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Ebola and what it may do to humanity on this planet


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If there is any disease that strikes terror into anyone’s hearts it should be Ebola if you have just come back form the Link I posted I have no doubt that you will have experienced that shiver down your spine of REAL terror. Sadly I think that we are witnessing the African pandemic that I have been expecting for a very long time. You see I don’t think that this outbreak will be contained and that the current death toll is going to become exponentially  worse in a very short time frame Frankly all it will take is one international traveler to contract the disease and this could have global consequences.

I hope my dark prediction is wrong Comrades but I see no reason that it should be, its already getting past current attempts to contain it and I’m also sure that among all of the hand wringing, the sackcloth and ashes from the “compassionate Green left” there will also be more than a few devotees of Gaia who are going to see this as the will of the goddess.  And maybe there is more than a  seed of truth to the nation that disease and pandemics are the way that balance is restored when a species begins to reach the limits of its ecosystem to sustain it.  After all humanity messed with all of the other checks and balances on our numbers globally with our vaccines and disease prevention programs  we have made possible the global population boom in the last couple of centuries. Sadly try as we might modern technological society has not been able to make the idea of restraining fecundity popular in the over crowded third world the same way that it has become the norm in the first world. Its obvious to me the “refugee” crisis that the planet faces is also an artifact of the same rubric. Well if things go the way that I am imagining then much of that impetus to move into the first world may be hugely diminished. Simply put empty countries will not provide the same incentive to emigrate.

For the duration of an active pandemic may well provide the understandable  urge to flee but the need for disease containment and quarantine will constrain people movement and after up to 90% mortality every able body will be needed to rebuild viable societies competitive pressures will be for all intents and purposes be gone and healthy citizens will be at a premium in all of the countries where life is now so cheap that snuffing them out means nothing.  If we need to look for historical precedents the effects of the bubonic plague in Europe gives us some idea of what we can expect. Whole cities essentially emptied of their people, the dead lest unburied, houses and farms abandoned and left to decay.

As both an Island and a first world nation Australia is well placed to weather this coming storm we can quarantine ourselves against the ingress of the pandemic in a way that others won’t be able to do. The global politics of this will not be at all pretty but I suspect that it will prove one thing and it is this. “Climate change*” just won’t matter because a world with substantially fewer people on it is going to have substantially lower emissions of CO2 and that is the salvation the Profits of the faith say we need…

Tin foil hat time:

Maybe the Ebola outbreak has been engineered by “Deep Green” activists to “save” the planet… Would they really do it?  I would hope not but you just never know when it comes to those who are driven by a mad ideology

No Cheers on this one Comrades


 *assuming that the Profits of the Green religion are right which is a big ask


Who could have failed to be aware of the outbreak of swine flu?

Divers Matthew Mitcham and Alex Croak with coach Chava Sobrino in Mexico

Divers Matthew Mitcham and Alex Croak with coach Chava Sobrino in Mexico

AUSTRALIA could turn away all planes and ships, shut schools and childcare centres, and ban sports events and church services under flu lockdown plans approved by the federal Government just months before the global outbreak of deadly swine influenza.

Emergency plans have been drawn up by the federal, state and territory governments to set up flu clinics – some to be staffed by volunteer GPs – to prevent flu patients overwhelming the GP and hospital emergency systems. Seventy Australians are being tested for the dangerous new strain of flu, which yesterday was confirmed had spread to New Zealand after killing 152 Mexicans and infecting dozens of people in the US, Canada, Scotland, Israel and Spain.

Now it would be inconsistent of me to not mention the pertinent fact that the ready availability of cheap air travel has actually made this potential pandemic considerably more difficult to contain by making its spread far swifter than in previous pandemics. In fact given the usual incubation periods for the influenza virus had all of the travellers been travelling at a more sedate pace by rail or by sea quarantine would have been easier and more effective.
But all of that is by the by and I actually hope that this does not turn out to be as bad as some fear but it is times like this that I am thankful that I do not live in a big city and that my children go to a small school.
Cheers Comrades

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