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Muslims must reject jihad

Pat , as usual, spells out the only way that “moderate” Muslims should behave in a civilised society and it saddens me greatly that they are unlikely to do as he suggests.

Cheers Comrades



Julian Assange’s complaining lungs

That hero of the left seems to be unhappy about his health and the accommodations at the Ecuadorian embassy, at least that is the latest spin from the Guardian:

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Am I the only one to think that this is the same sort of old and tired ploy that some holiday makers at Club Nauru are playing? You know say that this place is making you sick to garner sympathy in an effort to get what you want?
If Assange is well enough to use a treadmill then he can’t be that ill and in any event he always has the option of leaving the embassy and surrendering to the British authorities who will be more than happy to transfer him to Sweden where I hear  that they have some top notch health services for those with complaining lungs, heck if things get real bad they might even consider transferring him on to the USA where they have the best medical facilities that money can buy and a clear willingness to consider him an honoured guest within some very secure accommodations that promise very long tenure and even free legal advice…

What more could this boy from my part of Oz possibly want?

Cheers Comrades

On Julian’s Christmas list?

Le boxer noir

I just love this little piece from Gerard Henderson in today’s SMH :

Ah its the old politics of identity and our friends from the left seem really intent upon having a monopoly upon who can call themselves this or that. Frankly the sooner we remove any and all  largess that relies upon any sort of racial qualification the better this nation will be in terms of social harmony. Then it will be of no consequence if anyone wants to call themselves “aboriginal”, Immigrant or gasp even a Londoner. Because it simply won’t matter where anyone comes from what will matter is who you are now and if you are in need. Then it should be your need and not your ethnicity that matters to qualify you for any largess and assistance of  from the government.

Cheers Comrades


Gee another plot from the same religious brand that brought us 911, London 7/7 and the Bali bombings…

Police seized a number of items from the properties, including a USB memory stick containing violent extremist materials, computer equipment, registered firearms and fake firearms.

“The Muslim community will blame the federal police because they publicised this,” Mr Omerdic told reporters outside the Noble Park mosque.

“Maybe they find nothing, and from one stupid man, everyone will (be) poisoned. And now, especially humble women and children in schools will be pointed out.”

Asked about the items seized, he said, “Everyone has CDs, everyone has a mobile phone, recorders, everyone is using technology today.”

Mr Omerdic called on the AFP to apologise for its handling of the raids.

“The federal police, they should come out in front (of) camera … they have to say they’re sorry (for) what’s going on, (and) next time if they’re going to raid, to raid without journalists, without cameras,” he said.

“They’re going to damage the minority Muslim community.”


Don’t you just want to puke when they start running this sort of line about “fear of a backlash”? On a day when we have just heard that a mob of Islamists have just  murdered the American ambassador to Libya? What about the fear and loathing felt by ordinary Australians inspired by plotters such as these?

Sigh Comrades, sigh

Count me out on compulsory sport

As the Olympic Games draw to a close I am thankful to have managed to have been able to resits watching any of it on the TV. Of course watching any news report has been problematic but I have been able to let most of it go right past me which has preserved my sanity and saved me from the angst that  the sports obsessed must be feeling at the so called lacklustre results produced by the current crop of Olympic athletes.

The recriminations have already started and I find the attitude  John Coates truly disturbing:

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During my own time at school I loathed sport and I would skive of school every sports afternoon even though it meant a very long walk home. Now more than forty years later I am at best ambivalent about any sort of sport either as participant or as a spectator and I can’t believe that anyone would suggest that our young people should be forced to provide employment for the fascist slave masters who seek to vicariously find the “success” that they can no longer achieve on their own. Its just plain evil in my book and insulting to the spirit of our democracy.

Cheers Comrades

Say no to Sports Porn

The Olympic games are already beginning to annoy me and they have not even started yet, to be honest I find this modern global pissing contest incredibly dull. What with idiots screaming “racism” when they don’t make the cut and continual “gee ain’t we great ads” on the TV I am really wanting the whole thing to be over. All that I can say is thank God for DVD Box sets  and the PS3! and praise the local Library service for having so many DVDs in their catalogue.

All right I know that there are some real sports tragics out there so I am interested in how much of the Games hype has got you salivating and clearing your schedule so that you can make the most of the eight dedicated pay TV channels devoted to these games. Sorry guys but this song won’t leave my head:

Cheers Comrades

When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio…. Another boat sinks with as many as 90 feared drowned

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This is a sad example of just why the Age and Fairfax in general are so biased. I ask you on what planet is a tragedy 200k north   “near” to or “off” Christmas island?  Its nearer to Indonesia and within its rescue zone but you can bet London to a brick that the usual suspects will be rushing to insist that we should immediately fly all survivors to Australia and put them up at the Hilton before they are all given a fast track to t residency every other economic reason that led them to their foolhardy voyage …

That said who has blood on her hands here?

Hint she is enjoying the delights of Rio at present…

with respect for the dead  Comrades


Julian Assange loses court bid against extradition

Well I am pretty sure that our friends form the left are going to be fuming and fulminating about this piece of news:

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Of course what I expect to happen is that once he gets to Sweden the USA may well seek to extradite him to face charges, but really why would anyone expect that The USA would just meekly shrug their shoulders and accept their classified information being published by WikiLeaks? Of course they are going to want to bring the this man to face the consequences of his use of the stolen information.
Does that make the USA right or wrong here?
I don’t know to be honest but the fact that the Uber-left is so in love with this man and his website makes me tend towards suggesting that no hole is deep enough for Assange.

Cheers Comrades

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