest of his life in quiet obscurity on the assumption that he was truly contrite about his crimes and gross errors of judgement but for him to come on to the Q& A program and omit any suggestion that he was the author of his own fate in his question suggests that maybe he does not deserve the benefit of any doubt after all.
Cheers Comrades

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