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This a a great post that highlights all that is sad and depressing about the Labor Party. Why on earth does any party try the “smear” strategy when they are their arses politically? It never works and all it does is devalue the brand of ANY party that goes down this route. Far better to keep your dignity by playing a straight bat to the voters and then losing with good grace. That way when you begin the long climb back into power you are not starting from such a low base and you won’t face such disgust and disdain form the voters or such a long period in the political wilderness.
Cheers Comrades
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Anna Bligh admits that the smear campaign has absolutely no factual basis

Sadly for those barracking for  team Labor (Queensland  division) yesterday Anna Bligh finally admitted that there is absolutely no basis or foundation to the smear campaign that Labor has been trying to get going against Campbell Newman.

Now if you think about it for just one minute you will see that with that one small admission Anna Bligh has just sunk the  (minuscule) last desperate hope that Labor had to retain office. What It means is that from now on every time that Labor runs one of its smear Newman ads the public are going to remember that Bligh admits that they are baseless and instead of shoring up Labor’s vote those ads are going to be a positive for the LNP!

Politics Queensland style!

Beautiful one day and delightful  the next!

Cheers Comrades
PS a big hat tip to Bing Bing for finding the vision

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