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Not Leigh Sales’ job to save Labor

Its long been my opinion the Twitter and many of the popular Lefty blogs are just as you suggest full of delusional fools who are totally myopic about politics. The saddest thing is that they really believe the crap they are peddling and they bend over backwards to abuse and attack personally anyone who does not agree with them that Tony Abbott is the political Anti-Christ.

Drag0nista's Blog

I’ve written before that Twitter has become an unexpected school of politics, providing a unique forum for people with less knowledge of our civic processes to learn from those with more. When those discussions are taking place, Twitter is vibrant and all-embracing democracy at its best.

Well, Wednesday night was NOT one of those times.

Over a particular 24 hour period Twitter demonstrated just how aggressively puerile it can be. And in spitting their dummies in ever-lengthening arcs, partisan tweeps missed the point altogether.

The event in question was the long-awaited interview by 730’s Leigh Sales of the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 12.02.27 AMThe interview was long-awaited for two reasons: it had literally been quite some time since Sales had last interviewed Abbott. The Leader of the Opposition’s team had clearly been keeping him away from “hard” political interviews, choosing instead to conduct photo-opportunities with limited questions from the…

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