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The party is over for The New Again Dear Leader

Its entirely understandable that Labor true believers are feeling rather despondent at the moment  because things are not looking good for the New Again Dear Leader as in the marginal seats where it really matters his support is evaporating away faster than metho on a hot day, soon all that will remain is the memory of that cool wetness and a faint wiff of alcohol in the air.


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Until now i have been rather circumspect about calling the result at this early stage but i just feel it in my water that the result for Rudd is going to be a defeat of Queensland proportions with Labor reduced to an ignoble rump.

And that dear Comrades, is something to cheer.



Peter Beattie and that telling grin

Yesterday I was a man on a mission off to the wilds to pick up an engine and a gearbox for my Morris project, these are not the parts that I will actually use in the car, rather they are just parts that I have borrowed from my long suffering brother to work out  the mountings and other details of the installation in my car. Anyway it was that away mission that found me missing out on the Peter Beattie chapter of the sad and sorry saga  of the Federal Labor party yesterday .  Unlike my other regular commentators I know Beattie pretty well, in fact when I was a student  he used to be a regular at the Mexican restaurant that I worked at in Milton. So I can honestly say that I have known of him well before he even rose to star status up here in Queensland. and to be honest I have always thought that he is a “good bloke”. So when I heard on the radio that he was going to stand in Forde for the ALP my initial reaction was to think that he could be a good man to have in the parliament.

Then I gave the matter some thought and I was a little less sure. You see I began  to remember that this good bloke had made a few rather big calls that were less than wonderful. Things like privatising electricity distribution which promised a new era of lower energy prices (my current bill in next to me on the desk ere and its twice what it was this time last year ) I remember too that while he was a competent Premier he steeped down so that Anna Bligh could become premier and she was a bloody disaster creating the financial mess that Campbell Newman is working so hard to fix even though it is at the cost of his popularity.   Then there is his famous “water grid” a net work of pipelines pumping stations and water recycling systems that was built during the last big  decade long drought that we endured.  The idea may yet prove to be of value should we have another long dry spell but now that the weather has swung back to its more normal rain fall levels its hard to see the whole thing as anything other than a global warming hysteria white elephant, which, like the mega expensive desalination plant at Tugan  on the Gold Coast just sits idle.

 Former Queensland premier Peter Beattie, with his wife, Heather, announces his Labor candidacy for a Brisbane seat yesterday. Picture: Lyndon Mechielsen Source: TheAustralian

Former Queensland premier Peter Beattie, with his wife, Heather, announces his Labor candidacy for a Brisbane seat yesterday. Picture: Lyndon Mechielsen Source: TheAustralian

Beattie is without doubt a consummate media performer he is an utter and unashamed “media tart” who can play the “chooks” with the sort of talent that most political candidates enviously aspire to. He even leaves the would be Labor Messiah  Kevin Rudd for  dead in his ability to play the media to his political advantage, however he does have one very obvious “tell” when what he is doing is a bit  less than sincere and that is his tendency to crack the biggest toothy and undimable smile when he is playing the media game. Its like some part of him is self-conscious of t he stunt  and he then over compensates in trying to sell the contrived message. That  “tell” was very much in evidence yesterday at the media  appearances that he put in with Rudd. He was trying just a bit too hard to prove how much he endorsed the new again Dear Leader even though it was only a matter of a couple of months ago that he was dressing Rudd down for destabilising Gillard.

What it boils down to for me is that while at an emotional level  I like the man, and I even respect him for his time as premier I just don’t think that he is as sincere about his enthusiasm for federal politics. You know how I see politics as a game? Well deep down I think that Peter Beattie does as well and he is playing this move for all that its worth. He may even win the seat but if he doesn’t then I think that he will still  enjoy the journey , if he does win Forde then The ALP may benefit from having a “good bloke” in its parliamentary ranks but I can’t see the faux friendship with Rudd lasting long  into either Government or opposition after September 7.

Cheers Comrades


Peter Beattie fancies some federal flesh

Mmmm fresh Labor party flesh.......

One of the truths of the great plains is that when someone is dead or dying then you can see the vultures circling in the air above the stricken from many miles away. I can’t help but think of this little snippet as I observe the wriggling and writhing of a stricken Labor party. What with talk of Morris Iemma , Kristina Keneally and now Peter Beattie all seeking a chance to play in the Federal parliament I can’t stop thinking about those circling scavengers so ready to rip the flesh form the not quite a corpse of the Gillard government:

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I quite like Peter Beattie to be honest he always struck me as a most clever and insightful politician who understood just how to make the most of the media and how to retain the support and the affection of the electorate. Not so sure about how he would go on the bigger federal stage but one thing is certain and that is that he would have to be a darn sight better for the Party than Rudd is at present…

Cheers Comrades

Would you buy a used government from these two?

It has to be ironic that Anna Bligh is running this campaign “on the record” of the Labor government and yet we are informed that if she manages to win office again then she will do a very serious cabinet reshuffle.

DEAD woman walking ... Judy Spence, walking with Premier Anna Bligh, is among four current ministers who could suffer from a serious renewal of a future Bligh cabinet.
DEAD woman walking … Judy Spence, walking with Premier Anna Bligh, is among four current ministers who could suffer from a ‘serious renewal’ of a future Bligh cabinet.

But if I was lucky enough to secure the support of Queenslanders … we need to see a very serious renewal.

“We’ve got some very talented backbenchers and I’d be looking to bring them forward into a more senior position.”

The current Cabinet members were all appointed under former premier Peter Beattie, except Sustainability Minister Andrew McNamara.

There will be at least two Cabinet vacancies following the retirement of Rod Welford and Warren Pitt.

But there is also speculation that Ms Bligh will dump the longest-serving ministers – Judy Spence and Robert Schwarten – as well as move Stephen Robertson out of the health portfolio.

Ms Spence has been under fire over Opposition claims she ordered a crime crackdown in her electorate and after her department erected two signs around her electorate claiming credit for new council pools.

But Ms Bligh yesterday backed her Police Minister yesterday, saying Ms Spence had done a “very good job in a tough portfolio”.

Which is sort of like buying a car knowing that it needs a new engine, sure it might be a good deal now but wouldn’t you be better off buying a working car in the first place?

I am getting to love the fashion sense of the state Labor elite though, creased socialist red for our Premier and prison stripes from the Police and Corrective Services minister. I believe the phrase is “what were they thinking”.
Cheers Comrades

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