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No Sunshine and Lollypops in Iraq

I’ve been following the recent events in Iraq with some dark bemusement because it seems to me to be the obvious demonstration of the brutality of Islam and the absolutely pernicious outcome when you mix a religion that preaches the primacy of the next world and the requirement for mechanistic totalitarian obedience  with in this life to secure a place in the next. Add to that the centuries old schism between the  Sunni and Shia  incarnations of Allah’s faithful and you have the recipe for greater death and destruction than either of the last two wars in that blighted land.

The US government is, quite rightly, not rushing to get involved and I certainly do not expect to see any US boots on the ground anytime soon. The news that Shia Iran is lending support to the Current government  may well provide a bulwark to the Iraqi government and its rather wonky military who have not shown much intestinal fortitude at all in the face of the ISIS insurgents. The only bright spot for the west is that with the involvement of Iran in the conflict we may well see a replay of the Iran Iraq wars that predated Gulf war one. I can almost hear the usual suspects screaming with horror  at my suggestion that such a war could be a bright spot but my reasoning  is quite simple; If the Sunnis and Shias are concentrating on killing each other in Iraq they will expend a great deal of resources (in terms of men, materials and money) on the fight and ultimately neither will win, further  the utter brutality of Islam will be  on show for the world to see finally every Jihadist killed in this coming war is one less that we have to worry about. Oh yeah lets not forget that we can leave Allah to choose just who is fighting for the just cause and who is on the side of Satan

The usual suspects will of course be arguing that we and the entirity of the west are in some sense culpable for this conflict (cue Richard Ryan) and that we will have to accept more “refugees”. I say bollocks to that fro a couple of reasons. Firstly this conflict shows us that the followers of both sides of the schism in Islam are incapable of letting go of the animosities of their history and they are much more than willing to perpetuate them for the rest of time. This alone should be sounding very loud alarm bells warning us to chose anyone else but Muslims  for our humanitarian programs.  The Bleeding hearts will , sadly keep insisting that we should continue to pretend that Islam is warm cuddly and benign when it is very evidently anything but benign.  That said lets see how things play out on the ground there but  I don’t expect any “Sunshine and Lollypops” .

Cheers Comrades


Ha Ha Islamophobia

When I saw this latest vid from Pat Condell  my thoughts immediately turned to  Damian Doyle who is always so quick to attack me every time I post something that is even vaguely critical  of Islam. So it is to him and to all of those minions of the left who bend over backwards to defend the “religion of peace” with cries of  “Islamaphobia” whenever it is even mildly criticised that I dedicate this post.

Just one more question Damian, do you have any Gay friends and how do you reconcile Islam’s  murderous attitude towards  homosexuality with those friends?

Cheers Comrades

This is what minions of the left want to defend

This is what minions of the left want to defend with claims of “Islamaphobia”


Pat Condell “Peace in the Middle East”

Pat is clear, lucid and absolutely right here, as I have said many times when faced with an enemy who will not compromise you have two choices, kill them all or surrender, as the latter is not an option then what can you do but try to kill those enemies?

Cheers Comrades

 DEDICATED TO Damian Doyle who is so  in love with the “religion of peace”.

Darren Hayes,and the Gay marriage need for political Viagra

What is it with the single minded bigotry of Gay marriage advocates? It seems to me that they have  totalitarian hearts that ell them that anyone who does not buy into the the entire gay agenda then they are the enemy. Usually I cite our learned friend as a prime example of this but on occasion I think that Darren Hayes has let loose his inner fascist.

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As unbeliever I am like a lot of people rather indifferent to the doctrines of most religious faiths and when it comes to the Salvos their good works far out weigh their rather uptight attitude to sex in general. Frankly if Mr Hayes really wants to have a go at God-botherers for their attitude to homosexuality why is he not utterly outraged by Islam? Instead of just objecting to Gay marriage the followers of Islam are instructed that homosexuality is a capital offence and Gays in Iran are regularly hung for just following their nature.

Oh hang on, all of this rancour is rather pointless and its sad that such talented people are deluded enough to think that there will be any change to the marriage act under this or the next government and really what the only reason that this issue gets any kind of a run is to distract the public’s attention from the rather woeful performance of the Gillard Government. But its not just the Gay marriage lobby who have been sucked in by this deliberate strategy, the Greens have been running their campaign on this issue as if it actaully has a chance of getting up. Frankly it would take a shit load political Viagra  to harden up enough support to consummate the Gay marriage dream of those like Hayes  or our learned  friend.

Cheers Comrades

Blog of the month gem


More bloggy goodness from my blog of the month blogger Adrien Stewart;

Man this bloke is thorough when it comes to moral questions.

Blog of the month nominations/0pen thread

It is nearly June and I want to find a blog that is worthy of being my blog of the month so I thought that I would ask you, my dear readers, for nominations. The blog can have any topic or focus as long as it is interesting and well written. I will even consider blogs with leftist political leanings if they are good enough.

Failing any ideas for blog of the month please feel free to comment on any topic that takes your fancy, except Moi.

I have a very busy day ahead what with Gym classes for daughter number one, a visit to the library, a session on the bench grinder to make some suspension components for my sports car and playing genial host for a musical afternoon; it is going to be all go here today.



Merry Mufti Mayhem

The Mufti is certainly showing his true colours of late what with giving money to terrorists and now his latest statements in Iran surely he must have done enough that he can be charged with offering support to terrorism by now?
Unfortunately it is not possible to strip this chap of his Australian citizenship but I apaud the ministers who at least have the courage to suggest that if he does not like Australia then he should as we say in the vernacular “piss off somewhere else then”

Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews and Foreign Minister Alexander Downer yesterday expressed outrage at Sheik Hilali’s weekend visit to Tehran, during which he called on the Islamic world to unite behind the radical Iranian regime. Muslim leaders from around Australia attacked the Egyptian-born cleric for becoming an “ongoing problem”.

And Australian Federal Police are examining whether to involve state-based counter-terrorism agencies in their investigation of allegations that Sheik Hilali diverted Australian-raised charity funds to terrorism supporters in Lebanon last year.

The Australian revealed yesterday that Sheik Hilali had been quoted in the Iranian media as calling on Muslims worldwide to serve in Iran’s “trenches” and not “kneel” to its enemies. It was the latest in a series of controversies that have dogged the mufti.

“The Australian community has lost patience with the sheik,” Mr Andrews said.

“The sheik needs to say if he wishes to continue as a citizen of Australia or reside in an alternate country.”

Mr Downer said Sheik Hilali had “become a completely discredited figure” in Australia and was causing embarrassment to this country.

“Sheik Hilali is damaging the standing of the Muslim community in Australia and beyond,” he said. “And the sooner they find a more credible spokesman for the Islamic community than Sheik Hilali, the better.”

Mr Downer questioned whether Sheik Hilali’s support for Iran meant he also supported their backing of terrorist attacks by organisations such as Hezbollah in the Middle East.(source)

With a special thanks to my good friend RJJ for the image 😀

“Britain on its knees” or Melanie gets it right

In the comments to my previous post Keith expressed the view that the British service personnel had acted disgracefully by surrendering without a fight and by allowing themselves to be paraded on television like a prize of war. He alerted me to this very good analysis of the incident from Melanie Phillips. As a former soldier Keith has a better handle on matters military than I do so I am quite prepared to defer to him on this one but you can’t go past Melanie’s piece for an understanding of the wider implications for world from this incident  for a very good, if quite worrying, read.

April 8, 2007

Britain on its knees

The British marine hostage saga is a debacle of the first order – a grim parable of the degraded state to which Britain has now descended and an alarming portent for the free world in its fight to survive. Relief at the safe return of the 15 sailors, and the fact that we must always bear in mind that none of us knows how we would ourselves behave in such circumstances, cannot nevertheless mitigate the sickening realisation that the hostage fiasco is another terrible milestone in the west’s current suicidal trajectory of decadence and moral collapse.

First the sailors allowed themselves to be taken without a fight. Then they abased themselves before the genocidal Iranian regime and – notwithstanding the duress we now know they were under – behaved subsequently with an astounding absence of decorum and propriety which set the seal on Britain’s humiliation as a senile and toothless lion. Now we learn that they are to even be allowed to tell their story in the media, with the express permission of a defence high command which, in granting such exemption from the normal rules, grotesquely linked the behaviour of these 15 grovelling sailors to British heroes who were in receipt of the Victoria Cross. (source)

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