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Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and dodgy passports

Relatives of passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 arrive for a meeting with airline officials in Beijing. Photograph: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Relatives of passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 arrive for a meeting with airline officials in Beijing. Photograph: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Now as the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues we have the revelation that at least two travellers on that flight were flying on stolen identities. Now while the report from the Guardian is very quick to down play the the possibility that the plane was deliberately brought down by an act of terrorism. personally I think that at this point in time its a better  than evens chance that the loss of the aircraft is the result of an act of Jihad.


The Malaysia Airlines flight missing with 239 on board may have turned around just before it vanished from radar screens, the country’s air force chief said on Sunday as the government said it had contacted counter-terrorism agencies around the world following concerns over unidentified passengers.

Transport and defence minister Hishamuddin Hussein said officials were considering all possible explanations for the disappearance of flight MH370, adding: “We cannot jump the gun. Our focus now is to find the plane.”

The airline warned families to prepare for the worst as the search widened amid inconclusive reports that debris had been spotted floating in the sea between Vietnam and Malaysia.

At least two people on the plane were travelling together on stolen passports, fuelling concerns about the Boeing-777’s abrupt disappearance in the early hours of Saturday. However, experts said there were many possible reasons for why it vanished and for people to travel on false documents.

Malaysian officials said they were looking at four suspect identities and were examining the entire passenger manifest. Interpol confirmed that at least two passports were listed in its database as stolen and that it was examining other documents.

The international police agency’s secretary general, Ronald Noble, said it had spent years urging countries to screen all passports systematically. “Now, we have a real case where the world is speculating whether the stolen passport holders were terrorists, while Interpol is asking why only a handful of countries worldwide are taking care to make sure that persons possessing stolen passports are not boarding international flights,” he said.


The fact that Malaysia is an Islamic country may well have made its national carrier think that it would be very low on the possible targets list but with the very acrimonious schisms within  Islam I don’t think that we canmake assumptions  like that, besides which the next world superiority over this may have made the possible death of Muslims logistically acceptable.

Secondly despite my utter aversion to flying I do appreciate that modern planes do not just suddenly disappear off radar screens without some sort of communication to ground informing the air  controllers that they have a problem. The there and then gone aspect of this disappearance suggest at the very least   a sudden  catastrophic failure of the aircraft. With a sudden disappearance AND two  passengers using stolen documents to travel on the plane its not looking good for those who want to make excuses for the religion of peace.

Coincidentally My lovely wife organised for us to go on a date to the movies yesterday and the film she picked was , of all things “Non Stop”  which is a film about terrorists on an airliner. Not a bad flick really with lots of twists and turns to the plot, every possible passenger stereotype from the virtuous Muslim doctor, a  to the scared unaccompanied little girl, an off duty NYPD cop, a plucky stewardess. There was echoes of 911 in the reactions of the passengers and at the end a good exploitation of brinkmanship and, as you would expect from an American film an uplifting resolution of the plot. I could not help thinking about MH370 though and that happy endings are easier to find in the reel world. No matter what the reasons for this tragic loss may prove to be, the families and friends of the compliment of MH370 are going to be grief stricken. I for one hope that the cause is found sooner rather than later but I expect with the crash site as yet undiscovered its going to be a rather long wait for answers.

Later Comrades


Things are no longer so simple

Seeking Rudd’s Aussie nirvana

Credit where credit is due as it seems that the message about the futility of seeking asylum via a dodgy boat trip is getting through and that is something of a relief for those of us who have argued long and hard about the problem.


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Lets look at this issue as a whole though, Rudd opened the flood gates that has seen fifty thousand people arrive uninvited on our shores and over the last six years Labor have gone through the full spectrum of denial, blame shifting, failed brain fart ideas like the Timor and Malaysian solutions. Those of us who have argued for the return of the system that worked have been called cruel and racist and more than a thousand people have been drowned seeking Rudd’s Aussie nirvana. Yep its been six years of ALP moral glory and now they undoubtedly expect that the voters should reward them with the fruit of their franchise for fixing the problem that Rudd, in his vanity created in 2008?
Am I the only one who thinks that this is political trickery of the highest order?
I certainly hope not.
But then again there is always the possibility that such dark fortune can be visited upon the nation when you have a slick salesman leading team Labor…

None the less I hope that political Karma pays out on the man and his party who caused the problem and that we as a nation can deliver a nice long sojourn in the wilderness as the just reward to the man and his party who ignored the fundamental principle in politics, namely if it ain’t broke then don’t fuck with it.
Cheers Comrades


Should you buy his snake oil?


Julia Gillard gives us the PS2 when we all know that the PS3 will be better

Julia Gillard declared: ”If people want to put up banners that this is a compromise from the government: dead right – in order to start saving lives.”
Ms Gillard said she wanted the legislation through Parliament by the end of the week.
Julia Gillard: ‘If people want to put up banners that this is a compromise from the government: dead right – in order to start saving lives.’
Julia Gillard: ‘If people want to put up banners that this is a compromise from the government: dead right – in order to start saving lives.’ Photo: Andrew Meares

Its taken Labor five years to finally admit that the Coalition was right about Asylum Seekers and its been five years of utter bullshit from them. Of course Gillard is insisting that her retread of the Pacific solution is the idea of her so called expert committee but we all know that the main function of that little cadre was to give Gillard a way of back-flipping without losing to much face in the process. Not that it matters that much for her political fortunes because she is still in a no win situation on this issue. When the flood of boats slows to a trickle she won’t earn much respect from the public who will quite rightly be reminded of just who created the problem in the first place.

Caucus agreed to the Houston package, after Left MPs’ objections to indefinite mandatory detention on Nauru and Manus were voted down, as was a move by Left convener Doug Cameron for a delay to give caucus time to consider the report. The government agreed to a proposal for caucus to monitor the detention regime.

The panel was set up at the end of the last parliamentary session to come up with a way to break the political deadlock that has rendered the government impotent to act against the increasing flow of boats.

While urging a regional solution, the panel said that a short-term ”circuit breaker to reduce the attractiveness of Australia as a destination” was needed. Legislation for offshore processing was urgent, it said. Mr Houston said the panel had accepted Nauru and Manus because they were ”implementable straight away”.

The panel also said that boat people should lose their access to family reunions under the humanitarian program – which means they would have to take their chances through the family stream of the general migration program.

The report said there were concerns about the protections and human rights aspects of the Malaysia agreement from ”a wide range” of groups and individuals. It called for better protections and a more effective monitoring mechanism.

The panel said of the opposition’s policy of turning boats back that the conditions did not currently exist for it – Indonesia would not accept them and people smugglers had more sophisticated tactics in sabotaging the attempts.

Mr Morrison said the Houston panel had ”green-lighted Nauru and they have red-lighted Malaysia and the people swap in its current form”.

The blueprint from the panel, which included refugee expert Paris Aristotle and former Foreign Affairs secretary Michael L’Estrange, was condemned by the Greens and refugees advocates.

Greens leader Christine Milne said her party would not accept measures that were cruel to people.

Dr Graham Thom, Amnesty International’s refugee spokesperson, said the government’s action showed short-term political gains trumping Australia’s obligations under the UN Refugee Convention.

But Mr Houston said the prospect of further losses of life at sea demanded ”urgent and decisive action ” by Parliament. Since October 2009, 604 people had lost their lives.

Another boat arrived yesterday, with 87 people on board – but they came before the deadline and will not be subject to offshore processing.


Of course the big question is will it stop the flow of boats and the subsequent drownings? I certainly hope it does. No one likes to see the sort of tragedies that we have witnessed on Labor’s watch. Now despite all of the instance that the Australian people did not like Howard’s pacific solution I find it rather satisfying to see that a whopping 87% of readers of the Fairfax piece I quote above endorse PS2. Just imagine what that means when Tony Abbott wins the next election and we can have the bright shiney and much improved PS3! Because any gamer can tell you that the PS3 is far better than the PS2!

Ok puns back in the box how is this going to fly as a means of Gillard countering Abbott’s “stop the boats” mantra?

As I see it playing out its still a lose lose situation for Labor because of it is effective in stopping the boats the Coalition will quite rightly point out that going back to what worked before does not abrogate the responsibility that Labor carries for stuffing up  a system that worked in the first place, and if it does not work as well as they hope then the Coalition can still attack them over its shortcomings or talk about inertia in the Asylum seeker pipeline.

Gillard obviously hopes that it will work and get the issue off the front burner, and she might just get that wish however I doubt that it will be enough to save her from political oblivion at the next election

Cheers Comrades

“We’ll risk death – but not if door is closed’, asylum-seekers say” well I say close the door then.

The opening line of this piece from the OZ strikes me as the best evidence yet that changing the way that we treat those who arrive by sea in those infamous leaky boats is the key to the solution.

We’ll risk death – but not if door is closed’, asylum-seekers say
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The answer is clear. We must close the door and if we want to make a better life for these would be immigrants then lets divert some of the  the money that we save when the numbers in detention decline to helping to create economic opportunities for those in places like Cisarua.

makes sense to me Comrades

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