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Labor’s new employment program, only failed state Labor MPs and their minions need apply…


Well they do call themselves the Labor party but you have to wonder why so many of their failed state leaders qualify for various government jobs:

An analysis of recent Commonwealth appointments reads like a who’s who of former high-profile Labor figures. The Opposition has accused the Gillard government of engaging in a “jobs for the boys” program.

Appointments include former Victorian premier John Brumby to the chair of the Council of Australian Governments Reform Council on December 7.

Former Queensland premier Anna Bligh was appointed to the board of Medibank Private three days earlier.

Her South Australian counterpart Mike Rann, was given the role of Australia’s High Commissioner to the UK on August 23. In November, ex-Queensland Treasurer Andrew Fraser was appointed to Australian Sports Commission board.

A month later, Mr Fraser also joined the board of the new Moorebank Intermodal Company. Former Queensland attorney-general Cameron Dick was appointed to the chair of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission on November 30. And ex-Victor- ian Deputy Premier John Thwaites was given the chair of the National Sustainability Council in October.

Mr Thwaites was also appointed chairman of the Australian Building Codes Board in the previous year.

Former WA premier Geoff Gallop was given a job on the International Education Advisory Council and appointed chairman of the Australia Awards Board. Former NSW Labor party president and Electrical Trades Union secretary, Bernie Riordan, has the role of commissioner of Fair Work Australia.


Its nepotism at its very worst as far as I can see and something that I am sure Gillard would have hoped would remain under the people’s radar.  I can’t help seeing the ghost of Oscar Wilde’s  ‘The importance of being Earnest” here one or even two appointments of the State Labor Alumni would not raise eyebrows but so many in such a short time just screams  “jobs for the party faithful” and stands as in indictment of Labor nepotism.  Sadly its the sort of sleazy practice that we have come to expect from Gillard and her crew.

Cheers Comrades



Hits, misses and also rans

I bet that there are more than a few of my Latte sipping friends who are singing this song this morning ….

When the rest of us may be thinking that to day is a wonderful day because the Greens have been laid low in the Victorian election.(turn up the volume!!!)

Oh yeah and the icing on the cake will be Ted Bailieu getting enough seats to form government…

Which seems more than likely……..

Cheers Comrades

Victoria votes or Schadenfreude has its rewards

It is an accident of fate that this blog has such a strong readership in Victoria event though I am up here in sunny Queensland*. As a consequence I actually have some  understanding of the state politics of the “garden state”, not much but a little.Anyway I gather that there is one of those great social events on there today. Its election day down there  and I am greeted by the news that the Good guys may just have a better than  sporting chance of getting up and that coupled with the knowledge that the loopy Greens have been kneecapped means that I will follow the coverage this evening with some enthusiasm…

Victorian Premier John Brumby (left) and Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu head to the polls today. (AAP/ABC)

OPPOSITION Leader Ted Baillieu heads into today’s Victorian election leading in the polls for the first time.

Voters seem prepared to deliver a substantial swing against the Labor government and Premier John Brumby.

The latest Newspoll, conducted exclusively for The Weekend Australian, shows the most likely outcome of the state election is a hung parliament, with the 11-year-old Brumby government facing a loss of up to 12 seats to the Coalition and one inner-city seat to the Greens.

The survey of 1451 voters from Tuesday to Thursday this week revealed satisfaction with Mr Brumby had dived as the election campaign progressed, dropping from 42 per cent to 38 per cent, in contrast to improved satisfaction with Mr Baillieu, up from 40 to 44 per cent.


As a conservative up here in Queensland the biggest plus in a win by Ted Baillieu would most certainly be a certain schadenfreude at the way that I know certain leftie bloggers and twits are going to react to the news that their state has rejected the left. To see the Greens fail because of the good sense from Ted’s mob of putting them last on the how to vote cards will make me happy enough though even if the current Labor government is returned.

Cheers Comrades

*its actually not been that sunny up here lately and in fact the weather has been rather cool and mild, so much for global warming eh?
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