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Promises were made to be broken

The minister has been taking lessons in spin from Brother Number One (ABC image)

So Brother Number One has failed to deliver on a promise, well who is surprised?

KEVIN Rudd’s promise to build 35 GP super clinics across the nation appears to be in tatters, with only one completed centre in operation after two years of Labor government.

The Australian can reveal that despite the Prime Minister’s claims that six more centres are partially complete, at least two are offering little more than conventional GP services.

And one centre claimed by Health Minister Nicola Roxon as a partially functioning GP super clinic — in Darwin — is in fact being fully funded by the Northern Territory government.

Mr Rudd campaigned for the 2007 election promising to spend $275 million on super clinics — medical one-stop shops in areas struggling with inadequate medical services.

I am likewise entirely unsurprised that what meagre progress that there has been on this plan has in factbeen subject to much spin and exaggeration by the minister Nicola Roxon

Despite Ms Roxon claiming the Palmerston facility as evidence of the success of the program, Health Department officials told a Senate budget estimates committee earlier this year that it was funded by the Northern Territory government and was not a super clinic. The Woongarrah clinic also offers limited services and the super clinic is not due to open for a year.

Its not like this government has “form” for excessive spending that produces little by way of results, oh hang on a second they do!
Cheers Comrades

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