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Another nail in the coffin for Julia Gillard’s credibility in the AWU scandal?

For those who want to see Gillard’s involvement in dodgy deals  as entirely innocent, well may I suggest that you don’t watch this interview?

For those of us who are enjoying the PM squirming about her involvement in union skulduggery please watch and enjoy.

Cheers Comrades


An expression of secular piety for Jill Meagher

As horrible as the rape and murder of Jill Meagher was  I can’t help but think that this expression of secular piety is rather misconceived:

Why misconceived? Well sadly  its not as if this was an extraordinary rape or murder, the major difference between this and other vile crimes is that there was the hue and cry via social media in the time between her disappearance and the discovery of her gruesome fate. So all of the twitterai  clearly feel invested far more in this case than the sadly too many other cases where women have been abducted, abused and murdered. This social media involvement struck me at the time as somewhat futile. Where were the friends of this women when it came to ensuring that she got home safely? This appears to have been an opportunistic crime and I can’t see how “marching’ is going to make the slightest bit of difference to the safety of any vulnerable person stumbling home form the pub in the early hours of the morning.

The calls for more CCTV  brought a wry smile to this aging cynic as well because it has not raised the usual outcry about civil liberties that. Is usually raised by your friendly minions of the left but then again this victim of crime was one of their own being an ABC employee and all…

The simple fact of life is that we won’t ever entirely remove the threats of sexual predators and the only real prophylactic is to ensure that the vulnerable make very effort to avoid  putting themselves in situations where they are in harms way.

Its  those found guilty of  horrible crimes like this one that deserve a capital sanction but the bleeding hearts who take part in this march are not likely to endorse that even though real justice requires it.

With respect Comrades

Herald Sun intern slips under editor’s fingernails

A well argued piece that I think worthy of wider currency. The young woman was both naive and running with her own political agenda. I disagree with your suggestion that the Herald Sun should have just copped in on the chin and ignored the so called expose.
Cheers Comrades

The media landscape when the sheep begin to meow

As someone who has taken a stick to the minions of Fairfax journalism on a regular basis I find the panic among the Latte sippers rather amusing. Watching Dave and Jezza’s sycophants having conniptions in the soon to be closed Pure Poison comment threads just makes me roll with laughter. The biggest joke of all is this notion of “editorial independence” that is thrown around by the fans of Fairfax with gay abandon as if it means anything worthwhile. In the age of the internet if you want “independent” journalism then you have only one option and that is to turn to bloggers who do it for love rather than “journalists” who write for a pay cheque. I think that the age of professional interlocutors between the political action and the public is in serious decline, especially when just about very person with a fancy phone and an internet connection can upload footage of events in real time well ahead of the professionals who massage the story to suit their own agenda.

Of course I may well be a bit ahead of the wave here and it may be a while before the old media has its machine that goes ping turned off and it ceases to make any money at all for its proprietors so in that indefinite interim we will see some big changes like the takeover of Fairfax  by Gina Reinhardt who I suspect sees the possibility of making a quid out of its digital service rather than its big city mast heads in Sydney and Melbourne. With the move to a more digitally focused service does anyone want to bet that we won’t see more of its journalism being casualised or that they will be paid on piece work basis rather than them being on an expensive salary? Remember though that a casual worker who wants to earn has to try harder to please their boss…

If my scenario is correct, and it could be, what does it mean for the people in terms of them getting  clear and factual information? I certainly don’t think it means that we will be totally at the mercy of Gina’s personal agenda  quite simply because the voices that she sponsors through her  media interests will certainly be a long way short of any kind of a monopoly on the eyes and ears of the people. I am sure that for most of us who are interested in politics these days no longer rely entirely on any one source as it was in the golden age of the newspaper. Therein lies the problem for anyone who wants to make a quid from news and reporting it in world with every person can be the eyes and ears of the world even if its just once in their life time what value is there in paying large amounts of cash for someone to, for example, watch fuzzy wuzzy   twitter and write silly articles that no one wants to read?

I think  that the angst felt by many of my friends form the left at the decline of newspapers boils down to a very simple idea from totalitarians of the past, namely if you control the information that gets to the people then you can herd  them towards your desired ideological standpoint. However if you can’t have a monopoly on their attention because there are so many voices vying for it in the internet age, then  it becomes less like herding sheep and  more like herding cats and anyone who has tried to corral them knows that it is another thing altogether.

  Cheers Comrades

Jo Chandler’s prospects after the axefest at Fairfax

So the axe is going to fall on Fairfax, and form the look of things its going to fall hard, I can’t say that I’m that surprised that they are going to take to their expensive infrastructure and substantially reduce their overheads by reducing their staff by 1900.

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Of course the influence of Gina Reinhardt may even bring Fairfax a bit closer to the centre politically and won’t that set up a wailing and moaning in the latte belts of both Sydney and Melbourne ? One would hope that they hold onto their best journalists but maybe they can take this as an opportunity to shed some under-performing ‘senior writers” Like Jo Chandler. Its very clear   though that there are  writers at Fairfax who are worth reading and its inevitable that Fairfax will consolidate their titles published in different cities into a single entity eventually, after all so much of the content is shared across the empire anyway.

I can’t help wondering just what  Ex Fairfax staff will do with themselves  once they have collected that final pay cheque, after-all in a  shrinking sector they can’t all expect to find new gigs as journalists, some may try the old standby of writing books (that however may result only in failure) others may try to turn their dalliances with the internet into a money spinner but its hard to see how they can make a quid out of that especially if their previous experience on the net was to harass and stalk humble bloggers who happened to disagree with them about politics and anonymity on the net.

Oh well perhaps they need to get some ruby slippers and hope that when the click them together and say “there is no place like home”  and be thankful that they can draw upon their potential inheritance while they dream their Marxist dreams and sip  a Chai latte while avoiding being caught in the rain (because it plays havoc with their hair)

Cheers Comrades

Water woes in Melbourne

I suppose I should count my self lucky on a few counts with this issue, firstly I don’t live in Melbourne, secondly I don’t rely upon reticulated water and thirdly I am not going to have to pay for a useless Desal Plant for perpetuity even though it does not work and its hopelessly late coming on line.

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What amazes me is that that this quango is even contemplating taking time to repay the money it owes its customers for the overcharging, The morally correct thing to do would be to just discount the next bill by the amount that each consumer has been overcharged previously, frankly I tend to think that Ted should just tell the builders of the Desal plant that They can take their energy hungry plant at Wonthaggi and stick it where the sun don’t shine and as they have failed to meet the terms of their contract that they will just have to wear the loss. Essentially the Victorian government should just wash their hands of the whole climate change inspired madness of drawing upon the sea as a source of potable water for Melbourne.

Cheers Comrades

Liam Jurrah; payback may be a bitch but there comes a time when that bitch has to be brought to heel.

For our friends of the left there is a rather strange disconnect between the heart and the mind when it comes to the social  behaviour of our indigenous people. They seem to be willing to accept any sort of nonsense on the basis that its part of “traditional” culture and therefore beyond any sort of criticism. This seems very much to be the case when it comes to feuds that saw the south Australian  government arranging convoys of buses to take people to safety or when a high profile AFL player is involved in serious violence that pertains to the pernicious culture of “payback”.

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The concept of “payback” may have had some value in an older and more brutal epoch but we have to ask ourselves why it should be tolerated in the twenty-first century, for the minions of the left its considered a no brainer because they want to be so inclusive and accepting of indigenous culture however I just can’t see that the cultural practice and its endless cycle of violence should ever be acceptable. The question remains though how can this ancient practice be consigned to the dustbin of history?

As far as I can see there needs to be a two pronged approach, firstly the kid  gloves have to come off and any instances of “pay back” should be universally condemned and punished to the full extent of the law, rather than being excused or ‘explained’  by those who are so vocal on indigenous issues. They   have to find their voices and make it clear that the age of “payback” is over and secondly there needs to be some serious work done on education about what is acceptable behaviour and ways to resolve interpersonal conflicts in our modern culture in all of our schools the churches and our society in general.

Of course its a big ask to try to change a mindset of such long standing and I doubt that it can be achieved any time soon but there is no doubt that without taking those first few steps the destination will be forever unobtainable and there is no doubt that we need to get there.

Cheers Comrades


Air Australia, the death of an airline is a portent for the future


I know that its going to upset the latte sipping class but there is one thing that I’m certain of and that is the simple truth that we are facing the end of “cheap” mass air travel, as the cost of the fuel that powers the planes keeps increasing there is just no way that we won’t see the prices of those tickets to any destination remain affordable to the ordinary people. Companies that try to keep their planes in the air will either have to substantially increase their ticket prices of run the risk  of going out just like Air Australia when they can’t afford to fill their planes:

With this and the news that Qantas is doing even more cost cutting in its maintenance facilities in this country which has seen the premiers of both Queensland and Victoria publicly grovelling in their attempts to see the other have to wear the loss of jobs that will result from this “downsizing”. Its hardly a dignified example of the politician’s role but I reckon that it is something that we are going to see a great deal more of over the next few years as the Air industry declines in the face of ever increasing fuel and wage costs.

There is an upside though and it is this, all of our global warming true believers will be able to avoid the charge of hypocrisy because they won’t be able to afford those expensive and emission heavy overseas holidays instead they will have to enjoy sojourning in places closer to home during their vacations, its not like we lack enough natural wonders or delightful accommodation  in this country to please even the most jaded Latte sipper now is it?

I have seen the future and in it there are far fewer aircraft are flying…

Cheers Comrades


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