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Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and dodgy passports

Relatives of passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 arrive for a meeting with airline officials in Beijing. Photograph: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Relatives of passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 arrive for a meeting with airline officials in Beijing. Photograph: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Now as the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues we have the revelation that at least two travellers on that flight were flying on stolen identities. Now while the report from the Guardian is very quick to down play the the possibility that the plane was deliberately brought down by an act of terrorism. personally I think that at this point in time its a better  than evens chance that the loss of the aircraft is the result of an act of Jihad.


The Malaysia Airlines flight missing with 239 on board may have turned around just before it vanished from radar screens, the country’s air force chief said on Sunday as the government said it had contacted counter-terrorism agencies around the world following concerns over unidentified passengers.

Transport and defence minister Hishamuddin Hussein said officials were considering all possible explanations for the disappearance of flight MH370, adding: “We cannot jump the gun. Our focus now is to find the plane.”

The airline warned families to prepare for the worst as the search widened amid inconclusive reports that debris had been spotted floating in the sea between Vietnam and Malaysia.

At least two people on the plane were travelling together on stolen passports, fuelling concerns about the Boeing-777’s abrupt disappearance in the early hours of Saturday. However, experts said there were many possible reasons for why it vanished and for people to travel on false documents.

Malaysian officials said they were looking at four suspect identities and were examining the entire passenger manifest. Interpol confirmed that at least two passports were listed in its database as stolen and that it was examining other documents.

The international police agency’s secretary general, Ronald Noble, said it had spent years urging countries to screen all passports systematically. “Now, we have a real case where the world is speculating whether the stolen passport holders were terrorists, while Interpol is asking why only a handful of countries worldwide are taking care to make sure that persons possessing stolen passports are not boarding international flights,” he said.


The fact that Malaysia is an Islamic country may well have made its national carrier think that it would be very low on the possible targets list but with the very acrimonious schisms within  Islam I don’t think that we canmake assumptions  like that, besides which the next world superiority over this may have made the possible death of Muslims logistically acceptable.

Secondly despite my utter aversion to flying I do appreciate that modern planes do not just suddenly disappear off radar screens without some sort of communication to ground informing the air  controllers that they have a problem. The there and then gone aspect of this disappearance suggest at the very least   a sudden  catastrophic failure of the aircraft. With a sudden disappearance AND two  passengers using stolen documents to travel on the plane its not looking good for those who want to make excuses for the religion of peace.

Coincidentally My lovely wife organised for us to go on a date to the movies yesterday and the film she picked was , of all things “Non Stop”  which is a film about terrorists on an airliner. Not a bad flick really with lots of twists and turns to the plot, every possible passenger stereotype from the virtuous Muslim doctor, a  to the scared unaccompanied little girl, an off duty NYPD cop, a plucky stewardess. There was echoes of 911 in the reactions of the passengers and at the end a good exploitation of brinkmanship and, as you would expect from an American film an uplifting resolution of the plot. I could not help thinking about MH370 though and that happy endings are easier to find in the reel world. No matter what the reasons for this tragic loss may prove to be, the families and friends of the compliment of MH370 are going to be grief stricken. I for one hope that the cause is found sooner rather than later but I expect with the crash site as yet undiscovered its going to be a rather long wait for answers.

Later Comrades


Things are no longer so simple

The problem with the Muslim mindset and why it is antithetical to a modern secular society

Its this attitude from the Muslim  men in Western Sydney that clearly worries GD and to be frank it worries me as well because when we have these men having first loyalty to Islam rather than Australia it is but a very tiny step from there to overt acts of  violence from the disdain that these men clearly feel towards the secular democracy that is the essence of our society.

Very big sigh Comrades


Hat tip to Bolta 😉

Muslims must reject jihad

Pat , as usual, spells out the only way that “moderate” Muslims should behave in a civilised society and it saddens me greatly that they are unlikely to do as he suggests.

Cheers Comrades



If we don’t understand now we may not be allowed to know the truth later.

Leon alerted me to this channel on You tube and I have found this piece about the stages of Jihad most illuminating as it explains very well the way tah expedience is the motivator of Muslim behaviour and how we, as non believers should understand the agenda of those who follow the pernicious ideology of Islam and why we should look derisively upon those who make excuses for and dissemble on behalf of the faith.

Its a most sobering presentation presented in a most calm and sober manner, sadly far too many people just don’t want to admit the true nature of the threat posed by totalitarianism of Islam. My only hope here is that the truth will be recognised sooner rather than later , because if we don’t understand now we may not be allowed to know the truth later.

Cheers Comrades.


Locking the gates to Paradise


Taimour Al-Abdaly is named as the suicide bomber who died in and explosion in Stockholm. Photograph: Guardian

This is the face of the suicide bomber who tried to kill Christmas shoppers in Stockholm. Fortunately this evil man only managed to succeed in killing himself and injuring two Swedes.

The suicide bomber who blew himself up yesterday is an Iraqi man who graduated from a British university. Whitehall sources confirm that Taimour-Al-Abdaly was the owner of the car that exploded in central Stockholm last night was reported to be a 28-year-old man who lived in southern Sweden. His Facebook profile lists him as studying a BSc in sports therapy at the University of Bedfordshire in 2004.

Swedish police confirmed that the two explosions that killed one person and injured two more, causing panic among Christmas shoppers, were a terrorist attack.

They said last night’s explosions were the result of “terror crimes”. “We are investigating this as terror crimes according to Swedish law. We are still investigating the case. In this situation, we have not raised the security [threat] level,” police spokesman Anders Thornberg said.

The Swedish foreign minister, Carl Bildt, said in a message on Twitter: “Most worrying attempt at terrorist attack in crowded part of central Stockholm. Failed – but could have been truly catastrophic.”

The people of Stockholm must be counting their blessings that this man was too stupid and too inept to bring about more death and destruction and we can only hope, for the sake of justice, that he died in great pain and anguish knowing that he had failed to kill others for his God.

I still think, as I said a while ago, that part of the solution to this sort of act has to be playing to the religious dogma of these fanatics and refusing this man an Islamic funeral and making sure that his remains are unclean enough that he will never be allowed into paradise.

You know it makes sense.

Cheers Comrades


Necessary Precautions

Justice Bernard Bongiorno ruled the trial would continue after Department of Justice affidavits confirmed the men’s jail conditions, and the way they were transported to and from court, had been changed.

On March 20, Justice Bongiorno said the accused men were being subjected to an unfair trial due to the intolerable conditions of their detention regime.

Justice Bongiorno then ruled several major changes were to be made to their detention conditions by today.

These include moving the men from a high-security prison near Geelong to the Melbourne Assessment Prison and that they be transported to and from court unshackled, except for handcuffs.

Justice Bongiorno also ruled the accused must not be subjected to strip searches before entering and leaving court and that they be let out of their cells not less than 10 hours a day on non-court days.

The Age

It would have been a national tragedy if this trial had been aborted because of this spurious complaint about the security measures taken to prevent these men fulfilling their dreams of Jihad between now and the conclusion of their trial.

However if they do try something nasty it will be a real wake up call to those Latte sippers who really want to believe that all of the would be Jihadists are just misunderstood slightly naughty boys….

Cheers Comrades


“Allah loves those who shed blood for him”

Left to right: Mohammed Hamid (who called himself Osama bin London), Attila Ahmet, Mohammed al-Figari, Kibley Da Costa and Kader Ahmed

A Muslim fanatic who boasted of being “Osama bin London” has been found guilty of organising terrorist training camps, including one for the 21/7 “bombers”.

Mohammed Hamid, 50, was also convicted of encouraging others to murder non-believers at the end of a four-month trial at Woolwich Crown Court.


Mohammed Hamid was found guilty of three counts of soliciting murder and three counts of providing terrorist training. He was found not guilty of two counts of soliciting murder, one count of providing weapons training and possessing a record containing information likely to be useful to a terrorist.

Kibley da Costa was found guilty of providing terrorist training, two counts of attending terrorist training and one count of possessing a record containing information likely to be useful to a terrorist.

Mohammed al-Figari found guilty of two counts of attending terrorist training and two counts of possessing a record containing information likely to be useful to a terrorist. He was found not guilty of possessing a record containing information likely to be useful to a terrorist.

Kader Ahmed found guilty of two counts of attending terrorist training. He was found not guilty on one count of attending terrorist training.

Atilla Ahmet pleaded guilty to three counts of soliciting to murder. Other charges are to lie on file.

Hassan Mutegombwa found guilty of inviting another to provide money to travel overseas to terrorist purposes. He was jailed for ten years.

Yassin Mutegombwa pleaded guilty to attending a place used for terrorist training.

Mohammed Kyriacou pleaded guilty to attending a place used for terrorist training.

The Times

Please read the whole article in the link above


The conviction of these men is something to be lauded long and loud  for although I have often expressed the view that terrorists should be treated as a military threat when they are at the point of actually committing an atrocity there is no doubt that good policing and good surveillance can get enough evidence to secure convictions. The adequacy of the sentences that these men will receive is of course another matter and let’s just hope that the judge charged with sentencing is willing to send these men to prison for a very long time indeed.

Now I expect that some delicate souls will be concerned that much of the evidence   was gathered by covert surveillance and they will be distressed that this is an erosion of our “right to privacy, well perhaps they should just take a deep breath and remember that big brothers can just as easily protect as they can intimidate.and that we as a society need to be protected from nihilists like these who would see so many of our fellows dead to slake the thirst of their* God for the blood of we infidels.

Cheers Comrades


* of course I make the usual distinction between the Jihadists God and the one worshipped by the millions of “peace loving” Muslims.

Dabling in Jihad or Izhar ul-Haque and the holiday camp

My resident ultra-leftist who goes by the moniker “Suburban Marxist” has made several attempts to divert a previous thread about the left and Islam on to the topic of this morning’s post, Izhar ul-Haque. So SM this one is for you 😉 .

The scourge of our age is without doubt the terrorist bomb, and the privileging of the afterlife over the real life of the here and now by the extremist followers of Islam. The problem for many followers of that faith is the fuzzy line between piety and extremism is so easy to cross and very few seem to come back from that vile fringe when the have crossed into it’s orbit. I really do hope that Izhar ul-Haaque is one of the few who has seen the light because one thing that even he does not deny is that he did dabble in that very dark side. He dabbled enough to travel overseas and to train with Lashkar-e-taiba.

Lodhi, a Sydney architect, was found guilty last year of making preparations for a terrorist act and sentenced to 20 years in prison. He had encouraged Mr ul-Haque to go to a Lashkar-e-Taiba training camp in Pakistan in 2003, a visit that lasted less than three weeks after Mr ul-Haque realised he wanted to be a doctor, not a jihadist fighting in Kashmir.

Mr ul-Haque’s activities were well known to authorities – he had revealed all when he returned from Pakistan – but it was only after suspicions about Lodhi’s behaviour and links to the convicted French terrorist Willy Brigitte emerged eight months later that Mr ul-Haque became of interest.

But he refused to become an informant, saying: “I did not know much about Lodhi and what it seemed like, from all the searches and investigations, that he was somewhat a dangerous person … I cannot have a double face and, I’m sorry, I won’t be able to do this for you.”

Brisbane Times

Now I think that his flirting with such organization is clearly in contravention of our laws against training with terrorist organisations passed subsequent to 9/11 and he did deserve a criminal sanction for his little holiday camp adventure, but he also deserves some mercy and credit for his change of heart and decision to disavow Jihad. That is an entirely separate issue to the way that he has been treated by the police and ASIO.

I have the greatest respect for the police and ASIO as organisations but when it comes to matters of combating the Jihadists it imperative that they act in a legally defensible manner at all times. I am angered and disappointed that there have been some very obvious shortcomings in the way that some more recent cases have been pursued, because such errors may have made it easier for would be Jihadists to either carry out an atrocity or to avoid legal sanction for conspiring to do so. My Pal from the far left, SM clearly, from his comments elsewhere, wants to suggest that there is no threat from the Jihadists and that the greater threat is from the excesses of our own police forces and security agencies. Well I no more want to see excesses or errors in legal protocol from our police and ASIO than he does, but that does not mean that the threat from holiday excursions like that taken by Izhar ul-Haque are not real as SM and his ilk would have us believe. The real test, as a society is how we manage to get the balance right between protecting personal liberty and defending this country from those who would unleash death and destruction upon it in the name of their god. We clearly have not got it quite right yet but that does not mean that we can ignore the problem because of the indiscretions a couple of federal agents.
Cheers comrades

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