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Peter Dowling , the plonker in the plonk and personal ethics

We have a fine tradition in this country of  understanding that what a political player does in private with their privates is not of necessity any reflection on their ability to meet the requirements of their office. With that in mind I just can’t get excited about the silliness committed by Peter Dowling . Yes the idea of sending pictures of your penis in a glass of wine is a bit of a larf but is it really a scandal?

Lets look at the facts, firstly the woman involved was a consenting adult , secondly as far as we know there were no breaches of the criminal law  by Dowling, thirdly after the affair  was over the woman spurned has made public the indiscreet pictures.

If there has been a failure of ethics here I would say the guilty party here is the woman who has broken the tacit agreement involved in any relationship  that intimacies will remain private .  That includes silly pictures sent between lovers because I can’t help thinking that the salacious pictures would have been only coming from Dowling  if they were the erotic currency of the affair (it is to his credit that he has not splashed pictures of the woman’s girly bits all over the media)

Finally lets remember that its not only conservative pollies you play away (Bob Hawke, anyone?)  its inseparable from our humanity and our sexuality that human beings fall in love (or lust) and the simple fact is that its not a conscious choice and that people in love do silly things. People spurned in love do even sillier things.

Cheers Comrades


Justice Rares hands down judgement countersigned by AG Nicola Roxon in the Peter Slipper James Ashby matter

Well here is an opinion of the Ashby/Slipper matter that is somewhat different to the one offered by Ray in the previous post at my Sandpit The author makes the same argument that I was suggesting in my comment to that post. Namely that the summary judgement is politically motivated and it is likely to be over turned upon appeal.
Cheers comrades


Kangaroo Court of Australia

Justice Steven Rares has handed down a summary judgement accusing James Ashby of abuse of process, his application being politically motivated and using the proceedings to defame Federal MP Peter Slipper. This is hypocritical of Justice Rares to the extreme.

Rares judgement is clearly politically motivated and he abuses his position as a judge to defame numerous people who were not party to the proceedings thereby denying them natural justice.

What Justice Rares says about Ashby and others (Click here to read Rares’s judgement)

I have reached the firm conclusion that Mr Ashby’s predominant purpose for bringing these proceedings was to pursue a political attack against Mr Slipper and not to vindicate any legal claim he may have for which the right to bring proceedings exists

I am satisfied that these proceedings are an abuse of the process of the Court. The originating application was used by Mr Ashby for the…

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Congratulations to Mal Brough the new LNP candidate for Fisher

Mr Abbott is the odds-on-favourite to win the next election and is already under pressure to promote a bevy of rising stars to the frontbench. But none of his existing frontbenchers has indicated a willingness to step aside and the jostling for the spoils of victory has already begun.
Apart from the recently minted NSW senator and former right-hand man to John Howard, Arthur Sinodinos, who is certain to be promoted, others in line include Scott Ryan, Jamie Briggs, Simon Birmingham, Paul Fletcher and Kelly O’Dwyer.
The former West Australian Liberal treasurer, Christian Porter, is also set to join federal Parliament and will be expecting rapid promotion.
Mr Brough was elected in 1996. He entered the ministry in 2001 and the cabinet in 2006.
(click for source)

While the minions of the left struggle to find reasons to describe the coalition as evil incarnate they are in fact being offered some very hard working and dedicated talent in the candidates that have been chosen to stand for the party at the next election. There is an interesting contrast between the ALP and the coalition here. At the last state election our oldest political party struggled to get enough people to pull on the ALP jersey as candidates and they struggled even more to get anyone to man to polling stations (only one very depressed chap on the verge of tears at the one I voted at) Yet on the conservative side we have just seen a very spirited competition result in Mal Brough winning the pre-selection for Fisher, The Phil Coorey piece I cite above seems to be missing the point that its better to have lots of talent to draw a ministry from than to have too few in your team that are worthy and able to take a seat at the big table.

Cheers Comrades

Well done Mr Newman

As a supporter of Civil Unions for same sex couples I was a little concerned that the declaration that a LNP government would scrap the hastily created Civil Unions act in Queensland because it seemed to me to be a wrong decision. Fortunately as it turns out Newman has found a way to amend the legislation to create a compromise that we can all live with.

click for source

Of course the so called “equal love” zealots like Rodney Croome or our learned friend are going to be horrified and they will see this as a retrograde step but they don’t really like the realities of democracy anyway. No, putting the the zealots to one side this decision is a sound and sensible one that protects the interests of couples without offending those of us who believe that marriage is a profoundly heterosexual institution that does not need reform. Well done indeed  Mr Newman

Cheers Comrades

“Larvatus Prodeo’s Last Post” or another one bites the dust

Its with some sadness and wry amusement that I discover that another blog is going quietly into the long goodnight. and unlike the one that Ray and I saw disappear the other week this one was actaully not that bad bad any standard, it was always a creature of teh left and quite often as silly as any blog of that persuasion but it also sometimes published interesting and thought provoking pieces in a very grown up style. During the last year or so it has lost heart to some extent driven by the failure of the Labor governemnt here in Queensland and the imminent failure of Labor at a federal level seems to have emasculated its willingness to critique politics in this country, what can a leftist say when those in power are of the left and fucking things up at every level? there is only so much excuse making that can be done before a profound depression sets in and that is what I think has happened at LP. Anyway check out the excuses made for its closure from Mark Bahnisch :

Of course I had to put in my two cents worth:

Heck they even let it promptly out of moderation, something that they often failed to do for dissenting comemnts.

Anyway here is the most apt song that I can think of in the light of this news.

Well I suppose that it jusrt means that those of us with more staying power in the blogging game will just have to step up and provide the topics and the venue for debate about the issues that matter.

Cheers Comrades



Lets thank Campbell Newman for saving us from dreary poetry

As regular readers will have gathered I actaully like the craft of writing,  In this craft, like all forms of creative writing, you learn what works to get your message across and you learn that by having a direct interaction with your readers, rather than having what you write filtered through an editor or a publisher. You see what I am circling around is the issue of “literary awards” and their role in the writing landscape. I have been inclined to think about this because Campbell Newman has just announce that he is scrapping the Queensland Premiers awards with an annual saving to the budget of nearly a quarter of a million bucks. Of course the response to this from the literati has been to denounce this as the act of a philistine:

Click for source

Personally I think that poetry per se is very over rated and that apart from aspiring members of the literati nobody reads poetry at all these days. The exception is of course the poetry of songs and songwriters. I bet that if you ask “Jane Bloggs” on the street to recite a poem from memory you will draw a blank but you ask her to tell you the lyric to a popular song and she will be close to  word perfect.  Of course the cultural elites look down their noses at mere popular music yet that would have to be the only form of poetry that makes any kind of an impression on the people or makes  quid these days. So perhaps we should acknowledge that Campbell Newman is doing we Queenslanders  a favour by scrapping the awards and allowing a rather useless forms of literary expression  slide into the obscurity that it so richly deserves

    Cheers Comrades




Oh happy Queensland day

Over a few glasses of a ten dollar Merlot I watched the Rout of Labor last night and it was a great way to end a great day that started with me voting. What I found extraordinary was the fact that Labor were not even able to rouse more than one person to man the Dayboro booth and boy did I feel bad for that guy he was a man on the edge of tears in anticipation for the result that we all new was coming. Its people like him that I feel for today. those shattered ALP faithful who have been utterly destroyed by a result that could see less than ten Labor held seats in the new Parliament. As Ray will undoubtedly say this could be a  bad thing but I think that for the first term at least we are going to see a government that understands and appreciates the value of humility . In any event due to the fact that we have only one house of state parliament here in the sunshine state any majority, even a one seat majority, gives the governemnt of the day unfettered power to run things as they please.

So as I watch the sunrise I am now more than ever happy to live in the sunshine state secure in the knowledge that the result here will send a shiver down the collective  spine of Labor Party and maybe, just maybe, they will realise the folly of some of their mad policies (like the carbon tax), sadly I suspect that they will carry on regardless in which case I expect to be enjoying another few glasses of Merlot as the Gillard crew are as soundly trounced at the next Federal election.

  Cheers are just not enough Comrades

That is  especially for my brother, a believer in more ways than one


Some happy music for a great day, or Bye Bye Bligh!

Well the sun has come out after a week of wet and dreary days and I can’t help thinking that there is something most apt about that, given that we go to the polls today which will means the end of what has proven to be a very bad government. We all know that they are going to lose very badly indeed, the question is  who will try to lead the ALP survivors out of the political wilderness? I can’t help wondering if Anna Bligh is hoping that she will share John Howard’s fate and conveniently lose her own seat so that she won’t have to endure the torture and shame of being a member of   that depression club that will be the Queensland  Labor parliamentary party room (meeting place, a phone box in George street)

Cheers indeed Comrades



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