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Robert McClelland ready to swim for it.

Did you all miss me while I spent the last few days in the wet no man’s land disconnected from the world with no power Phone or internet?  well I missed youse all!

Anyway Today’s  little snippet is the story of  the retirement of Robert McClelland from a safe seat no less :

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Naturally I can’t help thinking that this will be the first of many “retirement” announcements from labor’s ranks as those members who have known the, err, “pleasures” of life in her majesty’s loyal opposition dread returning to that role after the coming election, Robert McClelland was a Rudd man and that must have had something to do with it as well now that our dear Brother Number One will never attain the primacy again, unless it is in the despair of a devastated post election ALP. Dare I suggest that like all smart rats Robert McClelland knows when the ship is taking on water?

The election dance begins
Cheers Comrades



The decline of “brand Rudd” and “the disapproval that dare not speak its name*

The other day I got an email “tip” about this story but because I had just done my previous piece about Brother Number One I thought “Nah not today” But I took the time to read what Micheal Costa had to say in The Oz and his argument makes sense.

The new machine men think politics is as simple as borrowing techniques and strategies from the product marketing textbook. Politicians are now brands that can be subjected to brand management techniques. In their mind the same techniques used to sell soap powder can be equally successful in selling brand Rudd. It’s a kind of voodoo politics that has turned techniques such as focus groups and polling on their head. Instead of using information derived from these techniques to adapt the message around a well-thought-out policy, they use these techniques to develop a policy.

Micheal Costa

Not the bit about privatizing electricity, that is something that has been a disaster for consumers here in Queensland and I see no reason to expect that it would be of any benefit to consumers in New South Wales. What makes sense is the argument suggesting that the faceless machine men hold sway with Brother Number One.
Say what ever you like about the details of Tony Abbott’s political convictions but at least he has them and he is willing to stand by them even when they are unpopular. While it would be nice if the decline in the fortunes of our Dear Brother Number One were to feed a direct improvements in the oppositions fortunes rather than feeding the support for the loopy Greens I think that it shows that those who are deserting Brother Number One are not just the swinging voters who got him into the lodge but many of those who are from what I would call the more honourable left. Those people who may be of the the left but who still think that things like keeping your word has to mean something. Of course the cynical machine men that Costa talks about are unconcerned about the drift to the loopy Greens quite simply because they know that most of those votes will not be entirely lost to the ALP because the second preference will come their way eventually and still help the party  retain seats.

Keeping that in mind the next election will still be won or lost on the voters from the centre, those men and women in the burbs who are generally not that politically engaged. They don’t care too much about the political memes that populate the heads of people who love the game of politics. They will look at things of more immediate importance like the promises made, the promises fulfilled  and the promises broken and they will judge just who they can trust with the big chair. I really can’t see them trusting Brother Number One to sit in it again and frankly I see those who keep insisting that Rudd will get a second term are kidding themselves in order to mask their own disappointment at his very poor performance. It has really become “the disapproval  that dare not speak its name* ” but then there is still time for those who have been trying to talk up Rudd’s prospects to come out of the closet and to admit that even if they generally support Labor and want them to govern that this leader of this federal government has not only damaged  the country with his ego driven  ineptitude but that he has also severly damaged Brand Labor as well.

Cheers Comrades


* to invoke Oscar Wilde

Hat tip to Leon Bertrand 🙂

A Warminista regime for NSW

The disintegration of Labor governments at a state level continues with the left of the NSW party rolling the incumbent premier Morris Iemma.

Chris Pavlich

New NSW Premier Nathan Rees and deputy Carmel Tebbutt were appointed after Morris Iemma quit today. Picture: Chris Pavlich

Mr Rees and Ms Tebbutt both come from the party’s Left faction, indicating the splintering of the NSW Right, which has held the NSW premiership since the 1970s.

Mr Iemma’s demise marks the first time in the 117-year of the ALP that caucus has removed a serving NSW premier.

He told the media conference he had not sought the job of premier before being elevated to the job three years ago after the resignation of Bob Carr.

“What I’ve sought was change and growth for NSW,” Mr Iemma said.

“My only test was to make the right decisions for NSW and the people in NSW, the right decisions for our kids’ future.

“That’s why went to the last election promising to secure our water supplies, that’s why I attempted reform of the electricity industry, that’s why I fought for the north-west metro.

“As a result of those decisions, Sydney will have a guaranteed source of water, making our city resistant to drought, to climate change.”

The left are the most dedicated Waministas in the ALP so the people of NSW are in for a rough ride now that they have taken over, not that things could get much worse in our oldest state….

Maybe the NSW party has, like its Western affiliate, reached it’s use by date and the people should be given the opportunity to vote in a new government at a general election.
You know it makes sense Comrades

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