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Mel Brooks made me do it


I have heard of all kinds of cute defences dreamed up by lawyers to defend the indefensible but this case must qualify for some sort of prize of the most unbelievable ones.

A medical student who tried to give an 11-year-old boy a “penis massage” will be allowed to undertake pediatric training as part of his degree after a Brisbane judge spared him a criminal conviction.

Defence counsel for Pakistani-born Shakee Mirza, 27, this morning suggested the would-be doctor may have been inspired to touch the boy’s genitals after watching sci-fi comedy film Spaceballs.

Mirza, a University of Queensland student in Australia on a study visa, was charged in February last year with attempted indecent treatment of a child.

( Source)

Come on now it is ludicrous to claim that “Mel Brooks made me do it”? It is not, however, ludicrous that this chap has been let off so lightly, I agree with the boy’s mother about the court’s decision.

Outside court, the boy’s mother said the lack of a recorded criminal conviction meant Mirza could keep his blue card – or security clearance – allowing him close contact with children.

“We’ve now placed our community at high risk,” the woman, who cannot be identified, told the media.

“I definitely feel he should have been stripped of his blue card, because the blue card allows him to become a doctor and a pediatrician.”
( Source)

Ah but when have the courts ever taken such things seriously enough? I know that we have shortage of doctors but do we really want any doctor that is not absolutely above reproach treating our children?
Cheers comrades


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