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NDIS: brought to you by the same team that gave us “Climatechoices”

I admit that I have been playing a bit of catch up on this NDIS scheme proposed by the Gillard government. However the intellectual sticking point for me has been the inclusion of the word “insurance” in the title of the program. I have been struggling to understand just how this creation qualifies as a type of insurance. When there is no independent dedicated way of funding the laudable , in principle, scheme it surely has to be a a misnomer to call it an “insurance ” scheme. The cynic in me just sees the predictable reaction form the minions of the left  about the reluctance of Liberal state premiers to give Gillard a blank cheque is sadly typical. Of course all people of compassion want to see the disabled empowered  to live their lives with some dignity but those services and facilities have to be paid for and we all know that there is always a balance to be struck on spending for the few (no mater how deserving) or the many, especially when the total pool of money available is always  limited.

The website for this scheme is actually rather crap at explaining how this scheme is supposed to work, vague does not even come close to describing its content. Its full of nice sounding platitudes about providing care for the disabled but rather lacking in substantive detail about how such services are to be constituted, administered  or allocated. frankly the whole thing is a hollow shell full of propaganda. All I can see is more evidence of the dead hands  of the Labor spin merchants and an attempt to use the twisted and damaged bodies of the disabled as human shields in their desperate rear guard action to save the arse of this dead government walking.

Cheers Comrades




Bring out your dead, Burn, Bury or Dissect? or Do funeral insurance ads shit you to tears?

One of the reasons that I have become rather adverse to change as I have got older is the way that change brings with it any number of unintended consequences . Add to that the development of my  rather dark sense of humour and you might just appreciate just why I found this piece from Der Spiegel worthy of a post this morning:

Click for source

We can all appreciate this rather strange situation but it has also got me thinking if I am the only one to be totally over the endless adds on the TV for “funeral insurance”? this was almost unheard of just a year or so  ago but now you can’t watch any of the free to air commercial channels without being implored to buy some insurance product “to protect your loved ones from the hefty  unplanned expense” its all based in pinging people’s guilt chips and frankly I think that there is something quite unseemly and obscene about the whole thing. To be honest I bet that if you are really worried about covering the cost of your funeral it would be a better option to just save some cash for that purpose than pay a profit making stipend to some profit making insurance company many times the cost of the funeral over the life of the policy and  who, sure as night follows day,  will try to screw you over when it comes time to payout. .I have had to organise a few  funerals during my lifetime  and as sad as that task has been it was never too big a deal to cover the cost even from a modest estate. Frankly there are far more emotionally  difficult tasks than finding mere money to pay for the box, the service and the disposal of mortal remains.

OK rant over, you can now go back to more happy thoughts on this day that is shaping up to be rather nice even though its Friday the thirteenth 😉

Cheers Comrades

A message for insurance companies refusing to pay out on flood damage …

These poor bastards lost the lot. Click on photo to make big.

Today I take a break from my usual crap and go for the jugular of the big corporate crapheads.

I’m talking about the biggest Cs with a capital “C” in the cuntry – insurance companies. 

Good on the southern Queensland town of Roma for “taking on the big guns of the Australian insurance industry” who are weaserling out of claims for damage in the recent flood of the century, mainly Allianz & Elders Insurance it seems according to this ABC report:

About 500 homes were damaged when the town flooded last month.

Roma Mayor Robert Loughnan says the technicalities (of insurance cover) have caught out some of his constituents.

“There seems to be a pretty critical definition between flood and water inundation, and a lot of people are finding out that the hydrologists who are working for the insurance companies are recommending against them because in many cases they’re stating it’s a flood, not an inundation of local water,” he said.

The council is taking matters into its own hands and has commissioned a hydrologist for a second opinion.

Allianz and Elders Insurance have not responded to the ABC’s inquiries.

Well I actually have two messages.

One is to people living in flood prone areas, this is what you should do to make sure you get covered next time something like this happens:

1. Listen to the radio.

2. When you hear that a big flood is coming get up on your roof.

3. Remove a heap of roof tiles, or sheets of tin which is what you probably got.

4. Get the hose.

5. Stick the hose in the holes and let your whole house get “inundated”.

5. Lodge a claim for storm damage – you’ll be covered for that.

6. Make sure you say “Oh look, my f*cking roof got blown off and the rain got in”.

Oh, and my message to Allianz, Elders and the like? It’s this: (more…)

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