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No sex please, we’re NSW police

“Can’t we just f***? I am a 19-year-old girl, what is wrong with you?” 

Would you say no?

This poor girl just wanted a root, so she joined the police force where she thought she might find some real men who would give her one or two (hundred).

What is wrong with that? What is wrong with NSW coppers, are they all gay?

This story speaks for itself  and I am almost speechless that this girl was knocked back again & again. Then they sacked her!

She should try Melbourne where there are lots of desperate men who would not say no to a head job in a dunny. 

A POLICE officer who was sacked after begging colleagues for sex has lost her unfair dismissal claim.

Within days of being posted Jessica Parfrey propositioned her supervisor to have an affair because “everyone knows you’re supposed to fall in love with your buddy”.

A month later, after he turned her down, she told him: “Can’t we just f***? I am a 19-year-old girl, what is wrong with you?”

The Industrial Relations Commission in Sydney heard that Ms Parfrey also offered an officer oral sex in a pub toilet and carpark and later propositioned another, saying: “I know you want me.”

Both men refused.

She tried to call another colleague 12 times, left six text messages and then offered to help him study for his police exams by stripping off an item of clothing for every question he got correct. He refused.

Ms Parfrey was sacked from the police in September 2007, five months into her probation.

Nothing more to say.

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