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The Sydney Melbourne dichotomy

Being a Queenslander I find the rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney rather amusing. I have spent time in both cities and it is clear to me that there is quite a difference in the tone and the mood in each. I also find that sometimes a comparison between the two Fairfax flagships  and how they report the same news  can be rather amusing and interesting.

Click to read the Ages's take on the latest Nielson poll

Click to read the SMH take on the latest Nielson poll

The thing is which ever way that you look at it this is a far better result for the Coalition than it is for Labor and I agree with Christopher Pyne’s suggestion that there are many people  are “parking” Their votes with the Greens but that when it comes to crunch time that many will give their support (either directly or as their second preference) to the party that they think can actually govern  rather than to a mob of pie in the sky merchants.

Jimmy Scullen your long wait is over,  Kevin will be joining you soon 😉

Cheers Comrades

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