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Progressive racism

Of course Pat is right on the money about those “progressives and their patronising  racism being the reason that they are so keen to defend or ignore the evil done in the name of Allah.



Progressive” used to mean socially enlightened and forward looking. Now it’s just another word for a creepy liberal racist.

Good piece by Nick Cohen on liberal racists and the harm they do

Liberal intellectuals are frightened of challenging Islam’s honour-shame culture

Muslim opinion polls: Challenging the “tiny minority of extremists” myth


Cheers Comrades



Call and Response

Kevin Rudd (labor@australianlaborparty.emailnb.com)
5:44 AM
To: Iain Hall


I just finished officially launching Labor’s election campaign in Brisbane. You might have watched on TV or followed along online. I hope you are proud of our strong campaign so far and ready for the days to come.

You supported our campaign, and I thank you for that. But this campaign is far from over, and I need to ask for something specific now.

Can you donate one more time?

This election is there to be won if we work hard until the end.

There are two election campaigns happening. One is being reported by the pundits and on the frontpage of the tabloids. That the campaign is already over, and Tony Abbott is already as good as in The Lodge. But there’s another campaign – the real campaign, where we have had thousands of donations, just like the one you gave, and where thousands of volunteers are making calls and knocking on doors. If we keep focussed on fighting that campaign, there’ll be an upset on Saturday.

As voters think about the brutal cuts to the bone that Tony Abbott has planned, they are thinking again about their vote. We’re seeing it across the country. We have a strong argument for the closing week: Labor builds up education, health, our nation’s infrastructure; the Liberals cut, they tear down. It’s a good message because it is true.

In my launch speech, I talked about the work we all need to do this week That work will cost money. It will be strongest if we can club together. Please make a donation of $5, or whatever you can afford.

I am proud of the campaign we are running this country together, and I am grateful for your work.



to which I Replied

  • RE: What we’re focussed on:‏

Iain Hall
7:04 AM
To: Kevin Rudd

Dear Kevin
Thank you for your email however I feel that in the light of the record of  the Labor Government over the last six years that either donating to the party would be a foolish thing to do. you see I have been profoundly disappointed by both you personally and the whole ideology of the party in general.

Worse yet  you seem to be following precisely the same path as the one trod by Anna Bligh in the last days of her government and frankly if you want  to do a truly good service to the Australian Labor Party  you will try to conduct your self with good grace as you make your way towards the defeat that you have so richly earned,
Maybe the ALP will be fit to govern again in the future but I fear that iot may well be something that I will only see in my dotage.

Iain Hall

A change of direction for the Sandpit

Some regular readers may be wondering why I have been quiet for a couple of days well the answer is simple enough the silence is due to yours truly taking some time to reconsider my entire political philosophy. No longer will this blog be endorsing the Coalition at the next election,  after due consideration I have decided that Labor really deserves a chance to achieve greatness and that there is only one way that they can do that and that is if Julia Gillard is re-elected on September 14.

This was the email message that finally did the deed for me:

Dear Iain,

As someone who has been an economist for more than 25 years, including almost 13 years with global banks, I’m sick of the misinformation campaign being run by the Liberal Party and sections of the media about the Australian economy.

Let’s have a debate on the economy, for sure, but let’s make sure we stick to the facts.

This morning it continued with a beat up in the tabloid press misrepresenting Australia’s modest debt.

The fact is Australia’s net debt is dramatically lower than the net debt levels for every single major advanced economy.

Our current net debt is 10 per cent of GDP, compared to around 80 per cent for the USA and the UK, and around 35 per cent for Canada.

Labor made a choice to support local jobs during the GFC, a choice many countries around the world didn’t or couldn’t make. And as you can see on the graph below, they will be paying a very high price for many years.

Australia’s debt is so low, it has the rolled gold triple-A rating. Interest rates are low and our economy is the envy of the industrialised world.

Join the thousands of people taking a stand against misinformation who’ve already shared this graph on Facebook. Just click here or on the graph below and then share to help spread the truth. Basic indisputable facts.


Listening to the Liberal Party you’d think they hadn’t voted against the measures that kept Australia out of recession in the darkest moments of the GFC.

It’s fair to say that if the Liberal Party had their way we’d have gone into recession, more Aussies would be out of work and we’d have higher debt.

Stephen Koukoulas

How could I continue to endorse Tony Abbott  after reading  a message like that?

We need to have the Australian Labia Party holding the keys to the lodge to finish the great job that they are doing for the country and without the steely resolve of their great leader Julia Gillard the nation will be lost to the evil forces of the Murdoch media, big coal, rampant capitalism, forced conversion to the catholic faith, and the the evils of Workchoices MK2 .

Cheers indeed Comrades

English: Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gil...

Gillard’s “Climatechoices” begins today

Well July 1 has dawned and of course the sky has not fallen in with beginning of Gillard’s Carbon tax regime but rather than marking the beginning of something good for Labor  what it really means is that Labor have jumped into the political waters with a huge weight around their necks and while they may furiously paddle their arms, legs and mouths defending this new tax regime I am absolutely certain that that weight is going to drag them down sooner rather than later.

  I am reminded of the way that Liberal supporters tried to defend the greatly unloved “Workchoices” they put up a valiant defence and even though some of the ideas of that scheme had merit it had enough downsides for it to never get the unequivocal endorsement of the public. In the end despite being an otherwise competent government it was Workchoices that did for John Howard’s government.  With The Carbon tax Labor have created their own  electoral suicide pill.

  Of course there are some aspects of the mish-mash of changes that Labor have disingenuously  rolled into the Carbon tax bills, like raising the tax free threshold which is something long overdue  but I don’t think that they will be sweetening the political cyanide enough to save this country’s oldest political party from oblivion at the next election.  As I see it after their resounding defeat at the next election it won’t be homosexuality that will be “the love that dare not speak its name” it will be any mention of the Carbon tax. The few Labor members that remain will all insist that they always had reservations or that they only ever supported it because they had to in the name of party solidarity. Some will blame the Greens and the new leader of the opposition may even insist that it is “dead buried and cremated“.

Like the Howard government did with Workchoices Labor have over reached here with this tax especially in the light of the “there will be no Carbon Tax under a government that I lead”  lie form Gillard prior to the last election. The sad thing is it was an entirely unnecessary back-flip because had she insisted when seeking the support of the Greens and independents that a Carbon tax needed the mandate of the people at the next election then she would have started off in a far better place.

Ah well, she is now reaping what was sown and we will see a flurry of hype from both sides of politics either denouncing  or defending the Carbon tax. The true believers on both sides have already made up their minds and they will switch off to some extent but the swinging voters who hold the nation’s future in their hands are going to be convinced that the Carbon tax is evil every time they see prices rise, even if those rises are due to something else. which is precisely why Labor will be the losers in the long run

  Cheers Comrades

The state of play

Although my friends from the left will denounce this as pure spin from Andrew Bolt I think that in fact this is a reasonable acessment of the state of play at this point in the election cycle .

Leader – John Howard vs Kevin Rudd. Even so far. Experience vs freshness. Worn and worried vs untried and inexperienced.

Treasurer – Peter Costello vs Wayne Swan. Clear advantage to the Liberals. Swan barely registers. Labor has no story to tell on the economy.

Health – Tony Abbott vs Nicola Roxon. Advantage to the Liberals. Abbott may be a bit bruised, at least personally, but remains very personable, savvy and media smart. Roxon is pleasant and competent, but still lacks weight and experience.

Environment – Malcolm Turnbull vs Peter Garrett. Clear advantage to the Liberals. Environment is an issue that runs Labor’s way, but the party is in trouble with its spokesman, who will frighten the uncommitted with his seeming zealotry, yet has ironically disappointed the pure with his compromises. And despite my earlier disparagement of Turnbull, his  recent media performances have improved out of sight, making him seem much more informed and reasonable than his opponent, who seems scared of what he might say in debate.

Industrial relations – Joe Hockey vs Julia Gillard. Even. This should be a winner for Labor, but Hockey is a good salesman for the Liberals. Gillard seems better informed, and better able to master a brief. But Hockey seems more reassuring and far less ideological. He seems the kind of bloke who will give you a hearing even if he disagrees with you. If Hockey gets better on top of the detail, he’ll shade Gillard, whose drawbacks are far more personal – and therefore harder to fix.

Education – Julie Bishop vs Stephen Smith. Small advantage to Liberals. Bishop often seems as plastic and programmed as a TV commercial, and can sound strident when she pushes beyond her comfort zone on the culture wars. But she’s on top of her portfolio and calming, and Smith, decent and informed though he is, just cannot get the TV cameras to film him in any color but grey.

Foreign Affairs – Alexander Downer vs someone or other.

– Brendan Nelson vs Brendan Nelson. Advantage to the fiercely well-informed Nelson, but the melodramatic Nelson could still destroy him. Labor’s Joel Fitzgibbon won’t have anything to do with the contest one way or the other.

Industry – Ian Macfarlane vs Kim Carr – Advantage to the Liberals. Yes, Macfarlane has bumbled around these past days under questioning on who told him what on nuclear power plants, but one look at Kim Carr, the Socialist Left firebrand, will be enough to make any voter think Macfarlane is the man to look after their job. True, this isn’t a key matchup, but, gee, the Liberals would like to make it seem so.

– Nick Minchin vs Lindsay Tanner. Even. Shy, nice guy meets self-deprecating, nice guy. Both can add up.(source)

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