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Hilarious genuine Green party production..

This little clip just has to qualify as comedy gold, watch in awe as these three Greens prove how stupid and naive the party is on this issue and how the patronise the public in their attempt to paint all asylum seekers as noble victims of circumstance. Sorry to say that  this is not a parody or something made to mock,  its a  genuine Green party production..

Hilarious Comrades

Cruel to kind in the right measure

I just love the way that our ever friendly minions of the left want to treat asylum seekers as idiot children, and for once I am going to stand with the Gillard government on something that they have done on this issue, namely given the mendicants that they have sent to Nauru documents that lay out the reality of government policy in very plain terms:

The sheets, which have been obtained by PM, make it clear that the process could take years and say that even if asylum seekers are granted refugee status, they may not be resettled in Australia.

“It is not possible to say precisely how long you may need to remain on Nauru. Remember that you can decide to leave Nauru voluntarily at any time,” the document says.

“If you are found to be a refugee, your individual circumstances will need to be considered as part of any resettlement option.”

And that resettlement option might not be in Australia; the document says it is possible the resettlement would be in a third country as part of broader regional arrangements.

Either way, it is likely to be a slow process.

The Immigration Department says the information sheets simply reflect government policy and inform asylum seekers about where they are in the process.

But Pamela Curr, from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, says the sheets have only one purpose – to bully the asylum seekers “to give up and go home”.

“The department is trying to force people to return,” she said.

“They know that many of the people they can’t send back involuntarily. For instance, the Iranians they can’t, the stateless people they can’t.

“So what they’re trying to do is put pressure on them through putting them in these horrible conditions in the tents, through sending them these letters which they want them to sign voluntarily to go home. That’s, in essence, what this is about.”

My bold in quote

What do the minions want the government to do? Pretend that after a short holiday on Nauru that these mendicants will be given a five star welcome to Australia?  Sometimes you just have to be cruel to be kind in the right measure.

Cheers Comrades




Live and let die in the Pacific

Even the bleeding hearts from the ranks of our Latte sipping friends must realise that on this issue the public are entirely unsympathetic to the hunger strike by detainees on Nauru.  Especially when the majority of those detained there are from Sri Lanka which ended its civil war  years ago.

click for source

Of course there is “No hope” on Nauru that is the point of detaining people there and the essence of its deterrent value. It saddens me to see people there suffering, however they all have the option of returning to their country of origin at any time, instead they try the futile emotional blackmail of the hunger strike.

Cheers Comrades

Frankly when they commit the sort of crimes against the English language evident in their sign maybe we don’t want then here anyway

Labor lacks testicular fortitude

To my mind what has made the Labor party  a laughing stock on the issue of illegal boat arrivals has not just  been their wilful blindness to the realities of the situation, but their political cowardice which has held them captive to the far left open-doorists  who would believe every manufactured sob story told by the water borne mendicants who have been arriving in ever increasing numbers during Labor’s tenure in the lodge. It is only now that they seem to be finding the courage to to do what they should have been doing form the start, namely insist that those mendicants should make a convincing case to demonstrate that they meet the criteria of an “asylum seeker”.

Labor are to be applauded for finally finding the courage to quickly deport some of the latest chancers from Sri Lanka:

Asylum seekers …. new ‘turn-back’ provision / Pic: Daniel Wilkins Source: The Sunday Telegraph

But Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has now approved the use of stricter assessment of whether asylum seekers claims actually trigger Australia’s international obligations, following a spike in arrivals from Sri Lanka.

“As with the particular case of those people returned to Sri Lanka last week, there are powers available to the government to return people where they do not engage Australia’s international obligations and, when appropriate, we certainly intend to use them,” Mr Bowen said.

The virtual turn-back policy gives effect to the demands by the Coalition but does not risk lives at sea by simply turning boats back. Instead, people would be returned by plane in cases where their claims were not deemed credible.

Figures obtained by The Daily Telegraph reveal the government has been successful in slowing the number of asylum seekers from Iran and Afghanistan, however, the number of Sri Lankan arrivals has spiked recently – jumping since the end of May when under 400 arrived, to more than 1200 in October.

Mr Bowen confirmed last night that 26 new arrivals from Sri Lanka had been refused entry and were aboard a special flight back.

“The single adult males, who arrived by boat at Christmas Island and Cocos Islands earlier this week, were advised of their status and that they were subject to removal from Australia,” Mr Bowen said.

“They raised no issues that engaged Australia’s international obligations.

“Without a valid visa, they had no legal right to remain in Australia and were removed at the earliest opportunity.”

Four Iraqis and two Iranian men were voluntarily flown home from Nauru yesterday. p


Of course the fact that it has taken so long for their collective balls to drop on the issue is a very good reason that they should be condemned, especially for the huge cost of their ineptitude. It is also good to see that some of the mendicants sent to Nauru have gone  home. Now if only Labor were to make sure that ALL asylum seekers who arrive without invitation were denied permanent residency  then we might solve the problem. because its permanent residency that draws the boats here not the need for “asylum”.

Cheers Comrades

Sadly this is an example of Labor’s Balls

Julia Gillard gives us the PS2 when we all know that the PS3 will be better

Julia Gillard declared: ”If people want to put up banners that this is a compromise from the government: dead right – in order to start saving lives.”
Ms Gillard said she wanted the legislation through Parliament by the end of the week.
Julia Gillard: ‘If people want to put up banners that this is a compromise from the government: dead right – in order to start saving lives.’
Julia Gillard: ‘If people want to put up banners that this is a compromise from the government: dead right – in order to start saving lives.’ Photo: Andrew Meares

Its taken Labor five years to finally admit that the Coalition was right about Asylum Seekers and its been five years of utter bullshit from them. Of course Gillard is insisting that her retread of the Pacific solution is the idea of her so called expert committee but we all know that the main function of that little cadre was to give Gillard a way of back-flipping without losing to much face in the process. Not that it matters that much for her political fortunes because she is still in a no win situation on this issue. When the flood of boats slows to a trickle she won’t earn much respect from the public who will quite rightly be reminded of just who created the problem in the first place.

Caucus agreed to the Houston package, after Left MPs’ objections to indefinite mandatory detention on Nauru and Manus were voted down, as was a move by Left convener Doug Cameron for a delay to give caucus time to consider the report. The government agreed to a proposal for caucus to monitor the detention regime.

The panel was set up at the end of the last parliamentary session to come up with a way to break the political deadlock that has rendered the government impotent to act against the increasing flow of boats.

While urging a regional solution, the panel said that a short-term ”circuit breaker to reduce the attractiveness of Australia as a destination” was needed. Legislation for offshore processing was urgent, it said. Mr Houston said the panel had accepted Nauru and Manus because they were ”implementable straight away”.

The panel also said that boat people should lose their access to family reunions under the humanitarian program – which means they would have to take their chances through the family stream of the general migration program.

The report said there were concerns about the protections and human rights aspects of the Malaysia agreement from ”a wide range” of groups and individuals. It called for better protections and a more effective monitoring mechanism.

The panel said of the opposition’s policy of turning boats back that the conditions did not currently exist for it – Indonesia would not accept them and people smugglers had more sophisticated tactics in sabotaging the attempts.

Mr Morrison said the Houston panel had ”green-lighted Nauru and they have red-lighted Malaysia and the people swap in its current form”.

The blueprint from the panel, which included refugee expert Paris Aristotle and former Foreign Affairs secretary Michael L’Estrange, was condemned by the Greens and refugees advocates.

Greens leader Christine Milne said her party would not accept measures that were cruel to people.

Dr Graham Thom, Amnesty International’s refugee spokesperson, said the government’s action showed short-term political gains trumping Australia’s obligations under the UN Refugee Convention.

But Mr Houston said the prospect of further losses of life at sea demanded ”urgent and decisive action ” by Parliament. Since October 2009, 604 people had lost their lives.

Another boat arrived yesterday, with 87 people on board – but they came before the deadline and will not be subject to offshore processing.


Of course the big question is will it stop the flow of boats and the subsequent drownings? I certainly hope it does. No one likes to see the sort of tragedies that we have witnessed on Labor’s watch. Now despite all of the instance that the Australian people did not like Howard’s pacific solution I find it rather satisfying to see that a whopping 87% of readers of the Fairfax piece I quote above endorse PS2. Just imagine what that means when Tony Abbott wins the next election and we can have the bright shiney and much improved PS3! Because any gamer can tell you that the PS3 is far better than the PS2!

Ok puns back in the box how is this going to fly as a means of Gillard countering Abbott’s “stop the boats” mantra?

As I see it playing out its still a lose lose situation for Labor because of it is effective in stopping the boats the Coalition will quite rightly point out that going back to what worked before does not abrogate the responsibility that Labor carries for stuffing up  a system that worked in the first place, and if it does not work as well as they hope then the Coalition can still attack them over its shortcomings or talk about inertia in the Asylum seeker pipeline.

Gillard obviously hopes that it will work and get the issue off the front burner, and she might just get that wish however I doubt that it will be enough to save her from political oblivion at the next election

Cheers Comrades

Gillard Asylum Seeker Plan or GASP for short.

The Anointed One has done a grand job of snookering herself on the Asylum Seeker issue. Firstly she wanted to show just how tough she is in the is on the matter so naturally she goes fro a little ride on a navy patrol boat Then she has also made a rather misconceived announcement that sort of say that we will have a processing centre in East Timor which would have been fine had the government there actually known about the Gillard Asylum Seeker Plan or GASP for short.( knowing how much the ALP likes acronyms for its schemes and programs I thought that I would help them along with one 😉   )

Speaking to The Australian, Nauru President Marcus Stephen said his tiny island state would be willing to reopen the centres if approached by Australia.

But he was concerned that Nauru could once more come in for criticism over refugees being mistreated on its soil.

“There was a lot of misinformation about the running of those centres,” Mr Stephen said.

“As far as were concerned, the asylum-seekers were well cared for, well fed. In fact they were free to go wherever they liked, go swimming, go bike riding, shopping, as long as they returned by seven each night.”

The Gillard government has so far refused to consider reopening the centres on Nauru, citing its refusal to ratify the convention.

The sad but amusing part of the GASP regime is that the Anointed one feels restrained  about talking up the offer from the one country that is not only willing but actually keen to be part of offshore processing that both parties are now committed to, its just one small thing that stops the Anointed One and that is the fear that doing so would be a tacit admission that the Pacific solution was the answer all along and that her predecessor , the late Brother Number One (may he rest in political peace) was entirely wrong to abandon  something that actually worked.

Of course I hope that my readers will appreciate my signing  off this post with a:

GASP Comrades

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