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Mohamad Elomar needs anger management or a one way ticket to Mecca


Found this missive in my in-box this morning from a rather het up  Mohamad  Elomar, frankly I think it is a very good reason to continue to critique a faith that sprouts this sort of belligerent triumphal-ism. The email of course begs the question of how tolerant do we have to be of the intolerant in a multi-faith and multicultural society?

Cheers Comrades


There are times when the death penalty is unquestionably justified, the execution of Mohammad Ajmal Kasab


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Despite the fact that hanging is to quick and painless for this class of scum-bag  the short lead time between his trial and execution suggests that a capital case need not be as drawn out and expensive as trails tend to be in the United states when a truly evil man is quickly dispatched.
Cheers Comrades

God bothering in our schools

As an unbeliever and a good parent I don’t think that my children are likely to need the services of a school chaplain but I don’t have any strong negative feelings about there being someone employed at state schools being there to help those children who want a bit of guidance.

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This is likely to be one of those rare occasions where the opposition will support the government with any necessary legislation to ensure that the chaplaincy can continue to be funded. Now like many parents I get my children coming home with some strange ideas form school but I’m big enough to understand that it in is the nature of any centralised education that our children will sometimes be taught things that are utter nonsense. I have my children opted out of the Religious Education classes and that seems to have been enough to raise two confirmed heathens but there is no escaping the influences of their believing peers. The response I give them is to point out that there are many ways to understand the world and believing in God is just one of them. Frankly I don’t get the sort of militant atheism that is frightened by people of faith that they want to exclude their children from any hint of religiosity in their education. The world is very full of religious belief and the sooner that our children understand this the better they will get on in life. In any event it is the example that we give our offspring in the way that we live our lives that has a far greater influence on the people that they will become than any number of contacts with the religious.

Those who are really concerned about the influence of religious belief in our schools should perhaps be looking at the way that our children are being indoctrinated with the tenets of a far more pernicious  misanthropic millenarian  cult, not by their school chaplains but by their science teachers, namely the belief in Anthropogenic Global Warming which sort of makes the ideas of loving each other and being caring and helpful far more preferable than developing the self loathing for humanity as is desired by the Profits of the Green religion.  Ah well what do we expect when the government is about to introduce a giant new tax on everything based entirely on its religious belief that affordable  energy is bad.

Cheers Comrades

But the cold dead are many

As Europe freezes with its most severe winter in decades you can’t be surprised that the global warming millinerain panic merchants may well be scrambling to explain just how these events can be fitted into their climate narrative:

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Are they really making any ground on the “warming bad” and “cooling good” argument?

Hmm I don’t think that the freezing and  homeless poor would agree at all.

Cheers Comrades

Oh and check out what James Dellingpole has to say the Warministas  it here

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