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Careful what you wish for, because you may well be unlucky enough to get your wish


To the Labor True Believers  the resurrection of Brother Number One is their last and only chance to0 have some hope that all is not all lost, Heck I’ve even had one  of them tell me that Labor can win   and boy did I have a giggle about that. As has been predicted by others with in the Labor party the visceral hatred of Brother Number One is the reason that experienced ministers are refusing to serve in any ministry in a government led by Brother Number One. As today’s Age tells us:

An hour before Mr Rudd’s lunchtime media conference on Friday, discussions were still being held with former communications minister Stephen Conroy about rejoining the team.

The ministry was not announced at that time and Mr Rudd is still trying to coax Senator Conroy to serve in his cabinet.

Mr Rudd also wanted Mr Combet in his cabinet, but Mr Combet issued a statement on Saturday saying he would not re-contest his federal seat of Charlton.

‘‘My reasons are personal and are not attributable to the change in the leadership of the Labor Party this week, although this has provided a catalyst for my decision,” he said.

A Labor source close to the ministerial negotiations said the Prime Minister had found it “extremely difficult” to fill his frontbench and the wider ministry.

“It has been a mess,” the source said.

“He’s had a knock-back or two; let’s put it that way. The talent pool has shrunk, and those who are left don’t all want to work with Kevin.”

Another senior Labor operative said: “You have had resignations and retirements. That is before you get to balancing representations in the ministry across the states, the factions and genders.

“And then there’s the rewarding of supporters. But it hasn’t gone to plan.”

One Labor MP said emotions were still high following Wednesday’s axing of Ms Gillard, which was another factor leading to complications in forming the new ministry.

“It’s pretty raw right now,” the MP said. “The consensus is that we did the right thing in going back to Kevin, but so many of us are feeling quite low about how it all happened.

“Not everyone wants a ministry when we’re so close to an election and we’re worried about our own seats.”
The Prime Minister’s office offered no comment.

What good is it to win the leadership if all that you can put together as your ministry is the “Z” team I look forward to a ministry that is full of political nobodies and back bench seat warmers.I love the fact that no one wants the immigration chalice that Brother Number One personally poisoned 2007. Combet’s resignation makes it eight ministers who have pulled the pin on their political careers . Its high face about a party that has been laid low by the ineptitude of is current and previous leaders. If the Bard was still writing his plays I can’t help thinking that he would make the events of federal politics into a cracking comedy.

Cheers Comrades


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