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This stupid woman who seems to have the road sense of a moth in the night time.


I tend to be pretty easy going about loonies in lycra but this vid just makes me mad at the arrogance  and sense of entitlement of this stupid woman who seems to have the road sense of a moth in the night time.


If you look at the vid just before the crash its absolutely clear that the Taxi has come to a halt its brake lights are very clearly on yet the stupid bitch has such a sense of entitlement that she does not slow down or think that maybe the taxi is stopping to drop off a passenger.  A passenger who would have no chance of seeing her before he opens the door  thanks to the architecture of the car.  It shows just how crazy the pro loonies in Lycra traffic regulations are and that no fine should be payable if a reasonable person could not possibly see an approaching  cyclist and therefore avoid opening a door into their path.

I rode motorcycles for many years and the number one rule is always to ride defensively and the same mindset must surely be applicable if you are riding a bicycle. Clearly this stupid arrogant and excessively entitled woman was not riding defensively, Karma caught up with her, but sadly thanks to lobbying from the noisy cycling subculture they have the weight of the law making them even more arrogant and stupid.

Not amused Comrades


Crash bandicoot culpability, or stickers for safety

I have a certain amount of respect for anyone who cycles for fitness and health but by the same token I am rather unflinching in my belief that as a class of road users cyclist are very often a bunch of unmitigated whiners who want the whole world to bend over backwards to indulge them.  Take the issue of some rather stupid stickers that are being promoted as something to save cyclists from their own stupidity:

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I was a motorcyclist for nearly thirty years and during that time I did my share of “traffic filtering” but I always did it at a most modest pace well aware of the risks that a motorist may at any time do something unexpected. Yet cyclists seem to think that the whole of the motoring public is obliged to bend-over backwards to allow them to behave irresponsibly by riding fast between lanes of traffic on busy city streets. Frankly if cyclists are at risk of running into opening doors and that want the Nanny state to protect them then the solution is to make them stick to the same traffic lanes as cars and to criminalise their mad  traffic filtering behaviour.

I seems to me that a better way to save cyclists lives with stickers would be to provide “kill stickers” like those added to fighter planes to remind the Loonies in Lycra that they disrespect the dangers of the roads at their own peril and that ultimately the person responsible for their safety on the road is themselves rather than the innocent motorist who just happens to open the door of their car while some lycra clad  loonie  is treating the space between traffic lanes as their own private race track.

Cheers Comrades.

Getting close to cyclists

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Some cyclists are nicer than the others

Generally I have a live and let live attitude to my fellow road users and I try very hard to be laid back even when they do things that deserve my ire. Its an unfortunate fact of life though that cyclists are one class of road user that I tend to think are more often contemptible than virtious when it come to the way that they share the bitumen with the rest of us. Its their arrogant disregard for the road rules that pisses of so many motorists. Things like ignoring red lights, riding more than two a breast and blocking the roads to faster traffic by doing so that gets up my nose. Now they want the nanny state to create more unenforceable laws that favour them.

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Frankly,I can see no way apart from a massive increase in video surveillance that any legal instrument such as this could be workable,especially when cyclists can and often do wobble from side to side by a good half  of a meter when they are trying hard. There are already enough incentives not to hit cyclists with your car. Firstly panel work is expensive, secondly blood is not something that you want to have to clean off your family wagon, thirdly as these loonies tend to fly in flocks so if you hit one you run the risk of their pals getting belligerent if you clip one in passing. The risk of getting a ticket for passing too close to one of these luvvies? That is no disincentive whatsoever to the very natural desire to send them into orbit when they follow their usual and very   annoying behaviour.

Cheers comrades
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Naughty or criminal? making excuses for cyclists who ignore the traffic act

There is very little that upsets motorist more than seeing cyclists flagrantly ignoring the aspects of the traffic act that are an inconvenience to them. Running red lights or riding on the footpaths are everyday offences by loonies in Lycra and something that I think undermines the notion that cyclists are virtious creatures.

Pavement politics ... a naughty cyclist. Photograph: Paul Broadbent/Alamy

In possession of the £30 penalty and continuing my journey, I did not fume about the police officer’s behaviour. He had politely parroted his script, but knew full well that he was positioned at one of the borough’s best traps for generating maximum cyclist cash while being in no danger whatsoever of coming face to face with a genuinely antisocial pavement cyclist. It was far too early for hoody-wearing teenage boys to be out, weaving between prams and toddlers and shouting into their phones.

It may be an unpalatable truth for some, but there are reasons why cyclists opt for the pavement. Fear of motorists’ behaviour is one and although I empathise I believe the place for cyclists is the road – the more of us in the road the better behaved drivers will have to be.

The second, significant reason for pavement cycling is obstructions in the form of irrationally designed road traffic systems that keep us from riding directly toward our destinations. Chief among these are archaic one-way systems. Who knows how many of these beasts from the recent past exist on this island. Far too many. They may mildly annoy motorists, who sometimes despair about petrol and time being eaten up as they are forced to travel miles in lieu of yards. For cyclists, these complex gyratories are physically and mentally tiring – eating up calories, consuming far too much of the day’s muscular strength, and conjuring up mental images of hamsters and wheels.

Doesn’t it make you somewhat sick that cyclists want to be immune form the laws that apply to other road users? Of course to our friends from the left will defend this flagrant law breaking on the basis of “necessity” just as the writer from the Guardian does but in reality if they want to be seen as virtious from an environmental point of view then they will have to show a great deal more respect for the traffic act as well.

Cheers Comrades

Yikes is this the future of two wheeled travel?

Click to see the bike in action

This is a post for my urban readers who are getting so uptight about the lack of public transport, I would be a bit concerned about Tram lines though.

Cheers Comrades

and yet another hat tip to Len 😀

Marathon man

I have to say that I have the greatest admiration for anyone who can physically do what Tony Abbott did yesterday:

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott starts the cycling leg of the Ironman Australia competition in Port Macquarie. Picture: Nathan Edwards Source: The Daily Telegraph

Experts say Mr Abbott is likely to wake feeling mentally strong today after the gruelling effort of yesterday’s Port Macquarie Ironman.

The 52-year-old Opposition Leader crossed the finish line of the 226km Port Macquarie Ironman race in 13 hours 57 minutes and 1 second. His split times were: swim 1:27:21, bike 6:43:06; and run 5:28:02.

I bet that the minions of the Labor Party are wondering just how they can counter the positive message that Tony’s performance gives to the sports mad voters who respect the ability to run, swim or to throw things more than any of that namby pamby intellectual stuff….

Respect Comrades,
much respect.

Driving a “Silver Green” car

According to recent study from DuPont, only two percent of new vehicles built in North America in 2007 were painted green.

Green was even a less popular choice than yellow, which accounted for three percent of manufacturers’ colour choice.





Toyota RAV4 Sport

Toyota RAV4 Sport

Mini Convertable

Now if you were an upcoming young(ish) barrister  with an affiliation to the Australian Green party what sort of new car would you buy? Would you go for the sporty 911 (in green) or perhaps you would make a statement about road safety  by buying a Volvo. Heck,  you may think that a green Golf GTI would be the go, after all a VW is the people’s car.  Perhaps you would furfill you secret desire to be all macho with a 4WD RAV four, telling all and sundry that you have bought it for those sunday drives in the bush, or even a new Mini convertable (because the Germans have actaully made them better and you don’t think that a Mini is a” girly” car at all ).

Then again you might just  go all the way and prove just how devoted to the Green cause you actually are by getting an example of the ultimate Green car , that is light weight, environmentally friendly and that gets the very best gas mileage possible*

Cheers Comrades

*40g of mung beans to the kilometre

Still, will they enforce it?

RUN a red light on a bicycle – $231 fine.

Find below a table of some new fines for traffic offences in South Australia and take particular note that they have made it a specific offence for cyclists to ignore red lights. This of course begs the question about enforcement.

The changes were printed in the South Australian Government Gazette on September 25 last year. However, neither the Government nor police have further publicised the changes.

A police spokesman said it was a motorist’s responsibility to keep up to date with road rules.

It will now be an offence to:

DRIVE with a person or animal on your lap – $95 fine.

RIDE a motorcycle with an animal on the petrol tank – $95 fine.

TAKE children under the age of eight as pillion passengers on a motorcycle – $83 fine.

RIDE a motorcycle and sidecar with the passenger not seated safely, with $83 fines applying for both rider and passenger.

RUN a red light on a bicycle – $231 fine.

DRIVE on a safety ramp or arrester bed to avoid a hand-held stop sign – $231 fine.

MAKE a U-turn across certain dividing lines – $248 fine.

DRIVE in a tramway – $158.

STOP on a painted road island – $54.


I wonder just how the police down there are going to be able to know who the offenders actually are unless they make the effort to physically catch them,in the act so to speak. Because for some strange reason Loonies in Lycra are not required to fit or display any identifying numbers on their machines.  Maybe it would be a good idea for the future.
Or we could just authorise the use of lethal force against cyclists who run red lights, hmm, maybe that would be going just a touch too far but it could be an effective deterrent to a group of road users who seem to so often  ignore red lights.

Cheers Comrades

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