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What are the Greens trying to hide?

The Greens are a sanctimonious lot, full of the certainty of the zealot on what they think is the only way to see the world and the nature of our future as a society and a species. The fact that they are so secretive about just how they decide upon the shape of their policies is a cause for some merriment here at Chez Hall because I have always been fascinated by the religiously motivated. If there is one thing that can not be denied it is the religiosity of the Greens.

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The only thing that I can think would justify this(aside from paranoia)is a concern that their more extreme members and their loopy ideas will become more well known from their posturing on the conference floor, At present its only the official party line that gets much of an airing in public and I have no doubt that the party’s loonier fringe get a good go at the national conference as they try to drag the party even further to the far left. Not that this will matter too much at the upcoming election because with Labor finally realising that the Greens are their rivals rather than their friends they the Greens won’t do so well in terms of preferences and that will mean less  of them being elected. Really though being open and transparent in how they arrive at their policy positions should have been part of the party design from the get go.

Cheers Comrades

Why “Cheers Comrades”?

Over at Cafe Whispers I was asked this:


Iain, why do you sign of with Cheers Comrades, are you a communist.

Find below the response  I gave him:

I have signed off with “Cheers Comrades” for years  and frankly I can’t remember the first time that I did so. I do recall that it pissed off some Uber-lefties  a great deal, heck one even offered dire threats should I continue to sign off that way. As you will notice I stared him down and if anything he spurred me on to make it part of the way that I write at the Sandpit. Anyway as this practice has developed I have come to think that although calling your fellows ‘comrade” has been a hallmark of communists that they do not have, nor do they deserve, a monopoly on the notions of good fellowship and us all being comrades so when I offer cheers to my fellow human beings at the end of every post at my blog it is not to be ironic or to be a  smart-arse  its because I genuinely mean to wish my fellow travellers on the journey of life well, no matter what their political beliefs or affiliations may be. That wish is one of the reasons that I find hate spitting  political commentators (of both the left and the right) both incredibly sad and incredibly boring. We can certainly disagree with each other over the best direction for society but what all of us who are interested in politics share is a desire to see a better society and a decent future for our children.


Cheers Comrades

Can Labor serve its own interests by preferencing the Greens last?

I have been predicting for ages that the Labor party will bite the bullet and decide to preference the Greens last at all elections and especially federally well it seems that the game may at last be afoot as this report in the OZ suggests:


Now if they actaully follow through with this idea they may stand a chance of doing two things, firstly they will regain their autonomy and secondly they will go a long way  towards re-earning the respect of the voting public who see them as a dishevelled dog being vigorously wagged by a militant and totalitarian green tail. It will all be a vital part of their reinvention during their long sojourn in the political wilderness.

Cheers Comrades

The Left really doesn’t want to win… and probably never will.

This plaintive wail of despair is at once incredibly amusing and rather sad. As a conservative it offers me an understanding of why the Left are destined for the wilderness with a very long term lease. Of course the real issue for those of the left is not a failure to sell the message but the message itself. It is the grab bag of “feel good” ideological nonsense and a long history of terrible attitudes to good governance that has seen overblown schemes that cost more than expected and deliver outcomes far less efficacious than the propaganda promised.
Be amused Comrades

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