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All the dumb things


I find minions of the left amazingly amusing, in a lets watch fools bash then selves in the face with a hammer sort of way they are often unintentionally hilarious when they are outraged about the most ridiculous matters and there are few that can match the confected outrage over the comments made by Piers Ackerman on this morning’s “Insider’s”  program;

News Limited columnist Piers Akerman has breathed new life into outrage over Prime Minister Julia Gillard being forced to defend the sexuality her partner, Tim Mathieson, by suggesting rumours about Mr Mathieson had been doing the rounds of the Canberra press gallery since 2010.

‘‘A lot of people in the Canberra gallery have been saying the same thing [as Perth radio host Howard Sattler],’’ Mr Akerman said on the ABC Insiders program to the evident shock of co-panelists.

Insiders host Barrie Cassidy immediately denounced Mr Akerman’s comment, saying: ‘‘You’ve just done precisely what Howard Sattler did and passed on rumours and that’s just as pathetic, quite frankly.’’

Mr Akerman initially denied passing on baseless rumours. ‘‘I passed on the same question that people said initially when she moved in. And nobody took it any further and that’s why I’m saying [Sattler] was wrong Barrie,’’ he said.

Later, Mr Akerman delivered an apology to Ms Gillard and Mr Mathieson, who he described as a ‘‘blokey bloke’’. ‘‘If the Prime Minister is watching, as she usually does, I hope she hasn’t taken any offence at anything I’ve said this morning,’’ Mr Akerman said.

Twitter immediately lit up with calls for Mr Akerman’s suspension from the show. The ABC did not return calls.

This sort of reaction is very sadly the reason that the “politically correct” brigade are so loathed and dismissed  and why the ABC are failing in their duty to be fair and balanced. Frankly it showed me that Barry Cassidy, should not be hosting such a program especially as he is “besties” with Tim Matherson Piers is being pilloried for nothing here but that is hardly surprising given how desperate the left are to win against an ascendant conservasphere . That’s the trouble, they have the taste of Howard Satler’s blood on their lips  and now they want more….
A very big sigh from me and a prayer of thanks that Labor have, what is it, 90 odd days to go…
Cheers Comrades

“the plaintiff has knowingly made false claims”

The opinion piece by Gerard Henderson in to day’s SMH reminded me of the brief piece that I had previously seen about how Habib faced a huge legal bill after loosing his case for defamation against Piers Ackerman and his paper. The figure of one million dollars has been mentioned. This story promptly sank from view and none of the usual suspects have even given it the most cursory mention. Seems like a good example of journalists and bloggers self censorship to me. Anyway Over to Gerard for a quote

Early in his judgment, the judge said he had “formed an adverse view of Mr Habib’s credit and veracity of many answers he has given …”. He found inconsistencies in statements Habib made to the court, to interviewers in Islamabad and Guantanamo Bay and to Katie Wood (Amnesty International), Bronwyn Adcock (SBS Dateline) and Tara Brown (Channel 9 60 Minutes).The only way to ascertain the extent of McClellan’s decision is to read his judgment in full. At times, he expressed sympathy for Habib’s predicament. Nevertheless, the finding was devastating. The judge said that he could not “accept the allegations of mistreatment in the detail which he gave evidence in this court” and concluded that “the plaintiff has knowingly made false claims”. In the end, he found that The Daily Telegraph’s imputation that Habib had made false claims about his treatment by authorities in Pakistan and Guantanamo Bay was “substantially true”.

There was another significant finding in Habib’s case. Significant, that is, in that recently the testimony of Australian police and intelligence personnel has been questioned in some hearings. McClellan accepted the evidence given by one AFP operative, three ASIO officers and a member of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – in the face of Habib’s claims.

The court’s decision was disastrous for Habib. Especially since he has become something of a media celebrity. He has been seen at demonstrations against Australian foreign policy and is something of a hero to the Green Left Weekly set. He has also had sympathetic media coverage: Tara Brown’s soft 60 Minutes interview on February 13, 2005, is a case in point. And his allegations have been given plausibility at an international level – including by Raymond Bonner in The New York Times. Put simply, many journalists wanted to hear that Habib was mistreated, even tortured, when held in captivity in Pakistan and/or the US.


So many of those who raise objections to our actually standing up to the threat of Islamic inspired acts of terror do so with an intellectual foundation based on the teachings of Marx Lenin and Trotsky. They find sympathy with the Islamaists because they share the desire to see our society torn down and remade in an ideologically pure form. They are I suspect more in love with the romantic vision of the heroic revolutionary manning the barricades than they are with any real idea of how to make a society function better. But perhaps their biggest tragedy is that the individuals that they end up championing are so very often rogues and men of no veracity like Habib or Hicks.

By way of a conclusion I just love Gerard Henderson’s suggestion that various members of the civil liberties lobby should stump up for Habib’s legal costs .

It has been reported that he now faces a legal bill of $1 million. The best way to prevent Habib from feeling increasingly victimised would be for 100 or so well-heeled members of the civil liberties lobby to kick in $10,000 each to cover his considerable legal expenses. Don’t hold your breath.

My commentators of the leftist persuasion I’m sure that you will all be digging deep to help poor old Habib, what with you all being such good minions and all…..
You can make public your pledges in the comments to this post and I am sure that your fellow minions will be delighted to see the measure of you dedication to the cause.  🙂
Cheers Comrades
By bold BTW
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