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Who are the real bigots in the St Pat’s spat? or the proper way to nurture social acceptance

As its a fine Saturday morning and I think that such days are perfect for a change of pace I offer a new topic that I have come across from my subscription to “Spiked”. It concerns the refusal of the St Patrick’s day marches in New York and Boston to allow Gay activists to march under Gay themed banners in their parades. Of course our friends of the pink persuasion are screaming “discrimination” with a great deal of vim and vigour so loudly that you would think that the march organisers were planning to burn a few homosexuals at the stake as part of the celebrations. What I find most worrying about the whole thing is the same “if you don’t support the Gay agenda 110% then you are a bigot” mindset from those homosexual activists who want to hijack the ostensibly Catholic festival to promote their own cause .


irish_gay_protestThere have also been reports of people losing employment after it was discovered that they do not agree with gay marriage. A common theme in these reports is that the individuals involved do not appear to dislike gay people, but they have nonetheless been labelled bigots due to their objections to same-sex marriage. Rather than encouraging a live-and-let-live attitude, it appears that some supporters of same-sex marriage seek to find and root out anyone who won’t publicly accept this relatively new institution.

When lawmakers in Arizona introduced a bill last month that sought to clarify whether small business owners like wedding photographers can refuse work on religious freedom grounds, there was little consideration in the media of the legal pros and cons. Few highlighted that the existing law allows private vendors to refuse work on the grounds of sexual orientation, and thus continues after the governor vetoed the bill. Instead, the proposed law was greeted with a hysterical campaign to label it ‘anti-gay’ and ‘Jim Crow’ (an historically illiterate comparison, beginning with the fact that Jim Crow was enforced by state law and businesses that refused to obey it could be prosecuted).

These tendencies to demonise dissent are visible in the campaign against the St Patrick Day parades. There is a rush to label any disagreement with gay marriage or gay culture as out-and-out ‘bigotry’. There is a desire to not simply state that certain views of gays are wrong, but to have those views silenced. And there is an operation to target and scare corporations that are associated with such views. Gay activists threatened a campaign against corporations in Arizona, including the National Football League for holding the Super Bowl in the state, if the recent bill passed. Similarly, they pressured St Patrick’s Day sponsors like Samuel Adams and Heineken to withdraw support. This is the top-down, elite-led politics of name and shame, rather than a properly liberal campaign that draw upon popular support.

What we are witnessing is an attack on those who don’t share today’s pro-gay outlook. Some may want to opt out of this Culture War, but the war increasingly won’t allow there to be any bystanders. Instead, there is pressure to conform. Even if it does not spill over into the political or legal world, such conformism is problematic for the free flow of ideas.

The sky will not fall if gays and lesbians are allowed to march in the Boston and New York St Patrick’s Day parades. But we will create a conformist, intolerant and unfree society if we do not allow space for the expression of different views, including traditional religious teachings about homosexuality and same-sex marriage.


The title of the article asks Who are the real bigots in the St Pat’s spat? and I can’t avoid concluding that its the very noisy Gay activists who are using every possible way to bully people into “endorsing” to their position. I can’t help thinking that this may well back fire on them and lead to a backlash that seriously damages the hard earned public good will towards homosexuality that has been steadily been accruing over the last few years. Social acceptance can be most fragile flower that needs nurture and careful cultivation and it can be oh so easily lost if you start tearing up the field with loud and noisy tractors instead of well directed hand tools.

Cheers Comrades


UN seats, table games and hills of beans

So we have won a temporary seat on the  UN security council, pardon me if I don’t do leaps  of joy at this news. As a younger man I really believed that the UN was an thing  of virtue but as i have got older I question its value more and more as its efforts to create and  maintain peace seem more and more futile and ineffectual. Thus I find myself thinking that this whole seat at the big table project from Brother Number (once was) One to be little more than a vanity project from Labor.  Does anyone want to make book on how this “achievement” will be spun? My guess is that Labor will be running ads (or at least running talking points) to the effect That only Labor has worked tirelessly to make Australia take its rightful place in  global politics and that evil Tony Abbott would have us forever amongst the unengaged global rabble…

Can you forgive my cynicism that the whole thing is “much ado about nothing”?

Our place in the world is cemented not by the empty  pretensions of the UN but by the way that we govern our nation domestically, the good governance of both our business and public institutions  and the way that we relate to our trading partners and our neighbors with fairness and equity. Playing table games with the great and powerful players at the UN don’t amount to a hill of beans in this old world …

Cheers Comrades

Colly wobbles, Prime Ministerial junkets and divine justice

While Michele Gratten gets terribly excited about a rather small faux pas from Tony Abbott  we hear the news that Julia Gillard has had to drop out of a lunch meeting in New York due to an “upset stomach”:

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Well apart from the rather nasty thought that Kevin Rudd may have a mole in the PM’s catering staff who has taken up the use of “chemical enhancements” to further Brother Number One’s come back ambitions I can’t help thinking that there is some sort of divine justice in Gillard coming down with tummy troubles because she has been giving the whole country a gut ache ever since she drew out her assassin’s blade and dispatched the very dear (to some) Brother Number One.
Cheers Comrades

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