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Mike Carlton’s Career suicide bombing via twitter


You  just  got to love crap like this:

In a letter to the Fairfax chief executive, Greg Hywood, and editor-in-chief, Darren Goodsir, the Australian National Imams Council, Islamic Council of New South Wales and Muslim Legal Network New South Wales, among others, said they would boycott the Sydney Morning Herald unless the outspoken columnist was reinstated.

Carlton quit the Herald on Wednesday after being told he would be suspended for the language he used when replying to readers who objected to an article he wrote discussing the conflict in Gaza. The editor-in-chief of the SMH and Sun-Herald, Darren Goodsir, said Carlton had used “inappropriate and offensive language” – not in the column, but in his responses to readers.

In Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald, Carlton’s column was replaced by one by author and columnist John Birmingham.

The letter to Fairfax said the Muslim groups would consider notifying community organisations and spokespersons to cease cooperating with Fairfax journalists for media interviews.

“As representatives of the Muslim community we have always regarded Fairfax to be one the more balanced media organisations in the country and where possible we have co-operated with your journalists on countless stories,” it said.

“But with the resignation of Mr Carlton from your publications we have now lost one of the very few voices advocating for the Palestinian cause in the country.”

A media campaign targeting Fairfax advertisers was also being considered, the groups said.


Lets face it Mike Carlton has always been a rather nasty piece of work in the boorish leftard mould and it was his boorishness that has cause Fairfax to give him the opportunity to resign. He forgot the most important thing in public life which is no matter how nasty your interlocutors may be one has to maintain a certain level of decorum and you certainly don’t publicly abuse them on twitter or any other forum.

As for the threat to boycott Fairfax from the   “the Australian National Imams Council, Islamic Council of New South Wales and Muslim Legal Network New South Wales, et al” I can’t help thinking that the only significant thing about these groups is their overly grandiose titles and inflated notions of their own self importance. Honestly who could possibly care if they won’t talk to Fairfax?  I ‘m sure that the Fairfax editors are laughing into their Lattes this morning at such an impotent attempt at blackmail.

As for Carlton anyone want to give me odds that he will soon be embraced by that leader in apologia for Islam, The Guardian, sooner rather than later? After all it is where all of the otherwise washed up hard left Journos all seem to end up.

Cheers Comrades


Fairfax Woes

Who could fail to be amused that the bastion of leftard journalism better known as the house of Fairfax is in utter turmoil this week end as its journalists go on strike in response to the announcement that 550 of their number are to be made redundant.

In an escalation of the industrial problems at Fairfax, well-known Sydney Morning Herald columnist Mike Carlton was sacked this morning after refusing to file his column.

ABC broadcaster and Herald columnist Richard Glover has written to Fairfax management on behalf of fellow Fairfax contributors, warning they will have to sack him and other contributors if they go ahead with Carlton’s sacking.

“We remind the company that, having set an example with Mike Carlton, it may need to sack all the undersigned if it insists on this course of action,” reads the pledge, published on the strike website, www.fairgofairfax.org.au.

“We believe the company hires columnists on the basis that they have principles. It is wrong to sack them for the same reason.”

Glover interviewed The Sydney Morning Herald editor Alan Oakley on his afternoon drive-time show today and warned Mr Oakley he may not be filing for next week’s Saturday edition.

It will me interesting to see just what comes out in the wash from this throw back to an earlier Age (pun intended) but what strikes me is that the Journos may well find themselves in the same situation as the airline pilots a few years back, where they thought that striking would win their cause when all it did was win them places in the unemployment lines.

Management may well take this as an opportunity to preform root and branch reform to the content and give their reporting the benefit of some new blood free from the taint of the leftist idiom that holds sway there at present.

Strangely a quick review of the offerings from Fairfax this morning does not show any marked decline in the quality of their product so perhaps those Journos are not as indispensable as they think they are. As for Mike Carlton,  who cares?

Cheers Comrades


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