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Le boxer noir

I just love this little piece from Gerard Henderson in today’s SMH :

Ah its the old politics of identity and our friends from the left seem really intent upon having a monopoly upon who can call themselves this or that. Frankly the sooner we remove any and all  largess that relies upon any sort of racial qualification the better this nation will be in terms of social harmony. Then it will be of no consequence if anyone wants to call themselves “aboriginal”, Immigrant or gasp even a Londoner. Because it simply won’t matter where anyone comes from what will matter is who you are now and if you are in need. Then it should be your need and not your ethnicity that matters to qualify you for any largess and assistance of  from the government.

Cheers Comrades

Slippery Pete finally slips off the shovel and the brown stuff sticks to Gillard, of course.

Well at last after having to support this loathsome man Gillard has a chance to put the Slipper speakership behind her but its odium and the shame of having tried to pull this swifty will remain with her just as the odium of all of her other bad decisions will be reiterated ad infinitum by both the opposition and the voters. Slippery Pete may no longer be speaker but as long as Gillard remains in the lodge there is work to be done, moving vans to be booked and change to be joyfully anticipated.

Cheers Comrades

Julia Gillard’s golden prospects in semantic gymnastics

yep I’m on a first name basis with our PM

In another place I have been discussing the level of respect afforded to our current PM and I have been making the argument that ours is a rather informal society and that our leaders themselves promote that informality. No one in the United States would dare address a sitting or former President by their first name unless they were specifically invited to do so because they have a long tradition of revering the office of president itself. Here in this country it is entirely alien to genuflect to our leaders in any way at all. Frankly I think that it makes our leaders much more grounded that the ordinary people wont stand for the sort of obsequious deference that is common elsewhere.

But I will draw readers attention to the deliberate lie at the end of Julia’s missive> where she tells me that the 9% rise in  electricity prices is “fully compensated” maybe for those individuals who are under a certain threshold there is “compensation” but there are many Australians who don’t qualify for this largess who will be paying that extra 9% without a single cent of “compensation” So I ask you dear readers how can our PM be believed when she claims that the rise Is “fully compensated”?

Oh yeah that’s right we can believe her because she did give us that sincere promise before the last election “there will be no Carbon Tax under a government that I lead”  Yeah well its obvious that she is just continuing in the same vein in all of her other political pronouncements and that we can expect the most convoluted semantic gymnastics from Julia and her barrackers . Now if only  semantic gymnastics were an Olympic event  then this country would have wall to wall Gold thanks entirely to Julia Gillard.

Cheers Comrades

 Gold in Semantic Gymnastics!!!!




Ask not for whom the bell tolls Julia, it tolls for thee

Ah another day and another report of Labor disunity in the face of the increasingly incompetent Gillard Government.

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Really who could blame any ALP MP for thinking of their personal political salvation with Labor’s fortunes sinking by the second under Gillard’s rule?
Of course the real problem for Labor is that if they use the same knives that they dispatched Rudd with then there is a very real chance that Gillard would just resign and bring down the government anyway. Such are the woes of minority government where remaining in office relies upon a nutty coalition of self serving independents, a disgraced ex Labor man and lets not forget the verdant  religious zealotry of Adam Bandt as well. I suspect that Only Kevin Rudd is really eager to sip from the poisoned chalice and you know what?  He may even save some of the furniture but we know that the nation will not be well governed again until we do away with this government at a proper election and then Labor can spend the time it needs to find itself while it sojourns in the political  wilderness.

Cheers Comrades

My take on the Leader of the Opposition’s Address In Reply, Parliament House, Canberra

Well I for one thought that Tony Abbott’s speech was a cracking example of of passion and truth.Oh I know that Ray won’t be a happy camper because it is a statement of general principals rather than  being a blow by blow economic plan.

I will admit to enjoying the pained expressions on the face of Julia Gillard as the speech  was delivered. Of course I am not just blindly endorsing the entirety of the detail of the opposition program I have some reservations about the changes to welfare proposed however I think that there is some virtue in their position and philosophy. The emphasis on foreign language learning is one that I wish was in operation now because My daughter really wanted to continue learning the Japanese but it was just not offered at her high school.

Anyway an over all nine out of ten from me to Tony Abbott’s speech.

Cheers Comrades

Wayne and Julia are fans of the Sandpit so they took the time to keep its readers informed about Labor’s blacker than black budget

As the budget is due to be delivered tonight I thought that I would post these emails I received from my ‘good friends’ Wayne and Julia. Its a wonder of the modern age that our Prime Minister and Treasurer take the time to send personal emails to this humble blogger.

Isn’t that just great?

Anyway take this post as an open thread to discuss the Budget in particular just how it may help or hinder Wayne and Julia’s quest to get the Australian people to believe any thing that they say.

  Cheers Comrades

Juliar’s Carr Crash

I have to say that after the last week in Australian politics I really did not think  things could get worse, but of course as we are talking about the ALP I was totally wrong:

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Sorry dear readers but the chorus of this song came immediately to mind:

Can you tell that I am enjoying yet another instance of a Labor stuff up?

Surely they can’t get worse?

Well maybe they can!

Cheers Comrades

Rudd’s rant – so f*cking what?

This video, that’s making all the headlines, was actually made some time ago, when Kevin Rudd was still PM. It’s a ‘blooper tape’ of Rudd attempting to record a message for the Chinese New Year, getting frustrated with it and letting fly with a few adjectives.

Obviously he knew the camera was still running so you’d reckon he felt pretty sure it’d be secure and not become public. It’s equally obvious that whoever posted it did so in an attempt to damage Rudd’s chances of retaking the leadership from Julia Gillard. At least that’s what’s implied in this Age article ‘Rudd row gets dirty’:

A Labor insider said the video could only have come from the Prime Minister’s office, which stores such clips. If true, that would suggest a bitter escalation of the leadership crisis between Ms Gillard and the Foreign Affairs Minister.

Gillard, of course, denies it came from her office. Then again, she also denied that the stirring up of the tent embassy people on Australia Day came from her office too. I reckon this will backfire on her just like that event did.

Quite frankly, I don’t think there’s anything in the video for Rudd to be ashamed of. We all know that, as PM, he had a reputation for not suffering fools and throwing the odd tantrum. So what? He wouldn’t be the first PM to bang his fist on a table and come out with a few expletives to describe the idiots around him. Keating comes to mind. So does Hawke.

The reality is that good leaders don’t have to be Saints or even liked by their underlings. This is politics and sycophantic nice guys do not good Prime Ministers make. I also like the fact that Rudd is not afraid to show his feelings about – and dislike of – the Chinese:

Mr Rudd has previously used disparaging remarks in relation to Chinese officials. It was reported in June 2010 that he had privately told journalists in Copenhagen amid climate change talks: “Those Chinese f*ckers are trying to rat-f*ck us

Way to go Kevin. Bring him back … please!

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