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Hitting the ground in a coma

should we turn off the machine that goes ping for the ALP?

should we turn off the machine that goes ping for the ALP?

With the change of government comes a very big change of role for the Australian Labor Party they must get over their well deserved  humiliating defeat and rally themselves to be an effective opposition and try to redeem themselves enough in the eyes of the voters to earn enough ticks on the green papers to once again do the “live at the Lodge” show.

Sadly for the true believers like our mate Ray instead of getting down to it they have hit the ground in a coma rather than even making any forward motion at all. There is only one person to blame and that is Kevin Rudd because his misguided attempt to “reform” the way that the parliamentary leader is chosen will mean that it will be weeks before we know who to laugh at as the ALP tries to look anything but silly.

The fourth estate has largely been made to look as irrelevant as they increasingly are and all that they have had to run on is the lack of vulvas in the Abbott cabinet, like who cares about the contents of the inner ministry’s underpants? I for one don’t want to see anything even approaching “affirmative action” in the way that key ministries are allocated. It has to be all about merit when it comes to picking who can sit on the big chairs or sexism wins. If being a man makes up the biggest qualification for high office its bad then so too is being a woman. Abbott has a good team here and their performance will vindicate his choice and we can leave the whining about the gender of cabinet ministers to the minions of the left.

Cheers Comrades


Hilarious genuine Green party production..

This little clip just has to qualify as comedy gold, watch in awe as these three Greens prove how stupid and naive the party is on this issue and how the patronise the public in their attempt to paint all asylum seekers as noble victims of circumstance. Sorry to say that  this is not a parody or something made to mock,  its a  genuine Green party production..

Hilarious Comrades

Angry Anderson for Canberra!

I know that many politics junkies become devoted fans of  the pronouncements of their party  or brand of choice, and they devote their efforts to devouring and regurgitation the liturgy of their chosen political faith but my tendency is to focus on what the other side is saying. It all goes back to a personal epiphany that I had as a child. Namely if you read what they read then you have a chance of understanding how they think and what informs that thinking. Thus my reading of ” women’s” magazines and literature made it possible for me to make easy friendships with those of the female persuasion and reading the , ah hmm the “literature” of the uneducated blokes gave me some insight about them as well. I have continued this rather catholic reading habit into my blogging career and to that end I subscribe to all kinds of electronic news letters, mainly from parties and groups that I don’t endorse at all. Get Up counts me as a member even though I have never given them a single cent or ever signed a single  one of their online petitions. I get regular emails form Julia and Wayne telling me about the virtues of the Australian Labor party. Stuff  about the Greens and the Sex party  make regular appearances in my in boxes  and it is about the last one that I’m writing today. Their newsletter had a short piece complaining that Angry Anderson might seek to enter politics as, GASP!! a conservative !

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There is a certain irony in Robbie Swan being so surprised that Anderson has taken this  political stance because like a lot of those in the Music industry I’m sure that Anderson has seen more than his fair share of the consequences of substance abuse. Anderson has shown that he is always more interested in practical results for the people who have had the rough end of the stick. Rather than the namby-pamby and detached from reality philosophical musings of those from the far left.

  Anderson in Politics?   Bring it on I say at least the campaign will be interesting and very rock and roll: and the Sex party will find that they are little more than a broken condom as the votes are counted.

Cheers Comrades

Jo Chandler – “Gunboat diplomacy stirs hornet’s nest under blogs” or a storm in a teacup

It must be tough being a “senior writer” currently focusing on  New Guinea when the puff pieces that you post to the Fairfax press are about as interesting as watching paint dry. Who cares about what the PNG social elites say on twitter? Or what some activist thinks about “women’s issues” ? PNG is a very sad example of the folly of expecting a stone age people with no notion of nation to be able to run a functional democracy, In a country where almost every family speaks a different language and the national lingua franca is a pathetic mish mash call pigen that no one else in the world speaks. None the less Jo Chandler has had a minor win today with one of her “Fuzzy wuzzy”  pieces getting her name onto the front page of the Age, not as the main story mind you, just as an adjunct to the headline piece
Sadly its not really anything more than another puff piece with a rather over wrought title”:

Gunboat diplomacy stirs hornet’s nest under blogs

Jo Chandler, Analysis

March 16, 2012

Ah well at least this storm in a tea cup saves us, for a short time, from considering the more pressing issues for this country, like the utterly incompetent Labor administration here that is only just a tiny step above the woefully dysfunctional  government in PNG. and for that I thank you Jo Chandler.

Cheers Comrades

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