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Stop press!! Jeremy Sear proves that he has no sense of humour!

There is nothing so dreary than a humourless Lefty and there are few more humourless than our learned Friend who wrote this rather dour piece  at Pure Poison:

Jeremy Sear has no sense of humour


We at the Sandpit truly appreciate Derek Sapphire because he is so  true to  the Latte Sipping phenotype. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that either myself or my fellow authors and commentators enjoying the input from Derek and engaging with what he says mean that we are in any sense unaware of his truth and divinity. You see unlike Jeremy we have a good sense of humour at the Sandpit and know how to “go with” something and enjoy the cut and thrust of blogging

I’m sure that Jezza would not denounce Tina Fey for her parody of Sarah Palin and like may conservatives I appreciated that as well, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the reason that Jezza is so upset by Derek Sapphire is that he exposes an rather unwelcome truth about lefties, and that is the fact that they have no ability to laugh at themselves or those of their own political persuasion. More importantly I am sure that the authors of the “cut and paste” section of the Oz are not as naive or humourless as our Mr Sear is in his piece  or his cohort of drearily serious commentators at Pure Playschool are insisting in the comment thread.

Appalled  Comrades

utterly appalled 🙄


Derek responds to Sear’s slanders here

Further I want to add that despite the crap form the totally  humourless Sear this blog is more than happy to make all kinds of opinion welcome even those from a consumer of Decaf Soy Lattes and we accept at face value the claims made by Derek in the post I link to above.

The partisan “snip” at Pure Playschool or trying to keep them honest

Dave Gaukroger with his arse in the breeze

This a post about how not to moderate your comments if you set your self up with a high flying mission statement about “intellectual dishonesty“.


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