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From the dustbin of history

I am somewhat amused by the reinvention of public personas  and this is one that  I could not fail to notice. When one of the worst PMs in living memory was indulged to an hour and a half of soft interview on the ABC It was impossible not to notice that those horn rimmed spectacles have mysteriously disappeared. Suggesting to me that they were always an artifice intended to make  Juulia gillard look more serious and to create a feeling of greater intelligence :


Before political execution

After political execution by her own party

After political execution by her own party

Well as she is in definitely into chip wrapper territory now I can’t help wondering how long the feministas will continue to celebrate her frankly deleterious period in power? Its ironic that for all their talk of  gender equality and so forth that those of the feminist tribe seem awfully keen on  judging a woman in politics entirely on the contents of their underpants rather than their ability to do the job with skill or rigour.

Cheers Comrades


The loneliness of the long distance looser

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Cheers Comrades

Six years of laughter

The thing about the last six years of frankly awful government is that it has given us some great humour and I for one will miss the way that comedians like Anthony Ackroyd took the Piss out of Kevin Rudd. This vid is a pleasant revelation into the process of satire and comedy writing and no matter which side of the fence you are on it is worth a viewing.

Cheers Comrades


Daring to dream the perfect dream

There would be something truly delicious if the  the New Again Dear Leader were to lose his own seat on September 7 as polling in the Guardian suggests is possible:

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I would think that If I were an elector in Griffith I would be mighty pissed off about Rudd failing to front up to a candidates debate in his own electorate. It shows rather disgusting arrogance and its proof that he is taking the voters in his own seat entirely for granted and if there is one thing that turns voters off its being taken for granted, Then again this could be a calculated effort from the New Again Dear Leader to deliberately loses his own seat so that he would not have to resign after the landslide. That is a scenario that I would not doubt knowing the practice that our New Again Dear Leader has had over the last three years he spent undermining Gillard. Rudd is a one man conspiracy and his whole strategy has been about his ego and what could be more humiliation for the New Again Dear Leader than losing the election and retaining his seat? The upside of him losing his seat would be a large saving to the tax payer as a by election would not be necessary…

Hopefully the New Again Dear Leader’s snub will be enough to make that saving and we will finally be rid of this loathsome man and his over inflated ego.

Cheers Comrades

Newspoll: Rudd On Track For Landslide Defeat

 Kevin Rudd's voter support has fallen to a record low in the latest Newspoll. Source: The Sunday Mail (Qld)

Kevin Rudd’s voter support has fallen to a record low in the latest Newspoll. Source: The Sunday Mail (Qld)

As I have felt for a while I see Labor federally following the same script as the Bligh government exited under up here in Queensland. If I may be as bold as to suggest that the land slid will be of the same sort of magnitude as well and if that is the case it will take the greatest type of discipline for an Abbot government to resit the call of hubris and over reach, however I think that Abbott has a real desire to retain office for a long time and I hope that desire will steady his hand far more than closer numbers in the parliament would.

Labor’s primary vote, at 34 per cent, is now at its lowest level since Mr Rudd removed Julia Gillard as prime minister and the Coalition’s primary vote of 47 per cent is at its highest during the same time.

Primary support for the Greens dropped from 11 per cent to 9 per cent as Mr Abbott spent much of last week campaigning against minority government, ruling out doing a deal with the Greens and challenging Mr Rudd to follow.

On a two-party-preferred basis, based on preference flows at the 2010 election, Labor’s support has dropped two percentage points, to 46 per cent, and the Coalition’s support has risen to 54 per cent.

Labor is now facing a four-point swing away from it since the last election, which would cost the government at least 14 seats if the poll were held now and the swing was uniform across the nation.

The latest Newspoll had a larger sample size and the margin of error, normally three points, dropped to just more than two points, giving greater accuracy.

Acknowledging Labor’s dire position in the polls, Finance Minister and campaign spokeswoman Penny Wong said yesterday that if the election had been held on Saturday, “Mr Abbott would be prime minister”.

While polls in specific seats have shown big swings against Labor, the worst trend for the government has been a sharp decline in the popularity of Mr Rudd and counter-rise for Mr Abbott.

Voter satisfaction with Mr Rudd dropped four points to 35 per cent, and dissatisfaction jumped six points, to 54 per cent – the worst personal support Mr Rudd has ever had as prime minister and just below when he was dumped three years ago.

Since Mr Rudd’s high point in voter support after his return in the first week of last month – 43 per cent satisfaction and 36 per cent dissatisfaction – voter satisfaction has fallen steadily by eight points and dissatisfaction has jumped 18 points.

Mr Rudd’s net satisfaction rating is -19, compared with +7 at the beginning of last month.


Cheers Comrade Yale

Seeking Rudd’s Aussie nirvana

Credit where credit is due as it seems that the message about the futility of seeking asylum via a dodgy boat trip is getting through and that is something of a relief for those of us who have argued long and hard about the problem.


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Lets look at this issue as a whole though, Rudd opened the flood gates that has seen fifty thousand people arrive uninvited on our shores and over the last six years Labor have gone through the full spectrum of denial, blame shifting, failed brain fart ideas like the Timor and Malaysian solutions. Those of us who have argued for the return of the system that worked have been called cruel and racist and more than a thousand people have been drowned seeking Rudd’s Aussie nirvana. Yep its been six years of ALP moral glory and now they undoubtedly expect that the voters should reward them with the fruit of their franchise for fixing the problem that Rudd, in his vanity created in 2008?
Am I the only one who thinks that this is political trickery of the highest order?
I certainly hope not.
But then again there is always the possibility that such dark fortune can be visited upon the nation when you have a slick salesman leading team Labor…

None the less I hope that political Karma pays out on the man and his party who caused the problem and that we as a nation can deliver a nice long sojourn in the wilderness as the just reward to the man and his party who ignored the fundamental principle in politics, namely if it ain’t broke then don’t fuck with it.
Cheers Comrades


Should you buy his snake oil?


Thrift-shop Rudd

Ray has been rather fond of suggesting that I keep watching the polls since the Rudd revival show began and like a dutiful friend I have been doing just that. To be entirely francis  I have been a little concerned that the Rudd euphoria may be sustained for longer than I, as a conservative, would like. Each new poll lauded by the true believers has made me rather worried that this shambolic government might just mange to con its way back into office, a prospect that I consider to be  a disaster for the country. Thankfully my watching the polls has been made worth while by the latest Newspoll   in today’s Oz:

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From my perspective that is a beautiful set of numbers, it could of course be better but it does suggest to me that Labor have already peaked and that the Rudd factor will not be enough to return Labor to office as some desperate minions of the left have dared to dream over the last couple of weeks. Instead its getting back into the “lifeline zone” where some of the shabby furniture may be saved or replaced with op-shop bargains. You see after Gillard just doing that will be enough to make Rudd a party hero to ALP stalwarts Like Ray so in one sense he can not loose at the next election even as he hands over the keys to the lodge he will be a winner ( of sorts)  for saving the party from the fate that Gillard’s incompetence had booked for them.

Just a thought about the changes wrought by Rudd to the leadership of the ALP to finish on.  Simply put as I understand the party rules and teh way that such organisations work there is likely to be no obstruction to his much vaunted rules about removing leaders being revoked by a simple vote at the party’s national conference and once the rule is gone then so to is the leader’s invulnerability to a coup or removal from office by a simple majority… just saying …

Cheers Comrades


“How Abbott Must Recast Coalition Climate Policy”

Thanks to Jennifer Marohasy  for her review of Bob Carter's new book  that appears to be making the same arguments that I have been making here at the Sandpit for years  (CLICK FOR SOURCE)

Thanks to Jennifer Marohasy for her review of Bob Carter’s new book that appears to be making the same arguments that I have been making here at the Sandpit for years (CLICK FOR SOURCE)

A  worthy read at Jennifer Marohasy’s blog of a book by Bob Carter  that seems to be speaking good sense.
Cheers Comrades


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