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Well this is Christmas and Julia is more naughty than nice

Over the last couple of months the usual suspects have been rather heartened by Labor’s improved position in the esteem of the voting public  which has seen them standing stronger because they have obviously thought that Labor had the smallest hope of being returned at the next election, A perfect example of travelling in hope I suppose the latest news poll however will give them a reason to be depressed again though.

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I just makes me think that maybe this should be Labor’s theme song:

I know what Julia wants for Christmas but her problem is that the voting Santas have mostly  put Julia on the Naughty list and that means a lump of coal rather than the present of their vote….

Cheers Comrades


Union corruption, Gillard and the Labor party

The Labor Party is a creature of the Union movement so how can we trust a Labor government to make  the reforms to union governance that both the AWU and HSU scandals clearly demand?

Gillard has only one honourable course of action here and that is to fall on her sword But my guess is that she will try to bluff and bluster her way through the last sitting of parliament for the year today in the hope that the issue will be lost amongst Yuletide celebrations. I can’t help but wonder just how joyful Brother Number One is at the woman who knifed him now  enjoying such close proximity to her own petard?

Cheers Comrades

the Labor Party dilemma

There are actually quite a few Labor thinkers that I admire and respect and Lindsey Tanner is one of them so it will surprise no one that I cite him today from his piece in the Fairfax press:

There are three fundamental factors that have made modern Labor what it is.

The first is affluence. Our aggregate level of wellbeing, taking into account wealth, income, opportunity, personal security, environmental amenity, health, life expectancy and recreation, is probably higher than it has ever been. It is hardly surprising that much of the sting has gone out of Labor’s historic mission – redistributing wealth and income to ordinary working people – when many of those people are among the richest citizens in a globalised world.

The second structural factor that has changed Labor is the emergence of serious competition on the left of the political spectrum. As the focus has shifted from material concerns to more abstract issues of environmental degradation, international co-operation and human rights, the Greens have prospered at Labor’s expense. While our record on such matters has generally been good, the Greens can always outbid us because they are not weighed down by the need to deal with material concerns and to win majority support in order to form government.

The third fundamental shift is the emergence of a distinct class of political professionals, who now heavily influence the Labor Party. This group is extremely adept at the mechanics of politics, but largely uninterested in its purpose. Continuous interaction with our toxic media has magnified its innately self-serving, cynical approach to politics.

In previous times when Labor has been weak, it has been sustained by grassroots idealism and the institutional strength of the trade union movement. If we find ourselves out of office all around the country in a couple of years’ time, we will have very little to fall back on. Rebuilding needs people, resources and purpose.

There is only one way to deal with this challenge: a complete root-and-branch rethink about why we exist. What is our purpose? What is it we are seeking to achieve? When our answers to these questions no longer contain the empty shibboleths of a bygone world and vacuous appeals to defeat the conservatives, we’ll know we are on the way back.

This is the essence of the task facing the Labor party and its actually rather sad that it will be facings its own demons without straight shooting clear thinkers like Lindsey Tanner.
Cheers Comrades

Dear minions of the left, an early morning rant

You lot all have one profound similarity and that is in your confirmation bias telling you that  Abbott is evil incarnate and that he will surely stumble so badly between now and the election that Gillard will be able to slip back into office by default. In the immortal words enunciated in the Castle “yer dremin”. Due soon is the budget update and does anyone want to lay odds on the budget being in the black? It would be only the brave or stupid who honestly expects that mythical surplus to appear .
Even The Newman factor won’t save you as the government here winds back the severity of its cuts. The boats keep coming and no amount of pie in the sky social schemes are being believed no matter how noble the idea may be. And now on top of that Gillard has once again proven what a liar she is by back-flipping on the promise to Oakshott and the Greens about a referendum on indigenous “recognition” in the constitution. The alternative bill proposed is just window dressing and it  won’t win Gillard any cred with the voters either. You all seem to think that Tony Abbott is in strife here when the reality is that  its Gillard and Labor who are still in a deep electoral hole and rather than climbing out they are  furiously  digging deeper each day. The defeat of those two Gay marriage bills means that the misdirection of that issue is over and now with one less fringe issue to distract the people from Labor’s performance the voters are going to have lots more time to weigh up the virtues of Labor in power and no amount of “look over there, wasn’t Tony a bad boy when he was at uni “ is going to save Gillard from the humiliation of defeat at the next election.

Cheers Comrades

Farce is actually too mild a term to describe this symbolic bunch of fools

The latest body blow to Labor’s “clean energy future” should be enough for the voters to see what a huge and pointless folly the whole tax on carbon enterprise is, was and will for ever be. Firstly they had to throw out their floor price and now they have given up on the idea of buying out cola fired generation to “reduce pollution”. Farce is actually too mild a term to describe this symbolic bunch of fools who currently hold the treasury benches in the house.

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Talk about incompetent! So now Labor will be obliged to take this Ponzi scheme to the next election with it not even appearing to be at all functional as its designers claimed it would be . What a disaster for Labor! Oh I expect that they will produce lots of rhetoric about “evil big Coal” conspiring to wreck the planet but the reality is that its Gillard who is the wrecker here. She and this hopeless Ponzi scheme are wasting government resources at such a rate of knots that it just about beggars belief. All the while we are repeatedly told that the government is short of a quid.  Yesterday thanks to may friend Matt Hayden’s tweet  I read a most illuminating essay in the online version of Quadrant which posited the notion that we are on the tail end of the politics of reform and that essay was mercilessly critical of Gillard’s  Carbon and mining taxes:

We live in an age of bureaucratic capitalism, driven by grants from government boondoggle money-pools like Australia’s $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation. The charms of such state capitalism are irresistible for some but its business models are dismal. In this, as in so much else, the time of the Gillard government in office proved to be a kind of bad Hegelian comedy. The consequence of so many of its policies was the direct inverse of what the government intended. It couldn’t take a trick. As all children understand, that is the essence of clowning. One of the many ways the Gillard government managed to slip on its own banana peel was to promise to turn vast swathes of the seas that are under Australian jurisdiction into marine parks. This was a stunt designed to curry favour at the 2012 Rio talkfest, one of those innumerable, interminable ecological rent-seeking lobby events loved by the frequent-flying global bureaucratic activist class. The stunt presupposed that fishing is not allowed in marine parks. Strike one for marine conservation, then? No. Australia imports 70 per cent of its fish. That percentage will only rise when more fishing is outlawed in restricted zones. The perverse effect of this is that Australia will then simply import additional fish from countries that “strip mine” their own fishing jurisdictions. Strike one for green ideology; strike out for the fish.

As green ideologies have flourished in the past twenty years, self-defeating actions of this kind have multiplied. Green creeds fill the space that socialism and social liberalism once occupied. In their wake they have induced a global industry of professional moralism, pseudo-religion, cod-mysticism, political pandering, bureaucratic pocket-lining, and media pretentiousness. It is impossible to overstate the silliness of the whole show. If you took the dumbest things that management, science, and religion ever said, and spliced them together, you would end up with ecological social “thought”.

So rather than the collapse of communism leading to the end of ideology, instead we got the rise and rise of junk ideologies, especially preening green thinking. Green ideology was an effusive, fatuous kitsch mix of pseudo-science, New Age spirituality and officious morality that aligned perfectly with bureaucratic sloganeering and rent-seeking businesses. Green policy offers a vaguely plausible surround filled with piffle. So it is no surprise that the Gillard government’s carbon dioxide tax was a manifesto of silliness. It was not just wrong or questionable—it was harebrained. Even many of the ministers in Gillard’s government looked embarrassed by it.

In the long history of silly taxes, the tax on carbon dioxide was a world-beater. In 2012 when Australia made its unique contribution to the genial history of comic government lunacy and enacted this tax on a harmless gas, carbon dioxide, it culminated twenty years of the global green lobby insisting that the end of the world was nigh because the planet was warming. The problem with their argument was that the planet was not warming (it hadn’t since 1998) and even if it had been the net global effect of that warming would have been beneficial, and even if warming was a bad thing (which it is not) reducing carbon dioxide emissions by taxing Australia’s emitting industries would have zero effect or (at most) an infinitesimal effect on planetary temperatures. The tax on industries that emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere will raise at least $24 billion over three years. The tax will drive up industry costs (energy costs in particular) in the order of billions of dollars. Yet it will have no beneficial effect whatsoever. The principal negative effect of the tax will be felt most by low-income groups, the traditional constituency of the Labor Party.

How it is that the least well-off are slugged by a Labor government is easy to explain. Today Labor policies are designed by high-income moralists. This group came to dominate all left-of-centre parties after the ideology of socialism collapsed. The moralising class of affluent tertiary-educated activists, bureaucrats and rent-seekers stitched together post-industrial “values” with welfare economics. Under their watchful eye, regulatory green tape expanded along with entitlement claims. In the global semi-boom years of the 1990s and 2000s, the fictitious wealth of the era made the wonky alliance of industrial and post-industrial statist policies vaguely serviceable. After 2008, the alliance was rendered kaput by economic reality. So then began a new comedy. The Gillard government enacted a mining tax in order to find the money to subsidise low-income families for cost-of-living rises driven by the functionally useless but ideologically imperative carbon dioxide tax.

     Its a sobering picture  for we conservatives who have been horrified by the desire of minions of the left to constantly tinker with just about every aspect of society and culture even when the things that they want to change are actually functioning   reasonably well, You could find no better example of this then the so called Gonski “reforms” to education. Its clear to me that what Gillard is seeking to do is to do a “carbon tax” number on Eduction, making huge and far reaching changes that may well have perverse outcomes that make the eduction of our young people qualitatively worse while increasing the size of academia to produce those ” more qualified teachers”, teachers who will have “benefited ”  from the indoctrination from those dinosaur lefties currently in our universities. We need to face the fact that the aspiration that every young person should find a place in tertiary education is madness. All that it does in so many cases is delay the entry of so many young people into grown up society where they can contribute to the future for themselves and the country.

Now there are some rumblings suggesting that Gillard might try to go early to the polls probably with the vain hope that her fine sounding promises on education and disability insurance might shine a favourable light on her administration. Well they might just do that but it won’t be enough to dispel the shadows of her clear failures in just about every other policy that has been introduced by this terribly incompetent government.

Cheers Comrades

Can Labor serve its own interests by preferencing the Greens last?

I have been predicting for ages that the Labor party will bite the bullet and decide to preference the Greens last at all elections and especially federally well it seems that the game may at last be afoot as this report in the OZ suggests:


Now if they actaully follow through with this idea they may stand a chance of doing two things, firstly they will regain their autonomy and secondly they will go a long way  towards re-earning the respect of the voting public who see them as a dishevelled dog being vigorously wagged by a militant and totalitarian green tail. It will all be a vital part of their reinvention during their long sojourn in the political wilderness.

Cheers Comrades

If a Labor rout is the best that they can hope for should they get it over with ?

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In the game of politics there comes a point when no amount of “cleverness” is going to save a governemnt and its not at all surprising that The Gillard government continues its slide into political oblivion. If Labor was ever going to get a bounce from the showering of government largess upon the public it should have been evident by now. Sure some of the ALP faithful will be insisting that its the day that the money hits people’s pockets that will bring some bounce for this beleaguered regime but I don’t think that it will because in the age of EFT magically making money appear in your account even large deposits can easily go unnoticed.

The way that Labor’s fortunes are going they had better go to the polls soon while the swing is  only 8% because the longer that they wait the worse things seem to get.

Here is a left field idea just imagine that Craig Thompson decides that he has had enough of being the most hated man in parliament and he finally does the right thing and resigns his seat bringing down the whole rotten edifice of this very bad government. Gillard and Labor would be spared the whole  shallow pretence that they could win the election and they try instead to save face by fighting a clean campaign free from the “Abbott Abbott Abbott”  scaremongering……

OK some of that scenario is unrealistic but the way things are going it may just happen

Cheers Comrades

Oh happy Queensland day

Over a few glasses of a ten dollar Merlot I watched the Rout of Labor last night and it was a great way to end a great day that started with me voting. What I found extraordinary was the fact that Labor were not even able to rouse more than one person to man the Dayboro booth and boy did I feel bad for that guy he was a man on the edge of tears in anticipation for the result that we all new was coming. Its people like him that I feel for today. those shattered ALP faithful who have been utterly destroyed by a result that could see less than ten Labor held seats in the new Parliament. As Ray will undoubtedly say this could be a  bad thing but I think that for the first term at least we are going to see a government that understands and appreciates the value of humility . In any event due to the fact that we have only one house of state parliament here in the sunshine state any majority, even a one seat majority, gives the governemnt of the day unfettered power to run things as they please.

So as I watch the sunrise I am now more than ever happy to live in the sunshine state secure in the knowledge that the result here will send a shiver down the collective  spine of Labor Party and maybe, just maybe, they will realise the folly of some of their mad policies (like the carbon tax), sadly I suspect that they will carry on regardless in which case I expect to be enjoying another few glasses of Merlot as the Gillard crew are as soundly trounced at the next Federal election.

  Cheers are just not enough Comrades

That is  especially for my brother, a believer in more ways than one


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