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John Howard AC

The official government citation for Mr Howard’s AC said the former leader had been recognised for “distinguished service to the parliament of Australia, particularly as prime minister and through contributions to economic and social policy reform, fostering and promoting Australia’s interests internationally, and the development of significant philanthropic links between the business sector, arts and charitable organisations”.

In keeping with the apolitical nature of such awards, there was no indication of specific contributions to parliament, the economy or international affairs; and no mention of the GST, industrial relations reform, the invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan. The AC is generally given to former prime ministers, state premiers and long-serving ministers.

The Australian

I expect a flurry of whiny posts from the usual suspects saying that John Howard should not be so honoured…

Cheers Comrades


That explains it!

The thing that has always vexed me is the inordinate dedication that some minions of the left have for finding excuses for the Muslim extremists who pose such a threat to our future peace and prosperity.

MEMBERS of a Melbourne-based terrorist group discussed killing former Australian prime minister John Howard, the Victorian Supreme Court heard today.

Prosecutor Richard Maidment, SC, told the court the possibility of killing Mr Howard arose during a religious lesson delivered by the group’s leader Abdul Nacer Benbrika to one of his followers, Abdullah Merhi in September 2004.

Benbrika and Merhi are among 12 men on trial in the Victorian Supreme Court on charges of being members of a terrorist organisation and providing resources to a terrorist organisation.

Mr Maidment said that in a secretly recorded conversation, Merhi had sought Benbrika’s advice on what kind of retribution was specified in the Koran.

Reading from the transcript, Mr Maidment told the jury Merhi had asked: “If John Howard kills innocent families … Muslims, do we have to kill him?

The Courier Mail

Dare I suggest that the reason may be that the leftists found common cause with the Jihadists in wishing John Howard dead?

Cheers Comrades

Tax cuts

JOHN Howard has seized the election campaign initiative and caught Kevin Rudd flat-footed by offering a $34 billion election tax sweetener – the biggest in the nation’s history.

The Prime Minister, ridiculed by Labor as stale and bereft of plans for the future, swept into stride for the November 24 poll yesterday, vowing to slash Australia’s top tax rate from 45 per cent to 40 per cent within five years.

Mr Howard and Peter Costello promised a tax cut for all, including by $26 a week by 2011 for workers earning $60,000 a year, as they revealed the Government’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook. The update showed economic growth for 2007-08 on target for 4.25 per cent – up from 3.75 per cent forecast in the May budget.

The Australian

There can be no doubt that no one really likes paying tax so it is hardly surprising that the coalition’s tax reform has been well received and it is hardly surprising either that Kevin Rudd and all of his mates in the Labor  party have been caught of guard by this very extensive tax reform agenda.

Those Howard haters who have been celebrating already must be realising now that this is going to be a closer contest than they ever thought it could be.

Cheers Comrades


There is many a slip, twixt cup and lip..

Well it is confirmed November 24 is the date for the federal election

Mr Howard, who has been dramatically behind Labor in opinion polling all year, visited Governor-General Michael Jeffery in Canberra early yesterday to ask him to dissolve parliament. He later emerged from his Parliament House office to ridicule the Opposition Leader’s calls for fresh ideas and a change of government. “This country does not need new leadership,” Mr Howard said. “It does not need old leadership. It needs the right leadership.”

The Australian

Given the trends in the polls the triumphalism of the left is already unrestrained as the usual suspects are intent on making the next weeks an ongoing party to celebrate the end of the Howard era. However a lot of things can change in the next six weeks and I cant help but think of the old adage, that there is many a slip, twixt cup and lip..

Cheers Comrades


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