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Kevin Donnelly and caning the truth

I was interviewed yesterday on 2UE – talking about school suspensions and punishment. I noted that one or two school across Australia allowed corporal punishment and agreed that if the school communities approved I did not have a problem (related to those one or two schools).

Reports in today’s press like that below are totally wrong and guilty of misrepresenting what I said. When referring to the phys’ ed teacher at Broady High over 45 years ago – I said those days of physical punishment are long gone. But, then again, never let the truth get in the way of a good story. To say I backed calls for corporal punishment to be reinstated is an egregious mistruth.
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Herald Sun
CHILDREN should face physical pain – such as from the cane or strap – if teachers want to effectively discipline students, the head of the Abbott government’s curriculum review believes.
Kevin Donnelly has backed calls for corporal punishment to be reinstated across Australian schools, amid fears other discipline styles are too weak and let students relax and avoid classwork.

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Just goes to show just how keen the leftist media are to demonise conservatives that the wall to wall reporting so misrepresents what Kevin Donnelly actually said about corporal punishment had I not been his FB friend I too might be saying What the fuck Kevin?

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Kevin Donnelly vs “buggery 101”

One of the sadly amusing aspects of the way that our society views sexuality is the rather desperate way that so many “gay rights activists want to insist that all aspects of human  sexual practice are “natural” and therefore should be absolutely affirmed by society and by extension our education system. Surely it all boils down to precisely how “natural” is defined and its the definition that underlays the piece in today’s Fairfax press that attacks Keven Donnelly for committing the heinous sin of suggesting

‘Forgotten is that many parents would consider the sexual practices of gays, lesbians and transgender individuals decidedly unnatural and that such groups have a greater risk in terms of transmitting STDs and AIDS.”

In the eyes of the “politically correct” it is the worst sin imaginable to be in any way critical of the sexual practices of gay people and the worst possible sin is to claim or imply that such practices are “unnatural” . While I and most other parents are more than ok with the idea that our children should be taught that there is a great deal of diversity in the way that human desire and sexuality is expressed there is no need to pretend that everything done in the quest for sexual pleasure is “natural”. It should be enough for students to learn that the primary consideration when it comes to any sexual activity between any individuals is that it has to be entirely consensual, we don’t have to pretend that there is anything “natural” about some types of sexual congress because homosexuals want to have their desires and sexual practices socially  affirmed. 

Yet the social engineers of the left just won’t give up on “buggery 101” until it is front and centre in every classroom and they will attack without mercy anyone who might dare suggest that some sexual practices are anything but natural. Thus we find Fairfax dragging out the cudgels to bash Kevin Donnelly just because he points out the widely held belief that not all types of sex are entirely approved of by the parents out there. The politically correct teaching unions of course think that they know better than parents but they forget that its not their place to dictate what is taught to our children. That is the prerogative of parents; teachers are both our servants and proxies in the teaching process not our betters or our  masters and they clearly need to be reminded of this fact.

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