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Hero Worship Day in Melbourne

Friday 10 December 2010 proved once & for all that lots and lots of people are like meek little sheep flocking to worship at the feet of their heroes.



In scenes resembling the Beatlemania crowds of the 60s people gathered at Melbournes Fed Square to catch a glimpse of a rather round large & loud-mouthed middle aged black American woman whose claim to fame is running a daytime TV chat show to keep working class women stuck to their couches. Even the Labor PM & Liberal Premier turned up for a group hug. WTF? And why?


In scenes resembling the anti-Vietnam moratorium marches of the 70s (remember when we used to protest things that really mattered?) a rally that started on the steps of the State Library turned into a protest march through the CBD streets of Melbourne. And what was this about? Oh some sad-assed strange looking Australian computer hacker who is in jail on rape charges on the other side of the world.  

Now if you were one of the wikileak Assange protesters you might say that he is a freedom fighter bringing us stuff we really need to know (like what people think of Kevin Rudd) and that you are being more enlightened & progressive by protesting in his support.

And you would probably also say that the Oprah supporters on the other side of town are just average-joe non-thinking plebs worshipping false idols and being sucked in by all the media hype and faux celebrity.

You might even look down your noses at them.

Well you are just the same. Get a life peoples.


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