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Joe Hockey – the most deceptive, dishonest & arrogant Treasurer in our history

(by Ray Dixon – not a “poor person” just a fairer [and more honest] one than Hockey)


Joe Hockey’s “poor people don’t drive cars or don’t drive far anyway” disproved – by FACTS.

The truth is out there and Joe Hockey knew it all along. He lied about the figures.

Or, at the very least, he misrepresented the truth and did not use the data (the more relevant data) that was at his disposal, which is the same thing as lying – by omission.

Joe Hockey clearly deceived the public with his ludicrous claim that high income earners were the group “most hurt” by fuel excise increases.

Hurt? They’ll hardly even notice it.

In fact most high income earners don’t even care how much they pay for petrol and don’t need to.

Joe Hockey deceived the public. He is a disgrace and should resign.

Here are the real FACTS:

 … as a proportion of gross income and weekly spending, fuel bills hit lower-income families harder.

Census data and research from independent experts shows that people on lower incomes have enough cars and drive far enough to feel the impact of raising the fuel tax more than those on higher incomes.

Mr Hockey’s statement is misleading.

The other key and relevant point that’s been overlooked in all this is that Joe Hockey’s “high income” earners mostly do not even pay for their own petrol.

It’s paid by their employers.

Who then go and claim it as a tax deduction – ie an effective 30% rebate. The employer also claims the 10% GST as a credit. Same goes for many self-employed and business owners.

Whereas lower – middle income earners cannot generally make any such tax claims and just wear the full price. Plus excise. Plus GST.

Joe Hockey is the most deceptive and arrogant Treasurer this country has ever seen. He even surpasses Costello on that score … and that’s quite a feat!

He has to go.

LNP to change name to the LSD & P party? – the party for Liars, Swingers, Drunks & Pornographers

Vote LNP, the party that "can't keep its hands above the waist".

Oh dear, here I go again getting up to my neck in what is fast becoming a national joke – the Queensland State election. Look, if it wasn’t so funny I wouldn’t bother but, give me a break, how can you let this latest news – that an LNP candidate has been caught out lying about his involvement and direct ownership of a pornographic website – go by without comment?

LNP leader Campbell Newman said his party will investigate claims by the Bulletin that Gold Coast LNP candidate Mark Boothman ran a soft porn website.

The Bulletin and goldcoast.com.au broke the news of yet another sex scandal involving an LNP candidate this morning.

The Bulletin revealed Mr Boothman is the registrant, administrative contact and technical contact for DarkOsiris.com, before he was preselected to run in the seat of Albert.

From 2003 to 2008 the site featured pictures and videos of naked women and sex scenes. It promoted “hot sex scenes” and had links such as “Control Your Bitches”, “So much porn” and “hot teen”.The website also contained a restricted adult section and a Da Osiris Club restricted to “VIP members”.

Mr Boothman initially denied involvement with the site when contacted by the Bulletin last night but later said he had carried out design work on DarkOsiris.com “for a TAFE friend”.

(BUT) When he was told the website was registered in his name with his contact details, he admitted he had a connection to it.

He certainly had more than “a connection”. The Bulletin has confirmed that Boothman was the registrant, administrative contact and technical contact for the porno site and that he ran it from 2003 until he was recently endorsed by the LNP for the Gold Coast seat of Albert – a seat the LNP had ‘pencilled in’ as one they would take from the ALP. Maybe not now?

Gee, that makes three seats where the LNP (sorry, the LSD & P party) might yet snatch defeat from the jaws of victory:

1) Broadwater: Two former Broadwater LNP candidates were forced to step down because of breaches of what the LNP described as their party’s strict standards. Last month the party disendorsed its second Broadwater candidate, solicitor Cameron Caldwell, for attending a swingers club four years ago. Mr Caldwell had replaced the party’s original choice Richard Towson, who was dumped after he was caught drink-driving.

2) Ashgrove: Where Campbell Newman himself trails the sitting ALP member following revelations of his dubious dealings with property developers.

3) Albert: And this one’s a cert – it’s too late to replace Boothman!

Someone once told me something about these kind of organisational stuff ups that I’ll never forget. It holds true in so many cases, be it personal, corporate or political:

  • Once is an accident.
  • Twice is a coincidence.
  • Three times is a habit.

You could also add ‘Three strikes and you’re out’.

Well, maybe they’re not out just yet but, the way it’s going, poor little (very little) Campbell Newman – the man who admits he “can’t keep his hands above the waist” – might yet lead the LNP to an inglorious defeat.

Advice to Anna Bligh: Just say nothing. Don’t campaign. Don’t even advertise. Stay home or go on a holiday … and let the LSD & P party destroy itself.

Ah Queensland, controversial one day, a riot the next.

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