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Progressive racism

Of course Pat is right on the money about those “progressives and their patronising  racism being the reason that they are so keen to defend or ignore the evil done in the name of Allah.



Progressive” used to mean socially enlightened and forward looking. Now it’s just another word for a creepy liberal racist.

Good piece by Nick Cohen on liberal racists and the harm they do

Liberal intellectuals are frightened of challenging Islam’s honour-shame culture

Muslim opinion polls: Challenging the “tiny minority of extremists” myth


Cheers Comrades



Labor needs a VERY big spoonful of sugar


If ever there was a staple in the topical diet of politics tragics it would have to be the ever present reporting of opinion polling. To may mind they are rather like the rolled oats of  our political diet, bland and ubiquitous but still rather filing and nourishing. So of course we all pour over each iteration of this stalwart of our democratic process. If the poll shows  “our” team performing well then we tend to think that it must be right on the money and if it shows our team in the poo we tend to  find reasons to dismiss its results, for instance  my friends from the left love to claim that because phone polling  is only done to land line numbers then it is naturally biased towards the older demographic who are not totally devoted to cell phones like the younger brethren, this of course (according to their argument) means that such polling “naturally” has a “conservative” bias. When things get truly desperate for your team you can always fall back on the tried and true  “the only poll that matters is the one on election day” side step of the issue but I doubt that anyone really every buys that line.

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Apart from a very brief Indian summer late last year Gillard and her administration have been consistently in disfavour with the voting public and the only raisin in the porridge has been a very slim hope that the personal unpopularity of Tony Abbott may just save them, especially when it comes to his perceived problems over the so called “women’s issues” things like abortion and women in the workforce were the one thing that have been sugaring the Labor tragic’s oats and sadly now they are discovering that the sweetness they though was nourishing sugar was in fact saccharine.

As Julie Andrews reminds us a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down  however when the medicine is this bitter there is no spoon on the planet big enough to sweeten the  brew that Labor and its true believers will be supping on up to and beyond the election on September 14.

Cheers Comrades


All good on the polling front

Another opinion poll and yet more disappointment for my good friends from the left in particular those who support the Loopy Greens must be most disappointed to see that the support for their party has dropped down into single digit figures which supports my contention that as a party their support has well and truly peaked.  The report in today’s Oz lays it out for all to see.

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It also seems to me that those who were seeing the previous improvement in Labor’s polling as a turning of the tide are most likely entirely wrong. Gillard is still in line for an absolute thrashing at the next election and I can’t see that her very big on aspiration but very light on for credibility education policy is going to help things along for the dark-side either. Oh I am sure that it may play well to the far left inverse snobbery mob who resent any money at all going to private schools. The fact that all of Labor’s scheme is unfunded and not due to start for years into the future just screams “spin” composed entirely of smoke and mirrors. Labor is still going to lose the next election, and lose significantly. Will their fell good attempts to showcase make much difference?

Hmm on the current trends they may save the odd chair or two but they are still likely to be sleeping on the floor after the next election.

Its all good Comrades

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