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Well this is Christmas and Julia is more naughty than nice

Over the last couple of months the usual suspects have been rather heartened by Labor’s improved position in the esteem of the voting public  which has seen them standing stronger because they have obviously thought that Labor had the smallest hope of being returned at the next election, A perfect example of travelling in hope I suppose the latest news poll however will give them a reason to be depressed again though.

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I just makes me think that maybe this should be Labor’s theme song:

I know what Julia wants for Christmas but her problem is that the voting Santas have mostly  put Julia on the Naughty list and that means a lump of coal rather than the present of their vote….

Cheers Comrades


“There is absolutely no margin for lying.” or Julia Gillard big wedgies and the preaching of the newly converted

I am sincerely glad that I no longer have to make excuses for the once admirable Labor party as I did in my younger days when I gave them my vote. Now when I hear Julia Gillard’s latest attempt to sell herself to the public on the basis of Labor being ” the only party that will put the needs of workers ahead of the very rich”*  I find myself reaching for an a medicine to stop me throwing up. Especially when the slogan is repeated more than once in a single interview (like Sunday’s “Meet the press” on TEN) Gillard is about as convincing as one of Gerry Anderson’s puppets when it comes to delivering any sort of idea to the public. We can all see the strings Julia and like those puppets Julia is entirely made of wood. Worse still that wood is clearly showing that even its grain is false, rather like that very cheap and nasty plywood panelling that was very popular in the 90’s. To think that any sensible person would vote for this woman to lead the country at the next election is just laughable yet that is just what the party movers and shakers are stuck with because they must simply feel that to change leaders now  would be too big a back-down . Obviously the strategy now is to go for the all in bet on a bluff and hope to hell that the people will not call the bet. I don’t particularly like Mark Latham but its very hard to disagree with what he says here:

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“There is absolutely no margin for lying.” has surely to be the inscription upon the tomb of the once great Labor party which has gone from a party run by and for the working class who had actaully had a life and real experience in the workplace to a party run by the university educated party apparatchiks who have only every worked for the party, who have never known what it is to be an ordinary family living an ordinary life, to be the sort of person that the party is supposed to be representing. This is where the Likes of Gillard with her background in the law fails to resonate with the Labor voters who have decided that they have voted Labor for the last time like they did here in Queensland just a few days ago. Its really a bit like religion this loyalty to a political party, people hang onto their faith for a very long time and they truly agonise about leaving that nice safe congregation but once they make the leap of faith elsewhere they stick to that new choice even more strongly that they did to their original faith. Further they become rather loud voices denouncing the party that they have so recently abandoned, Its why the phrase “there are none that preach as loudly as the newly converted” was coined to describe the phenomena. So this is Labor’s dilemma how do they change the leader to someone that they can convince the public to vote for or failing that how can they limit the damage so that the climb back from the dark pit of political oblivion is even possible within a reasonable time frame?

Cheers Comrades

Germaine Greer and body-shaming

I actaully think that this post is rather misconceived because even though Kim Powell has the vision from the Q&A included in the post she miss reads the the clear intent of Greer criticise Gillard’s fashion sense (or lack there off) rather than her bum. In fact what Greer says is clearly saying that there is nothing wrong with having a big bum, the stupidity that Greer is highlighting is Gillard’s repeated choice to wear tight jackets that are best described as being “badly cut” and they are definitely too tight. Of course anyone may dress as they please and our Prime Minster is no exception, but in the age of the electronic media and constant video vision why should the PM’s awful jackets and they way that they fail in their perceived intention of down playing Julia’s bum be any less noteworthy than Tony Abbott’s “budgie smugglers” or bicycle shorts? The fashion choices of the rich, the powerful and the famous have always been the subject of chatter, sarcasm and gossip and long may it be so, precisely because it is important that someone should help them retain their humility by reminding them of their vanities and conceits.

Cheers Comrades

the news with nipples

Germaine Greer is a professional shit-stirrer. She wasn’t the only feminist in the 70s (and onwards) yelling loudly about the need to treat women like real people, but she was one of the loudest. And for that, Australian women owe a lot to her. (Even those who think feminism is bad.)

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t call her on it when she body-shames someone. We should always call people on that shit.

Here’s the footage from Monday’s QandA. Everything she said up until 1.16 was great. And then, well, that’s what this post is about:

(Miranda Devine illogically says that Greer’s comments mean ALL FEMINISM IS A SHAM. But that’s what News Ltd pays her for, and I don’t pay very much attention to her. Check out Clementine Ford on that one.)

Greer is not a perfect feminist. I don’t think there are perfect feminists and we…

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