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I find it sadly amusing that those from your end of the political spectrum who are so uptight about Christianity are so afraid of any criticism of Islam, especially when you consider how antithetical Islam is to so many aspects of modern society that you champion, things like homosexuality and Gay marriage, the equality of women, tolerance of religious diversity are all soundly denounced by both Islamic scripture and contemporary Islamic scholars and Imams. Add to that rampant Anti-Semitism, intimidation of those criticise or lampoon the faith and dreams of Jihad and there is a great deal that any progressive should be willing to criticise. That those like yourself are scared of anyone, like Geert Wilders who tells it like it is and points out the folly of ignoring the implications of Islam in our societies suggest that the cleansing effect of sunshine needs to be shone upon both Islam and those who are so willing to be its apologists and enablers.

Cheers Comrades


I come back to the computer after a lay down and find that Mike has not only deleted the post that I re-blogged but the entire content of his blog!

The only post there now is this:


Yeah, no, sorry, it’s just too painful/stressful/aggravating to write about Australian politics. Solidly European stuff now. Anything even vaguely political will be on The Drum/The Punch/National Times.

When challenged:


My oh My how is that for Lefty cowardice?

Cheers againComrades

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