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Dear Green Fiends, an introduction to the leadership of the beloved leader, Christine Milne

Dear Green Fiends,

Today, we celebrate the extraordinary electoral confusion caused by Bob Brown, who last week was forced to leave our party room as his extra-terrestial comments were even too much for us.

Under Bob’s leadership, the Greens have grown from a small band of delusional people with one lone representative in the Senate into a party of zealots hell-bent on destroying our economy and reducing our living standards.

We have over 10,000 cultists and 1.7 million misinformed voters misrepresented by ten Feral MPs. These MPs are advocating for and delivering action to build a better future for all of us. All of us in the Greens Party Room, that is.

Bob’s sacking is both a moment for derision and celebration. It is also a gift to the party and an opportunity to stop pussy-footing around and get on with the real job: turning Australia into a socialist state, ready for inclusion into the coming world government.

Now is the time that demonstrates that the Greens Party has a far greater sum of loonies than other parts of the political spectrum.

I am honoured by the trust my Party Room colleagues have shown in me by electing me as the new Leader. I know it’s been said that I come across as a beady-eyed, whiny shrew, but really, would you prefer Sarah Hansen-Young leading the party? Or Lee Rhiannon? I am after all the experienced gardener, which makes me more than qualified to dictate national economic policy.

I am looking forward to working together with Adam Bandt, the new Deputy Leader, at least until he loses his seat at the next election, to ensure that these witches don’t get their green thumbs on my job.

This is an opportunity for all of us to think about how each and every one of us can advance green thinking, green policies and promote the Greens as the only party at the beginning of the 21st century which recognises that protecting the environment is far more important than feeding, clothing and providing a good quality of life for people everywhere.

It’s up to all of us.

There will be those – those who understand that the Greens are a rabble of fringe dwellers – who will use the opportunity of Bob’s forced retirement to try to destroy us. They will claim that the Greens are nothing without Bob. This is our moment – your moment – to demonstrate that the Greens represent hardly anybody in the cross section of Australian society, except those who support the politics of envy.

Joining or supporting the Greens is an ill-considered and misguided choice. We lack pragmatic convictions, instead we are tampering with the very bastions of society. The institution of marriage is on our hit-list. Gay marriage must be recognised and exulted above all other relationships. Freedom of speech is next, as recent court cases have shown. Only views that agree with the Greens will be allowed.

We are also working towards a zero carbon economy. We haven’t worked out how to make wind turbines without coal but the fairies at the bottom of the garden will no doubt take care of that. If it means turning the lights out, so be it. North Korea seems to be doing quite ok having Earth Hour all night, every night.

To that end, I’m asking each one of you today to stand up proudly as a Green and to candle-light up your networks with messages about why you’re a Green, how you became a Green, and how you can prevent others from making the same mistake.

Never before have we had such a critical moment that demonstrates that the Greens Party has a far greater sum of loonies than other parts of the political spectrum.

Yours in bewilderment and confusion,


What an asset to the Greens Lee Rhiannon is turning out to be!

Lee Rhiannon, image from Green Left Weekly

Seriously folks if the Greens want a future in Australian politics they have serious problems if far left rat-bags like Rhiannon are their candidate of choice. You really need look no further than the company that she keeps. Or look at the way that she is so prominent it that organ of extremism “Green Left Weekly” where a search reveals that there are no less than five pages of links to pieces that reference her. Further as the Oz points out she has been on the same stage as one of the most denounced bigots in this country :

The company she keeps

When asked by The Australian if she had spoken alongside Sheik Hilali at the first rally, Ms Rhiannon said: “I did not appear with Sheik Hilali as you state.

“I did not see him or hear him speak. I was not aware that he was at the rally. I reject The Australian’s attempt to associate me with controversial views held by Sheik Hilali. I condemn Sheik Hilali’s comment comparing women in casual clothing to cat meat. I oppose all forms of racism, bigotry and sexism.”

But shown the media reports, Ms Rhiannon clarified her movements on June 1, saying parliament had been sitting on the evening in question. “We jumped in a taxi to go down there and as soon as we got there, we were put on to speak,” Ms Rhiannon said. “I did not see Sheik Hilali.”

Shown the photograph taken on June 5, in which she is marching about 2m from the Sheik, Ms Rhiannon did not deny her presence. “I was not alongside Hilali and the photo shows I am not alongside Sheik Hilali,” she said. “The rally was about Gaza and that’s why I went along.”

Ms Rhiannon’s difficulties in distancing herself from Sheik Hilali follow criticism of the NSW Greens during the recent state election for their support of a boycott of Israel. The issue contributed to the defeat of the Greens candidate in Marrickville, Fiona Byrne, after Ms Byrne made contrary comments on whether she planned to introduce the boycott into state parliament, if elected.

Ms Rhiannon later claimed the Greens needed to explain the policy more forcefully and was carpeted by federal Greens leader Bob Brown, who called the policy a “mistake”.

I know that some of my Green readers may well be in that large Egyptian river here but it must be obvious to any one who cares to look that getting Rhiannon in the the senate may well turn out to be the a huge mistake for the party because she will serve to prove all of peoples’ worst fears about the extremism of the party correct. I would suggest that readers go back to this guest post here at the sandpit to see that it is not just conservatives like me who has concerns about the party and its direction it is ordinary members as well.

Cheers Comrades

A Commo in the ranks makes the Greens a real worry for Australia

Greens senator-elect Lee Rhiannon outside the NSW Greens office in inner-west Sydney yesterday. Picture: Jeremy Piper Source: The Australian (click for link to story)

If you want  a good example of just how bad the Greens are for this country you need look no further than the senator elect in the picture above, an Anti-Semite◊  ex-communist* supporter of terrorism# who wants this country to boycott the only real democracy in the middle east, Yep, those Greens are a just  barrel of laughs and a wonderful example of moderation and good sense^ .

The thing about endorsing the participation of women in politics is that they are just like men in one important aspect and that is a certain proportion of them are going to be nut jobs, ratbags  or idiots at each end of the political spectrum, Lee Rhiannon is in many ways just like that other woman seeking a seat in an upper house and to be frank neither should be allowed near control of a dog, lest that poor  dog be subject to uncontrolled wagging by an ideologically driven tail.

Cheers Comrades

◊Oh I know that she will insist that she is an “anti Zionist” but we all know that is just code for hating the Jews
*Are they ever free of the pernicious influence of Karl Marx?
#To endorse the Palestinian cause is to endorse the methods they have used in their fight with Israel and that has far too often been the bomb and the missile aimed at civilians
^Sarcasm: no one believes that the Greens are either moderate or possessed of any good sense
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