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Bolt bounces back onto the radio waves

Just as one door closes another one opens and on this occasion I can just imagine a number of lefties, like our learned friend, getting rather hot under the collar at the prospect of Andrew Bolt getting a new radio gig with 2GB in Sydney:

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Well do I recall the expressions of joy from the Pee Pee crowd when MTR closed well now they can bemoan the fact that Steve and Andrew will be on a station with a far bigger reach….
Cheers Comrades

Apples and oranges in the radio ratings game

Now I take note of the things that my commentators tell me  when they post comment here at the Sandpit and I vividly  remember that Craigy was scathing about the rating performance of MTR his , an opinion that is undoubtedly fuelled by his dislike of one Andrew Bolt  and overly tight leftist underpants, so imagine my surprise when I found out that there is a simple and largely apolitical reason that the station has had only limited success since its launch a year ago:

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Hmm that puts a rather different perspective on the ratings now doesn’t it?

Cheers Comrades

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